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  1. White People need to start Protesting
  2. Best thread in December
  3. women shouldn't be allowed to fight in the army
  4. Name that mafioso! (retry)
  5. Men and Boys Rights
  6. Fvck nellys just a dream
  7. The strange animals washing up on the Coasts
  8. Christmas Holidays and a New Year! :)
  9. I used to play this game a loooong time ago
  10. Merry christmas!!
  11. is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
  12. Why am I popular?
  13. New Years Resolutions
  14. My prediction in 50 years time
  15. Mooky
  16. If rrrraahht we only live n die once
  17. IM A RACIST n proud of it an alll
  18. Take a peek!! -_O
  19. Where in the world are you from?
  20. Happy New Year everyone!
  21. Gone Girl
  22. sweetiiee pieee ;p
  23. What Race Are You ?
  25. Which Race Would You ''SMASH''
  26. What would you do if you found out your other half was cheating ?
  27. Hate playing as the black character on GTA5
  28. This is why Americans don't like Soccer (I mean football)
  29. Women are trying to destroy men
  30. Pig is Mans Best Friend
  31. USA shouldnt exist the CSA should !!
  32. Paris Shooting
  33. Nuclear bomb London !!
  34. Im not Charlie
  35. Whats the point of off topic discussion if
  36. wooooo
  37. Lets talk about.... The world...?
  38. Mohammed wasnt even a prophet
  39. Everyone as a religion
  40. Old School Buddies and the brainwashing liberal media.
  41. id beat a woman up
  42. Raven kc as got a right proppa fat body
  43. I have no black friends on facebook
  44. Peaceful religion my ass!
  45. The Neanderthal is SUPERIOR
  46. why cant humans mate with monkeys ?
  47. sweeeety piess sweatyy pieeess
  48. Im a black man
  49. crackers gonna crack
  50. Dont respond or view threads that worker posts
  51. some blacks have oved across the street from me
  52. I Appologise to TMB and People
  54. We need more kiddies in game
  55. Send Our Soldiers Back Home To clean and liberate our own streets
  56. Andromeda SOS signal and The Conspircies people need to know are true. WAKE UP
  57. Why do women think that all men fancy them ?
  58. Buffalo Bills football
  59. The Tribulation
  60. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao
  61. Muslims needa be RAUSED to north korea
  62. Gay People
  63. RU Crying?
  64. Whats your favourite animal ?
  65. who is this cock sucker JiHad JoaNne ?
  66. Evolution is a LIE
  67. Eternal Happiness OR Eternal Missery
  68. JESUS POWA !l
  69. Adolf Hitler and Osama bin laden Deaths.
  71. Boko Haram, Taliban and IS stealing lil kiddies
  72. Religious terrorists are NOT followers of GOD
  73. All you need in life is JESUS
  74. United States of America.
  75. United States of America - BEST prison sentences
  76. Italians n mexicans needa go bac to africa
  77. The only people who ARNT racist are the CHampaighn socialists because
  78. I dont like Obama
  79. ALL Whites should get out of america
  80. I got jungle fever
  81. howecome all Muslims raahht
  82. New and improved Profile Pics
  83. Older generation muslims and black people and people in general.
  84. Unlocking an iPhone 5 ?
  85. Triple J hottest 100 aussies
  86. top movie of 2014
  87. Trouble with iCloud protection
  88. Evolution is fake
  89. What is Hell and Heaven Actually Like ?
  90. Hell Bound
  91. Arbeit Macht Frei
  92. Black people have never been in a ''Holocaust''
  93. PSN account suspended/banned? :/
  94. WHY im not going to HELL
  96. I arnt f in bout wi nout
  97. Christian holidays
  98. Im glad im not liked
  99. I dont like white women or anyone
  100. The Sorta Person I Am
  101. Seahawks or Patriots
  102. I am the last surviving white man and GOD as given me a mission
  103. Everytime i think about sweeet n sassy NAAAAAHCC chocolateee ass
  104. Sad thing about Beatiful parts of the world