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  1. White People need to start Protesting
  2. Best thread in December
  3. women shouldn't be allowed to fight in the army
  4. Name that mafioso! (retry)
  5. Men and Boys Rights
  6. Fvck nellys just a dream
  7. The strange animals washing up on the Coasts
  8. Christmas Holidays and a New Year! :)
  9. I used to play this game a loooong time ago
  10. Merry christmas!!
  11. is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
  12. Why am I popular?
  13. New Years Resolutions
  14. My prediction in 50 years time
  15. Mooky
  16. If rrrraahht we only live n die once
  17. IM A RACIST n proud of it an alll
  18. Take a peek!! -_O
  19. Where in the world are you from?
  20. Happy New Year everyone!
  21. Gone Girl
  22. sweetiiee pieee ;p
  23. What Race Are You ?
  25. Which Race Would You ''SMASH''
  26. What would you do if you found out your other half was cheating ?
  27. Hate playing as the black character on GTA5
  28. This is why Americans don't like Soccer (I mean football)
  29. Women are trying to destroy men
  30. Pig is Mans Best Friend
  31. USA shouldnt exist the CSA should !!
  32. Paris Shooting
  33. Nuclear bomb London !!
  34. Im not Charlie
  35. Whats the point of off topic discussion if
  36. wooooo
  37. Lets talk about.... The world...?
  38. Mohammed wasnt even a prophet
  39. Everyone as a religion
  40. Old School Buddies and the brainwashing liberal media.
  41. id beat a woman up
  42. Raven kc as got a right proppa fat body
  43. I have no black friends on facebook
  44. Peaceful religion my ass!
  45. The Neanderthal is SUPERIOR
  46. why cant humans mate with monkeys ?
  47. sweeeety piess sweatyy pieeess
  48. Im a black man
  49. crackers gonna crack
  50. Dont respond or view threads that worker posts
  51. some blacks have oved across the street from me
  52. I Appologise to TMB and People
  54. We need more kiddies in game
  55. Send Our Soldiers Back Home To clean and liberate our own streets
  56. Andromeda SOS signal and The Conspircies people need to know are true. WAKE UP
  57. Why do women think that all men fancy them ?
  58. Buffalo Bills football
  59. The Tribulation
  60. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao
  61. Muslims needa be RAUSED to north korea
  62. Gay People
  63. RU Crying?
  64. Whats your favourite animal ?
  65. who is this cock sucker JiHad JoaNne ?
  66. Evolution is a LIE
  67. United States of America.
  68. New and improved Profile Pics
  69. Unlocking an iPhone 5 ?
  70. Triple J hottest 100 aussies
  71. top movie of 2014
  72. Trouble with iCloud protection
  73. Evolution is fake
  74. PSN account suspended/banned? :/
  75. Christian holidays
  76. Seahawks or Patriots
  77. I saw blah blahs willeeee
  78. Teenage thugs give flowers to old people
  79. Immigrants help build nations, the new blah blah
  80. Black people have never been in a space hologram
  81. Why I love working with black people
  82. Jesus had brown skin
  83. I am a white man and I think God talks to me
  84. I'm glad people like me
  85. The sorta person I wish I was
  86. Jesus was a Jew
  87. Bobby, point taken
  88. Coincidence or paranormal activity
  89. Jesus and the Message and the Truth of Christianity
  90. Im a Born again Christian and I love you all
  91. Bobby Blunts should be in the feild not winning prizes
  92. FREEDOM does NOT exist
  93. I think sweet n sassy as gotten blue waffle
  94. The Worst Traffic In the World is In???
  95. WHY do people hate other people of other nationalitys or races or whatever
  96. Mafiosos imposters and joke names
  97. Jackanapes
  98. Living or Dead
  99. Mrworker
  100. Interstella
  101. Super Soviet Union
  102. americans wished they had british teeth
  103. That NYGRO in tha masjid prays to budhah
  104. EARTH IS HELL !!l
  105. Fasano to Bella
  106. RACISM against TEETH
  107. God Save The Queen !!! PROPPA BRITISH MAN
  108. Sweetiee pie :P
  109. NaMeLeSs
  110. Finnish Sniper
  111. The_outfit
  112. Lvl4 members
  113. And the most pathetic family award goes to..
  114. i know everyone likes cops shooting people
  115. Childhood - how badass were you?
  116. What Music Do You Like?
  117. Napes ? frello? warpath? other unions?
  118. SWF sound media
  119. Playstation (sony) -vs- xbox (microsoft)
  120. the game will n3ver change
  121. lO_Oking fo ma flip-flops
  122. Whats your Best ever film and Game ?
  123. whats your favorite game?
  124. I be a martyr for JESUS
  125. Falling Down best film ever
  126. howecome everyone as beards ?
  127. Just watched American Sniper
  128. What kinda music you into
  129. Isis
  130. Britian is unique and we are the ''UGLY'' Germans and PROUD
  131. Albanians?
  132. Is Isreal Evil ?.
  133. needs to be a Christian ISIS
  134. Why?
  135. Quran - by Stromae
  136. What your other pets do you have besides cats or dogs
  137. My cats come before women or other humans
  138. ★ Humans in the future ★
  139. New Honeybadger has been found
  140. women should not be allowed on the forums
  141. im been persecuted because i follow GOD
  142. God is a God of justice
  143. Free Don_Blue ! ! !
  144. Life is very mysterious and beutiful
  145. Help!
  146. Proud to be a virgin and true follower of God
  147. Snowboarding people
  148. Women DO NOT Tell MAN what to do
  149. MrWorker for TMB ambassador!!
  150. forum crap, i couldn't be bothered replying to on each thread
  151. Top Gear Cancelled?
  152. Shame about Top Gear
  153. Everyone should come to God before its too late.
  154. why do atheists ( extremists) care so much about religion ?
  155. I want to RAM IT darn blinds throat
  157. whats the chances of us making it to see the YR 2100 ?
  158. Montrealera
  159. NFL Football
  160. Vito catalano/ el jeffe/ vito luciano
  161. Eclipse near United kingdom ways!
  162. Are you ready ?
  163. Anyone Play GTA 5 Online?
  164. Why I think me n ma sweetnsassy pie ahhh perfect for each other
  165. March Madness NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
  166. still a 5th union spot!
  167. i gotta go to college tomoorow, Need Help.
  168. AHHH wanna BUBBA BLIND
  169. nO one loves mee no one Cars about me
  170. Tribulation 2: The Message For Now
  171. SOES Balding
  172. F Multiplayer/online on computer games
  173. Why should men have to work longer when we die younger ?
  174. Mr Worker Smells
  175. Ahhh wanna make lurrve to Wolfgang aka spartan
  176. Gays and Muslims Unite ???
  177. TURBO Round 647? Results
  178. shrooms changed my life
  179. Wrestlemania
  180. Why do californians talk reeeeeett wierd
  181. JewPac loves fat bitches
  182. Are the cops good?
  183. #Garbage
  184. What do guys expect on a first date
  185. MrWorker orders a pizza
  186. Feminism
  187. Bad Intentions Heads to San Francisco
  188. People with the Least always give the Most
  189. Royalty!
  190. Why dont muslims ever get classed as ''Far Right'' ?
  191. What is your Religion ?
  192. I am Chosen by God and awaken from the Matrix
  193. Tomato Andy
  194. Beva DROPS THE SOAP
  196. DROB where both N-WORDS yooo
  197. If i was in an American Prison
  198. This yrs gone pretty quick so far
  199. Swwwweetttiiee pieee ma lil chocolate bunny
  200. What JESUS Said
  201. Far Right Ultra-Nationalism Needed For The World
  202. How did i get so Muscly ?
  203. GOD I WANT CHILDREN !!!ll
  204. My Secret
  205. A Question for RavenKc
  206. ALL Perverts will Rot in Hell
  207. drob needs a mannn taahh come behind him
  208. Love letters from MrWorker
  209. BEVA whyyaa blocked me n wesker
  210. TURBO : No Range vs. Range ...your thoughts
  211. Your favorite drink!
  212. does anyone have any kids ?
  213. V is jus bitter cos
  214. Snacktime!!!
  215. Everyone is Brainwashed, Sleep walking to they own oblivion
  216. is Heterosexuality eeevil
  217. Hmmm
  218. Mr workers a dick head
  219. TRUST LOYALTY RESPECT where are they now
  220. I ARNT Gay
  221. Why people are Lefties
  222. Cyclone is a vulnerable guy which neeedaa lurrrve
  223. Women have made me Gay
  224. My Sweetie Pie :) I miss yaahhh
  225. Am i Normal ?
  226. Happy b-day Gallio
  227. TTIP - How the US tries to wreck the EU with their inferior standards.
  228. Most Saddest Song
  229. Monsanto - "No food shall be grown that we don't own!"
  230. What did WW1 and WW2 soldiers fight for ?
  232. Refugees/Asylum seekers?
  233. I can't think of anything the Germans did the English did worse!
  234. DaKing of jackpots
  235. daking
  236. it takes 3 to attack an OG
  237. Mr worker says Sex is evil...let's go with that.what's the craziest place you have
  238. Christianity SAVED the WORLD !!!
  239. What cartoons did you watch as a Kid and What do you remember about growing up ?
  240. Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather
  241. MAN shalll NOT LAYETH with MAN Nor Womankind with womankind
  242. ScooooootlundAHHH is going to HELL
  243. SOE is going to HELL
  244. My Views on Homosexuality
  245. Technology is a Cancer
  246. Men Going They Own Way
  247. Destilled & Delicious!