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10-16-2011, 05:42 AM

It was icy december first morning in Philly. The wind blew frosty chips of snow, and to make
matters even colder, the sun would tease me by popping up in the sky only to be blanketed again
by the gloomy grey clouds. I was sitting at one of the frosty old benches at the worn-down yet
still running Sorentino's Burger joint right across from Theden park. I was wearing my
beat-up dark brown leather jacket with my faded navy blue jeans, a black beanie that barely fit
my head and my obsidian black dress shoes that had little defense against the bitter cold. With
my face frost bitten and lips numb and chapped by the weather, I Curled my hands up into a ball
close to my face and blew hot air into them in a attempt keep my fingers warm.I had never been
relocated to a place so cold as Philadelphia. I was most accustom to the vibrant palm trees and
sun soaked beaches of Florida. Thinking of florida seemed to divert my attention from the
current weather. I then began to think of myself under the scorching Florida orange
sun;however, remembering how business their had changed, which forced me to move to a new
location, i was brought back to reality. On the good side, i was moved more closer to head
quarters as my judgement day came. As I was breathing more hot air on my frozen hands, I
started to gaze at a old Black Honda accord spewing exhaustion smoke from the rear of it as it
beginning to parallel across the street. The man I had been waiting for,in this unmerciful
weather, had arrived. As he stepped out of his worn down car to cross the empty street, he
seemed to make a surprised face at the fact I had looked frozen . It was probably due to the
fact that he felt warm with his clothing. He was wearing a dark black leather jacket with
black slacks, dark brown gloves with a matching brown winter cap. I'm fact it his whole outfit
was all complemented by a sleek black and brown long coat. His name was Henry Guteri , but
everyone called him Carey for the fact his wife was named Carey. Carey was an young guy for our
line of work,and he was about my age. He was a skinny guy who was about 5'10", had moderately
long black hair, and hadblue eyes( which is funny because his wife says that is why she married
him). Carey was a good friend to me and had very good relations with the people we knew.We grew
up on the same block of ozone park,NY and went to the same schools all the way threw high
school. He was a smart man ,unfortunately, he is just very dry sense of humor. He talked with a
Soft New Yorker accent ;Every time we bring it up in conversation, he would begin to talk with
a pertness in conversation.

He had now Crossed the street and we gave each other a hug only to sit an the wet frosted bench
to talk.

"You do tha thing already?", Carey said while motioning back and forth to maintain
"umm yeah yeah it's done !!, I said vaguely to get to the point of why he called me here in
the first place. He then pulled out a cigarette ,lit it took a puff, then paused and said
while the strong warmth of the smoke hit my face," I got a cleaning job I have to pass to
you". I knew what he was going to stick me with. I suddenly tried to change the conversation
by telling him to drink the cup of coffee I had bought for him with the crumbled dollar I had
in my pocket.

" will you drink that coffee I bought already? It cost me a fortune!", I said. He then gazed
to examine the brewing hot coffee, and was about to drink it;however, he looked at me while I
was motioning back, and he felt guilty. Naw... you take it, i Buring up in this freaggin
ting", he said trying not to boast about his warm clothing.

Hopping he would refuse again I said," you sure ?. I got it for you take it" . He looked at
the his watch and with a smirk on his face he said," yeah sure I'll take it.

My heart had dropped in saddens and so did my body temperature.

"NAWW I'm just kiddin' you take it", he said while sliding the steamy hot coffee to my side
of the bench. Taking a quick sip before he could take it back, I then said "thank you". "So
back to business..uhh I got a guy who hasnt payed his two points to my one of my loan sharks
down on kevesto drive", he said. With my attention now diverted from the bitter cold to my
next job, I started to get worried what I was in for. I leaned over the bench towards him
closer and said," who's tha guy?. Is he a friend of a friend?". "no", he said bluntly.
Seeking for more specific answers I said," he a friend of you guys or...?". As he dropped his
ciggerette in the snow on the ground, he cut me off and said," you remember frank?". "oh",I
said looking at the ground while whiffing the snow with my shoes in sadness. I was going to
have kill a made guy. "you know if you do this one you'll get an early present for
christmass, Carey said with a wink followed by a smile In a attempt to cheer me up.

I was slightly happy about me getting my pin, but Frank was a capo who had been with new York
since he was 23. Rumors was he was earning over two million from cronstruction rackets in upstate new
York, but got into a horrible gambling habit and even owed his boss money.Although I didn't
know him personally a non made guy killing a made guy with out 'the okay' always ends up

In a timid voice," you get an okay about dis?", I said with one eye brow raised. He then
removed his focus from the kids playing in the snow at Theden park and said," you think I
would f**k you ova?".
You know... what kinda guy you thinkin' I am?". I could see the steam rising from his coat
and cap.
"calm down you know I trust you", I said firmly.

However, I did not fully mean it. I have seen guys grow up together,in the same household, and
betray eachother. For instance, my friend Sal got bumped up to capo a few years ago and was
dealing coke threw his brother Jimmy out on the streets against his boss,'Bobby boy's
permission, So, when the D.E.A. busted Jimmy in a set up deal, he told SaL told Bobby Bobby
that he had nothing to do with it.however, his brother flipped and ratted on Sal and Bobby. In
conclusion, Sal was given 10yrs in fed prison and a lottery contract on his head when he gets

"Look I just need it done alright? And make sure you pick up a couple of dice too. You know...
Leave em in his hands after you wack em ", he said with authority yet shivering as he started
to light up another ciggerette.

I then took another sip of the hot coffee and looked at him an nodded. I started to star at the
tip of his ciggerette as he took a deep inhale of it, but shook my head as he spoke again. He
tried to cover up what he had said to me by making a gesture about my good collections made
this week.

"what's this 15k again this week?", he said with a smile only money can produce.
I looked at my watch and noticed we had been here for 40minutes.

"when does this have to be done?",I said
" tonight;Before 11:00pm. He will be at the Luxford Casino on second street. About 20 minutes
from here,he said.
What about cameras and people there?", I said.

Standing up from the table and taking one last puff of his ciggarrett," you figure it out".

He then walked towards the snow cover sidewalk, looked to his left then right of the street,
and jogged across the street with a limp, from sitting down so long,to get in his car to
Too frozen and worried to move and get into my car,I started to analyze my situation. I was
going to take out a guy who I might not have full permission to kill. Despite the fact that
Frank is a good friend of my father, I had to do it. I then looked at the kids playing in the
park across the street. They were player what looked like shoot the had guy. One of the kids
had pointed his finger shaped like a hand gun at the other kid and said ,BANG!". The other kid
drastically fell down and laid in the snow laughing. I then looked at my truck and begin to
walk to my car across the street and head home.

10-16-2011, 05:50 AM
http://www.classicaustraliantv.com/LOTA/25.jpg frank
http://www.paulburgess.org/images/camus-3.jpg Henry "Carey" Guteri

I now found myself sitting in my old black ford f-150 ,that I had bought a few yrs back, parked
across the busy main-street on 2nd and grand. It was a snowy monday night as the wind blew
frosty air and the clouds dropped heavy snow flakes on Philly . The brown snow covered streets
were occupied by a few snow covered minivan cabs and a few town cars parallel parked on side of
the streets next to the parking meters. The side walks were covered in brown snow with a few
spots of ivory white snow patched on them.I could see people dressed in lengthy snow coats with
puffy ear muffs caring large bags that seem to hold toys and clothes for the up coming event in
a couple of weeks. I seemed to envy them as they looked toasty and warm;however, despite me
being a car with the presence of a heater, the nob was missing and I was still wearing the damp
old clothes that I had wore when I met with Carey earlier today. The only thing I could think
of to keep me warm were my memories of the Florida beaches. The city in Florida that I stayed
in was nice. I had a nice two bed room house that sat right in front of a softy sandy beach.
Sometimes at 3:00pm i would grab my favorite green and yellow Hawaiian shirt that had large a
large flowers and put on some shorts and head out from my back patio and head to the
beach.from there I would law down on the soft warm sand and stick my feet into the warm sad and
just sleep. I would listen to the waves crash the shore and segals chirp while fighting over
pieces of food that the kids from town would leave. I could feel the warmth of the beaches as I
sat in my car, and i could feel my face smiling and eyes closing up these thoughts. Suddenly, I
jumped as I begin to hear a hard tapping noise on my drivers window that was adjacent to the
sidewalk. It was a husky old male police officer looking at me skeptically. He had a semi
thick grey mustache, and wore a thick black jacket that read police and a moderately large
black lodgers snow cap.

While pointig his annoying flash light into my eyes the into my dark back passenger seats
,"you alright in there buddy?", he said with one eye brown raised.

I begin to force myself back into reality and what I was here for.

"Yeah yeah...", I said while leaning my left shoulder closer to the window while rolling it
down in a quick motion.

"you've been sitting here for the past 1hr already", he said while pointing to his watch
that was slightly covered in snow.

I then reached into my pocket with my numb right hand and began to feeln around for 50 cents.

"yeah yeah i got them money", I said while pulling out the change and trying to figure out
how I got distracted so easily from what I was suppose to do at Luxford casino.

"you know I could take you down town for being over the time limit. That's a 65 dollar
fine," he said trying intimidate me.

"here it is", I said while opening up the car door half way.

He then stepped aside from the car door and watched me put in my quarters into the parking
meter partly covered in snow.

"all set", I said waiting for him to leave.

I knew he could of taken me down town loitering ;however, he was hoping that I would give
him a few bucks to leave me alone. Thankfully, he saw that I barely enough money to keep the
parking meter happy, and he left me alone.

"alright then ...ummm you have a good day. Happy holidays", he said with a laud pitch in
voice as the traffic started to drown his voice out.

He started to walk away and make his way to the car in from of me. I had pulled back my jacket
sleeve looked at my watch to see what time it was. It was 10:23, and from the comer of my eye I
could see a what looked like a brand new 2011 Red Mercedes Turing into the Luxford drive way. I
noticed the driver of the car had opened up his passenger car door to let out a relatively
husky man who had grey hair and whore a light brown coat jacket covering up his all grey suit.
He stepped out fixing his tie by shaking it left to right then focused his eyes to the doors of
Luxford casino. It was my target, frank. I quickly grabbed my gun out of my wrinkled brown
paper bag in the car, put it inside my jacket pocket over my heart. Then ,I cautiously yet
quickly walked across the street weaving threw the flowing traffic trying to catch him before
he could get inside. I sped up faster to cross the street while pulling out my gun only to be
stopped by a car's horn followed by the car's bright head lights and it's drivers voice
telling me to get out of the way. I put my hands on the car's hood as it stopped 2inches from
my knees.

with my heart pounding due to the near death hit,"Sorry pal",I said.

I then made my way into the dark parking lot of on the side the casino. While still trying
to catch my bresth,I then turned to my left and watched as Frank made his way from the
parking-lot to the casino's main entrance doors. I then headed to the casino door.

(to be continued Next monday)