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(Ring) (ring) (ring)
Ugh.... My head came to roll as i slightly began to open my eyes.. "what time is it" Looking at the clock my eye's began to fullter open.. 6:00am. "holy fucking shit i've got to go" rolling over onto my side and placeing my feet against the soft white carpet below a small flash back began to play in my mind
" 12:00am"
That night i had called in a meeting for the big boss a young kat by the name of sam had been trashing are house's and breaking into are drug labs. We knew it couldn't just be him it had to of been with a few other people since are shit, was well prottected to the max. Or so we thought at the time.
as i sat in the wooden chair that was placed in front of the very long wooden table i glanced around the room and stared on the many faces that where also looking me dead in the eyes wondering what the hell we where going to do. Placeing my hands upon the table i licked my dry lips and spoke in a harsh but crackly tone. " Now this young cat can't be hitting are shit by himself he has to have someone or someones helping him along the way any idea's?" My eyes scaned the area as a big 300 pound man stood up.
His clothing where simple a black leather jacket, along with a white tea. He wore a pair of black pants, his hair was thin almost bald,you could tell just by looking at this man that he had in fact been in the mafia for some time. He just had that look, like most hard mafia members did. As he spoke it was as if the whole room would echo each and ever word that came forth from his mouth
Heres the thing, one of my boys late last night was walking down the ally way when they say's they spoted another young man carrying a 9mm pistol thing was he wasnt sure if it one of your guys or someone ealse so they left him along. He also says he spoted a few others with em...
As we all took this in the older man steve took his place sitting back down upon the old chair. glance around i began to speak as the sound of cracking wood exploded into the air. the door to the left hand side of the room had been shot in. Two bullet holes one shattering the window, to the far right as the next had hit steve who had just spoken. The look on his face was that of true fear.. "which would make sense since the bullet had struck threw the center of his skull." Blood had begun to roll down the center of his face and his masive body tilted back words and tumbled upon the ground in a loud thumb.
Reaching and also realseing the straps of both 357 mags and pulling back both hammers the sound's of gun fire had still continued to blast threw out the whole room.. Bodys where everwhere not just on are side but theres as well. takeing a quick glance around the cornor of the room i began to slowly pull free my right arm as i began to expose my whole body. Once around the cornor and the sound of gun fire slowing down i began to double tap the hammers on both guns aimeing straight at the door ahead. the eachoing of the 357s where insanse the mussle blast itself would burn the side of anyones face.
As the bullets began to hit threw the door, the once solid framed wooden oak door was now spilnters. Stoping just or a split second the sounds of gun fire had come too a stop as i glanced around the room i spoted only a few people on are side that, where still alive. "James" a young kat holding a ak47 along with "Nathan" and Nick where hideing behind the flipped desk that we where just moments ago sitting at. To me it looked like they may have shit there pants.. Being new to the mafia wouldn't supprise me if they did.
Glance back too the door i took a few steps while turning my body so it faced sideways, tilting my head and glanceing threw one of the big ass wholes in the door i saw two dead thugh's just outside the door. One had been shot straight threw the face and mitliuple times in the chest. The other young fellow just on the other side of him didnt look that well himself... It looked as if his face was beatin with a bat, you couldn't even tell what he had looked like befor.
Once i had reloded both 357 mags i placed the left one back into its holster while reaching out witth my free hand i came to twist the solid gold handle of the door and pushed hard, while placeing my whole body weaight into his swinging hard to the left while aimeing the gun ahead glanceing to the sides as to make sure no one was around. With a deep sigh of relife i spoted three others laying face down on the solid white cabet that i had placed down a few weeks ago.
Two of them where dead for sure. It was then that i heard a moan of pain, it was the third male a little bit older then the last two he had been shot in the left shoulder supprised he was still alive i walked over to his body and kicked his side which caused his body too roll over onto its back. glanceing down the man began to laugh om such a evil mocking tone i couldnt handle it. Pointing the 357mag to the center of his chest i spoke " That's a 1million dollar carpet your bleeding all over asshole!" With that i pulled the trigger three times with each pumbleing bulllet it drilled its self deeper and deepr into the chest cavity causeing blood to explode into the air and compleatly shatter the chest bones.
Present time:
The steam in the shower had come to fill the whole room i had both of my hands leaned aginst the nice warm title wall my head hung just low enough so that the water would beat down upon the back of my neck and roll down my back. I let out a deep sigh as i rememberd what i was doing today.
Quickly turning off the shower and grabing a towel i wraped it around my waist and walked out of the shower and headed to the kitchen. On the table rested a single newspaper, picking it up i figgured hell may as well read it, im going to be late for my meeting anyways. After going threw the first two pages i found nothing that was worth while reading tell i came across a single interview done by someone.
The interview was short and not really worth the read. Who would want to waste there time reading that shit? throwing the paper back onto the table i let out a small laugh. keeping my eyes fouced outside i began to think only to once again be lost in thought.
You want the fucking truth i dont give a flying fuck what half of you mother fuckers think if you dont like my shit get the fuck over it. Id like too see your bitch ass try to make a mini story and make it look good? cant good suck my fucking dick? you all want too see a story made about clyde? Give me 10 fucking votes and ill do it.

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I'm an author so I'll say whatever I want. However, I have nothing to say really, besides fuck you, of course. And sure, write more about Clyde, you have my vote. I encourage everyone who enjoys writing/being creative to write write and write some more then read a book and a half when your done! Lol

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lmfao nice