View Full Version : A small interview with familymatters

10-23-2011, 05:06 AM
As i was drinking my morning coffee and enjoying the nice fall day, the suns rays beat down up
my naked arms, giving it a slight burn as the rays beat down. as i grabbed the morning news
paper for TMB i couldnt but help too see the latest news about familymatter and T_M_K i was
really upset that the interview was so short. very upset in fact i was going to make it my
point to get another interview
After finishing my cup of coffee i headed to the phone and had to place a few phone calls
after a few hours of pulling some strings i got a plane titcket and made my way to the big ole
apple "New York City"
Being this my first interview i didnt no what to expect?. the thought of landing in new york
was breath takeing.. Not in a good way. i kept haveing this errie feeling that someone was in
fact going to shot me dead. Which was possable..
before heading out of course i had made one last phone call. reaching familymatter was an easy
task, i mean she is the queen of dd so wasnt too hard. as we had talked over the phone we
agreed too meet at her house.
Just standing a few feet away from the steps of familymatters house i notice that the streets
where empty.. not even a tumble weed could be spoted. the air was thick and muggie and once
again an all to uneasy place to stay for too long.
As i reach the steps i made sure that my black leather jacket and my blue pants where fitted
just right and fixed my shades. Looking ahead i knocked on the door, and to my supprise there
she was the queen of dd welcomeing in too her home...
As we sat down and had a "nice"..... cup of tea i began to ponder on what question i would
ask her first.. then it came to mind..
" so familymatters your at war with tmk?"
"FamilyMatters: no"
Oh. how come in the interview t_m_k said yes
"FamilyMatters: that wasnot an interview..i didnot know anything about it being written up
and it is tmk who thinks we are war but heinot logged in this round yet"
"Me: but still tmk says yes"
FamilyMatters: he is the only one that says yes
Me: yes
Me: but you understand
Me: you didnt say yes but he did
Me: that means tmk is at war with your family which means in due time you will have too do
FamilyMatters: tmk is not a person who can do anything he isnot in charge of ru and iu
FamilyMatters: he is just a 15y old boy
Me: True but what if not just himself but others join and follow in his war??
Me: just because he is 15 does not mean he dont have power
FamilyMatters: tmk willnot take over NYC...iu and ru donot want the city
Me: but tmk does
FamilyMatters: first off heisnot even playing this round
FamilyMatters: second i known tmk for 2 years
FamilyMatters: he is just a little kid who talks big
Me: really?
FamilyMatters: when i helped run the bank we were on the same side and he was all talk
then..he doesnot like me because i wonot let him tell ppl that he is 21y old and he was only
13..he plays on his parents account
FamilyMatters: i am friends with his uncle
Me: ah
Me: so he's just all talk and no game
FamilyMatters: he through fits and may kill some ops but he got no followers and i talked to
coca they donot want NYC
"As i looked down at my watch i realised that the time had gone by faster then what i thought
it had placeing both my hands onto the sides of the very uncomfortable couch i told
familymatters that this interview would have to continue on a later date. with that we said are
good byes and i happly went back home to pomalaro wishing i would never have to go back to nyc.