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10-24-2011, 12:34 AM
As i sat inside my new chevy i couldnt help but to wonder what type of ass hole would sit at a green light for over a minute. I coudlnt take it. Opening the door to the truck i twisted my spine and platned my feet onto the hard ground. The heat that day was at a high of 110. Once my feet touched the ground i could feel the heat radeate threw the soles of my brand new convers shoes.
Swinging the rest of my body free from the inside of the car i glanced ahead looking threw a new pair of smith and weason glasses. As i stood in the middle of highway i began to take my steps to the car which was only a few feet away. Upon this act i would allow my right hand to swing to the left side of my body while my elbow came to a bend, streaching out each didgets until they slid past the leather jacket and came to rest onto the smooth medal of the 9mm pistol.
As my right index finger came to realse the holster of the gun, i was now within two feet of the car. I could see threw the back window spoting a younger male who seemed to be on his cell phone curssing at someone on the other end, and i had to think " What type of mother fucker would sit there at a green light and talk on his phone?" This of course was one question i was going to ask.
Seeing that his window was down i spoke " Uh hum sir may i ask why you are stoped at a green light causeing tracfic to build up?" Once i had said this i knew that this damn dim witt mother fucker would have nothing good to say. You could just tell by the type of clothing that he wore. Fancy ass pants shirt tie glasses and nice car too. I would have too say a Lamo? I could of been wrong but fuck it what s the point?
As the younger man came to turn his head and look at me i didnt even wait gripping ahold of the handle of my 9mm pistol and pulling free my hand from the side, the gun had become exposed the look on the mans face was of sheer fear. I mean it should be right? How offten do you see a crazy lunatic pulling out a gun?
within that split second he was fixing to say just a single word as the barrel to the gun expoled a muzzle blast erupted forth following along with a single hollow point bullet which drilled its self straight into the skull. All you could see in the car was a bloody fucking mess, brain matter was indead all over the pasanger side car. The mans body hit hard against the steering wheel, and his body went limp. With a slight grin i placed the gun back into its holster and headed to my car.
In the distance you could hear the sounds of screems and sirens not to far away in its path. I knew i had to continue on my way or the god damn fuzz would catch up to my ass... To bad i had to ditch the damn car too. Oh well i guess i did steal the damn thing too.. Heading back to my HQ
To be continued

10-24-2011, 01:27 AM
Did that actually happen?

10-24-2011, 01:57 AM
Are you fucking serious right now PaOLO1307?