View Full Version : The rise of kingie porello : Part 1 remodeled

07-23-2011, 04:27 AM
i started playing this game a few years back , started of as a noob playing in a city called chicago. I looted drugs and guns to sell them off for cash , i repeated to do this technique as i thought it was a good chance to make money fast . it did make the money but also brought trouble along with it .i did not realise that having a high networth due to having a huge amount of cash on hand , i was being attacked left front and centre .

i played for a few days , then i was messaged by a player called pookie who asked me if i wanted to join his family (ACS_Generation) he was the boss of this family he placed acrossed to me .
i took a minute to think about it , but suddenly accept the offer .
pookie welcomed be to the rest of the family and trained me to become a looter .

my goals was to build defense and attack others drugs and guns and hq to collect the cash they have on hand .then send it off to the family bank ,which i remember was coral back then .
i was finding the looting pretty easy and noticed the family was in need of more power more strength , so i wanted to invite players to the family , pookie promoted me to bruglione .
i was looting and creating recruit messages , i would send a letter and if they reply with a yes i would invite them if not i loot them .i did this for about three rounds .
by then the family was pretty much full but in a terrible state cause of the new players attacking allies and do not have a clue of what they are doing .i wanted to help place order in the family .

i was posting on the family board to get everyone looting and banking , i started to post my logs on the business board of my transfers and they copied me .
pookie was amazed how i posted a order which i did not have authority to do so but they still listen and worked as a team . pookie imediately promote kingie to his right hand man .

kingie was become a top enforcer to the family and now the right man of the family .
i did nothing but proove to the boss i was the one he the can trust .
i recruited half the family and trained them to a looter .
i made it to consig of the family