View Full Version : If your Union Had a bar

09-02-2011, 07:27 PM
Your union receives a brand new Bar. It's Fashionable Bar where the ratio of men to Women is just right to your liking and is Open 7 days a week. Where people have the opportunity to engage in flirtatious conversations to intellectual dialogs or seek enjoyment of great games of your favorite Sport on exceptionally unique HD WideScreen TVs like none other. Moreover, having the chance at representing your TMB family's ideal Bar in either a competitive yet exciting City organized Pool League or just a laid back game of pool, right after work!

Although there are much details in creating your family and/ or Union's Bar, There are three important things missing:

-BAR Tenders
- A Bar Name

Who would you have ,from your tmb family, as Bar tenders ?
What Drinks would be Servered?would there be a Unique Drink offered only at your family and/or Union's Bar?
What would the name of the Bar Be and its Theme?