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  1. Joeyballz

    Ballz of steel....one of the first big supporters that's made a huge impact on the game....he may be cocky but wouldn't you be if you had a rule named after you...
    DeRiggi says:
    JoeyBallz, The man, the myth, the legend. Thanks for taking this time to sit down and be interviewed....

    JoeyBallz says:
    Anytime bro

    DeRiggi says:
    Lets start off by asking, when did you start playing TMB?

    JoeyBallz says:
    Ugghh.. I think around
  2. DeRiggi

    What's not to love....DeJersey....an Italian with Irish blood....co-founder of Illuminati, one of the biggest families in MafiaBoss history, he's got it all...in his pants.

    Sanders :
    Thank you for letting me do this interview mister jersey,so whats new with you?

    DeRiggi :
    Not much, same old TMB ish, different sleepless night.

    Sanders :
    hehe, well
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