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  1. An Ode to GangSTARS

    Some say he's zany, others say he's just plain crazy...but inzie has a softer side that he doesn't always show so here's a poem by the one and only....Inzane...

    Family of assorted gangsters
    No doubt we true killers
    Playin straight and on the low
    Pushin rank we slowly grow.

    Takin down loose cannons
    And wannabe thugs
    Who got no idea
    Of how this sh!t runs

    Moving as one,
  2. Inzane

    Inzanity... the best defense... he likes to terrorize the message boards with nonsense and bad typing but underneath his zany antics lies an intelligent bomb waiting to go off...

    Dama_en_Roja: Hi everyone... today I'm in the Staff Lounge with the one and only Inzane. Hi Inzie how are you today?

    Inzane: I'm fine Dama, and you?

    Dama_en_Roja: Doing good thanks... ...

    Updated 12-19-2011 at 10:13 PM by Harmony

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