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  1. Mafia: A Life Never Meant To Be Lived -Prelude-

    Two Months Earlier -

    The crisp bills of money grazed across his fingertips. Thousands of dollars in the palm of his hand, his lips urged to smile but in his mind he knew enough to show no emotion. George Brascilli raised his head upward, looking at the other men across the table.

    There were four of them. One of whom was a Sotto Capo in the Ferro Familia, a rather short plump fellow, by the name of Michele “No Nose” Navarra. Out of the other three
  2. Mafia: A Life Never Meant To Be Lived

    His breath was heavy, face and chest drenched with sweat, eyes hanging there, heavy. George Brascili sat their motionless, trying to keep his composure. He knew the two men that sat across the table from him. He knew their background, their names, and even what they’re favorite Italian dish was. He had known them all his life, from the beginning and now to the end.

    There was a gun laid on the table. A dark silver, heavy, Smith and Wesson Model 60, shipped from America. No numbers
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