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  1. Interview: Stu Gots

    Roving reporter Rapture returns to the fray, with none other than the infamous Stu Gots. While Stu is known to most through his many and lengthy excursions into the GRD, his recent silence has prompted this exclusive tete-a-tete, in which Stu reveals the man behind the tatts, and offers to reveal the man behind the pants. Take it away, Rapture!

    Hi, Stu! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me, so we can delve into the mind of someone whos been
  2. Interview: Bam

    Celebrity news hound miss Rapture exposes the magic and mystery of one of TMB's true veterans, Bam. Confidante of the wrestling elite, Bam reveals details of his extraordinary real life and game life, and isn't afraid to drop a few names along the way.
    Kalito, Editor

    Rapture: Alright! Lets get this show on the road! Id like to welcome Bam
  3. Kyle interview

    Rapture has done it again! Who has she interviewed this time? None other than the board whoriest of them all, Kyle. If you don't have a good or bad opinion on this kid, then you must be new, or have lived under a rock for the past 70 rounds...

    Rapture says:


    Kyle says:


    Rapture says:
  4. Fliss

    Rapture did such a good job with the first one, let's give her another shot. This time she's encountered the wonderful, beautiful, (and DAMN sexy... sorry Buck, I'll fight you for the death for her heart!) Fliss. from STL to DG in HK to FWB to a whole lot of LOLs. All these damn initials can be confusing, or dumb...but they'll make sense (you noob...) and without further adooooooo....the wonderful interview of Fliss...

    Rapture says:
  5. Titus Pullo

    The sexy TMB interview interns have been let out to find the hottest interviews of the game and already one of them bagged a good one. Please enjoy Rapture's interview with the mighty, the charming, and the adorable Titus_Pullo...

    Rapture: Welcome Titus! Ive got the champagne... I hope you brought the glasses
    TiTuS_PuLLo: I did. I got my bifocals on

    Rapture: The true sign of a smart man.

    TiTuS_PuLLo: Well they are resting on my member.
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