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  1. Main Round 351 Review

    Main Round 351 Review

    Here we go again, the clock stands at 9 days, 23 hours, 47 minutes, and 48 seconds. Yeah I logged in too late, not normal for a freak as me A couple of questions are to be asked again for a lot of players. What is my plan for the round? What is my goal? Where do I go? Do I change my gameplay to killing/looting/collecting or do I maintain my normal gameplay...? And for some ...
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  2. Turbo Round 352 Review:King's of Vegas

    WOW!!! What an exciting round!!! Many sat on the edge of their seat as they watched the JP jump in the last few hours wondering just which one of those level fours would take the round. Today MarlieS indulges us all on the events that led to a great Turbo Round.

    TURBO ROUND 352 Review

    The rules of the round where as following:
    [LIST][*] Jackpot Starts at $300[*] 1 City:
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  3. Main Round 323 Review

    Main Round 323 marked the dawning of a new era on The Mafia Boss. Significant changes to the rules were mentioned three days before Main Round 321 ended. These changes included: No Transfers, No Revenges, Increase in Safety Deposit Box, Introduction of Family Killer Prizes, the inability to join more than one family a round, starting the round maxed, 10 hits instead of 24 hits to max, and the ability to sell guns in excess ...

    Updated 08-14-2011 at 04:38 AM by Harmony

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  4. Turbo Round 324 Review!

    The rules in Turbo Round 324 made it incredibly hard for anyone to stay alive.Players went all out in killing throughout the round.With no range, no one's operatives were safe either.Congratulations to nino (garmin) on taking the round, even after being challenged for the win by not one, but two players.

    Read as our Turbo Summarizer Skai recounts this turbo round.
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  5. Turbo Round 322 Review

    What an exciting round that was! Turbo Round 322 got out of control as the final few hours came about. Very early builder FEIO was wiped out by SkeetSkeet who started building with over 3 hours left in the round. In the final hour, hovdi threatened the win, but could not compete with the head start SkeetSkeet had. Here to share you his turbo experience is Splooge with a brief ...
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