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  1. The Unbelievable Farce

    Round 68 marked the greatest battle in Skidmark History. After 59 rounds, the immovable object that is Skidmark met what many would call "The Unstoppable Force" but better known as Skidmark_United...millions of d units were lost in mere seconds. It started when Cops_Lie (200k+) hit drum (150k+). Well, that was all we needed to see. Johnny_Cokes (400k+) quickly beat Cops_Lie (212k) like he was Rodney King on PCP. That sparked an all out blitz.

  2. Sanders

    Me, Myself and Tussie.......Tusone interviews Sanders to find out what really makes his clock tick. Sanders.....the moderator....the consigliere...a lynx?

    So we tracked Sanders down in between his Staff Duties and his Editor Duties at TMB_News and coerced him into having the tables turned...

    Have a seat and don't mind the lights....do you mind If I record
  3. Tusone

    Tusone and Sanders face off again.....this time it's Tussie's undies we're trying to expose...who knows what's lurking in the dirty drawers of Skidmark's consigliere and personal manwhore....

    Sanders :
    finally i get a skidmarker to do an interview,you guys been hiding from me?

    Tusone :
    Not at all...just follow your nose and there you will find us

    Sanders :
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