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  1. She's His Bonnie, He's Her Clyde

    Bonnie and Clyde were well known outlaws and criminals who traveled the Central United States during The Great Depression. There are many such couples throughout history, but they are the most famous, especially when it comes to hardened criminals. So what do Bonnie and Clyde have to do with TMB today? Well, there are some famous, or perhaps not so famous couples ...
  2. Main Round 373: Bank Bailout Causes Collector Economy to Rise

    In Main Round 373, we were welcomed with a nice treat - the return of transfers! This was not the only change for this main round, but certainly the most noticeable! Personal and family banks were reduced from 75% to 50%; Maxing percentage was increased from 2% to 5% every hour; Extortion of businesses were raised by a whopping 2500% to 100 turns a hit; a 360k cap implemented with a lower starting jackpot. Players ...

    Updated 12-07-2011 at 04:53 AM by Righteous

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  3. War News Round 347: The Understanding by Clyde

    Clyde is back with some jaw-dropping information on the war news throughout The Mafia Boss. With killing families clashing round in and round out, collecting families losing their ops left and right, and friendships in the balance, who will remain standing when the dust is settled? No one has the answer...yet! Read to find out what Clyde has to say about the ongoing wars throughout The Mafia Boss.

  4. The Truth Behind The Untouchables

    We all read Scaronface's blog about who the "true" boss of The Untouchables was, right? Well today, Clyde is back with some new information that puts this blog to shame! Read as we find out what exactly Clyde has to say.

    Hello my minions. Today we are going to learn some real history, and not the account or ramblings to some claim to a certain family. You are my friend and
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