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  1. Firing Squad Victim: Harley_Quinn

    We went fishing to find a newer player to fire shots at and found an unfamiliar, yet uniquely named player, “seat_gypsie”. We decided to fire a salvo and test the gypsie mettle. To our surprise, it was none other than the lovely Harley_Quinn that shot back with some of her insights. Keep reading to get to know her and also hear her discuss what happened with the Expendables union.

  2. Another Crazy Day!

    Hi Everyone and once again, welcome to my crazy world of mad, silly, obnoxious and belligerent people at The Mafia Boss. Time and again I have to deal with noobishness, new players who know little or nothing about the game, or it is newish players who do not make the effort to see if they are missing obvious answers, before they contact us and also simply just have no respect for other humans. In the Blog ...
  3. Main round 556 review

    This round still saw transfers on, but a twist was thrown in. A player could only send 2 transfers an hour. Would this new rule cause EOR transfers to be messed up? Also of interest, the beginning of the round saw the forming of a new family named the Xmas_Killers. This family quickly had four Level 4 players join, and they did not wait long to start proving their name true. Lanska and Ding_Dong were not the ...
  4. Main Round 548 Review

    Main Round 548 was the first of the rounds with special rules. Smaller caps, transfers, 10 per family, 100 turns per op hits, and many more. Essentially a 10 day turbo. With these new rules, many players seemed more hopeful at securing a rank, whether it be for a family rank or an individual rank. But as the round came to an end, it seemed that their dreams were cut short. With transfers being on this round, ...
  5. Turbo Round 547 Round Up

    Round 547 promised to be a bloodbath as no one was safe from the heavy builders and killers. With no range and no revenges the round gave the looters a chance to steal one.Day one saw a few families fill up and immidiately started banking and killing the oposition while other players stayed solo and chose to build ops and dus in preparation for the last day of chaos.

    The rules were as ...
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