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  1. Firing Squad Victim: BLH

    What do Sandra Bullock, a porn star, and preggo-sex have in common? The answer is BLH. BLH Is that short for BLeH. Is he a fan of Bacon Lettuce and Ham sandwiches? I needed more information, so seeing as we do not have answers, we decided it was time to call in the Firing Squad to shoot off some questions and hopefully we would get answers that have been plagueing mankind since the beginning of time.

  2. TMB News Report

    Like Blind said in the Forums, main round 578's EOR was fan-fuckin-tastic!!! At start of EOR all was well for IU, they were relaxed and not expecting any challenge as they had eliminated most of the competition by whacking their Ops as usual, and were waiting for round to end so another could start, but, alas, out of the blue came HawaiiFive0 and everything changed.

    After being maxed HawaiiFive0 ...
  3. Firing Squad Victim: Harley_Quinn

    We went fishing to find a newer player to fire shots at and found an unfamiliar, yet uniquely named player, “seat_gypsie”. We decided to fire a salvo and test the gypsie mettle. To our surprise, it was none other than the lovely Harley_Quinn that shot back with some of her insights. Keep reading to get to know her and also hear her discuss what happened with the Expendables union.

  4. Interview with Jakey420

    Finally we give you the long awaited interview with the current West_Coast bigwig, Jakey_420. He has been around since the dinosaurs first roamed the earth and this interview takes us back to times long forgotten, to the present day and gives us an insight to a currently much spoken about and currently influential West_Coast long time loyalist! Jakey drops a few names long forgotten and some of you may have been around
  5. Interview with Sarge

    AndyRosato: So, Sarge, let's start off with your TMB history

    Sarge: I started playing end of august 05 in Omerta where I spent just over a year after which I moved to ICS with my old boss captain-columbus

    Sarge: The following 6 years I was in ICS, of which I was Don for about 3 years after sickjim and goatboy left

    Sarge: The last year, I have spent floating around ...
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