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Player Interviews

Interviews of The Mafia Boss Players

  1. Mafioso Interview: Viking_Slap

    Viking; the very name conjures images of a bearded beast with a sword and shield decimating his foes. A slap received from one of these legendary warriors would certainly hurt, as would one from legendary MBU member VikingSlap; a protector and killer, a well-known Mafioso whose name inspires fear in his enemies. CrazyRuss presents to you his interview with this age-old warrior of TMB!

  2. The Mafia Boss Player Interview - Nino

    So Mafiosos and Mafiosas, CrazyRuss is back with another interview with yet another veteran of the game. This player has played in some of the most memorable mafia families here on The Mafia Boss Aand he has won a few Jackpots, he also has friends all over the game, it is, the one, the only, NINO!
    In this interview we talk about a wide variety of things all Mafia Boss related, and we also discuss one key rule on this ...
  3. Mafioso Interview: Sellz

    Sellz: A profound look back at 6 years of TheMafiaBoss

    So here we have it. Sellz a player known throughout the game in his 6 year spell, has agreed to give us at TheMafiaBoss an interview. He explains how and why he ended up where he has and all the bumps along the way.

    Sellz is 23, a Chef by trade and lives in the UK. So basically, if you need some bodies cut-up and disposed of,

    Updated 08-10-2013 at 09:12 PM by Stargazer_Lily

    Player Interviews
  4. Mafioso Interview: Bad_Intentions

    With a Bad Intent, and a Cute Smile, Bad_Intentions is one to watch in TMB, he will charm the socks off your TMB Queen and Spam the shit out of your Mailbox for a laugh-4 stars beware this bad young man is prepared to give you a scare!

    There is a bad boy in the land of TMB, he rides a Harley and smells like the ocean, he dreams of stealing beautiful TMB Queens, especially Lethal_Kiss, however ...

    Updated 07-21-2013 at 07:21 AM by Tiki (Player (War) complained about real name being used in blog)

    Player Interviews
  5. Mafioso Interview: Tactics

    Today, we have an interview with TMBs very own Tactics. How did he stumble upon TMB? What would compel him to come back to TMB after he had left the game? What does he think about the game the way it is now and certain families in the game? What are his sexual preferences? Come check out his interview to find out the answers to all of these questions.

    Nikki: So, Tactics... Everybody wants to know ...
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