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  1. come join

    recruiting now come join my family, kuruption
  2. Turbo Round Idea

    New Game Idea!

    Tired of the same old build, get 00íd, build, collect, see the same people rank, and repeat? Ever wish the admins would mix it up? Add something new? If you said yes to either of these, have I got news for you.

    Itís a spin on a playground classic we all know and love. Capture The Flag!

    Great idea right? But itís too complicated for TMB. Wrong!

    How would it work?

    - 2+ teams, chosen at random ...
  3. We Want to Hear from You!

    Over the past several months, we have been looking for players to generate articles for which to publish on The Mafia Boss Blogsite. However, our need now is higher than ever before. Please read as we break down the open position, how to apply, and what we are willing to offer in exchange for your services. Thank you for reading.

    Are you interested in earning extra credits?
    The Boss Speaks
  4. The Mafia Boss 6th Anniversary contest Winners!

    The Mafia Boss is proud to announce its 6th Anniversary Contest Winners! The results are tabled below in very specific categories. Congratulations to all winners and thank you for your continued support.

    -Top 10 Most Rounds Played-

    rank mafioso Rounds
    1. Lucky_Chevy 79
    2. Jonzo 79
    3. Scaronface 79
    4. nino 79
    7. Monkeykilla 79
    5. frello 79
    The Boss Speaks
  5. Turbo Round 336 Review

    Turbo Round 336 featured an 800k credit cap, a 5:1 credit ratio, the lack of transfers, revenges, and two hits every hour to max. This was the first turbo round that family banks were implemented, which proved to be both helpful and strategical for many players. As the normal trend of the gameplay, a few families went ballistic in their killing endeavor and everyone else prayed to keep their Operatives intact. ...
    Round Updates
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