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  1. The Blogger's Brawl: Blog Writers Contest

    The Mafia Boss Game presents its first ever Blog Writers contest. If you think you have what it takes to be a good writer, why not use this opportunity to find out just how good you are? The greater community of The Mafia Boss will be sure to confirm or dispel any notions you have of being the next Mario Puzo.

    Participating in this contest is easy; all you have to do is write a Blog on one of the specified topics ...
    The Boss Speaks
  2. Looking for Community Managers to Assist with Social Media Outlets

    In this day and age, a few extra turns can go a long way. With the introduction of free credits by completing special offers as well as the stacking of turns by families and players alike, anything you can do to earn some extra turns seems like the way to go.

    Well why not show off your creativity and help out with The Mafia Boss social sites? Currently, we are looking for staff to help us in ...
    The Boss Speaks
  3. NuTz Interview

    Is he really untouchable? It is time to take in the mind of NuTz and truly decipher what makes him so untouchable. Today Splooge makes his vast efforts of what may simply be conceived as a grazing of one of TMB's untouched.

    Splooge: Hey baby

    NuTz: sexy

    Splooge: Iím glad to finally sit down and talk to you NuTz. You know, Iíve been a bit of a fan of yours...ever ...
    Player Interviews
  4. Round 339 Review: A Victory for Mr. Feldman

    After the 6 years celebration round it was time for a normal main round again.

    Since the introduction of the family killer prizes, IU only lost one main round and that was because they didn't want to win as a way of protest against the revenge rule. One of the questions of this main round was if anybody could beat them on full strength. The answer is simple, no! Again, no family was able to beat
    Round Updates
  5. NEW THINGS !! Tought

    Dont You People Think There Should be more Stuff more Weapons,Cars,country Like Japan,Cuba,Puertorico Ect.
    more Ways To Make money A way To Earn Respect To know Who is Who
    not just by Medals A way To Know Who Are legend In This Game.
    To know Which Family are in Wars With Who To Make This Game More Cooler More Prizes Just More Thing To Make This Game More Playerbel
    Just My Tought Who Think The Same Way As i Do ??
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