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  1. Main Round 403: Frozen in Time

    Round 403 started out like any other normal round. Normal rules, normal families started out killing off from the start. The thing that most people noticed was the merger of two killer families: SouthSide and Renegades. How would they fair? Would they be able to kill with the big killer families? Read more to find out.

    I asked Schofield what prompted him to join up with SouthSide and why

    Updated 05-07-2012 at 04:30 AM by Righteous

    Round Updates
  2. Philocrates: Ronin Vs. Pissheads

    It is undoubtedly certain that TMB is richly eloquent history of powerful killer families will forever be remembered by many. Excessively powerful killer families of the past like the classical Windycity[Enforcers], veteran Snipers/Aces of Tampa, and the unmerciful HKU(Hells Kitchen Union). By the blissful memory of many--and by the firsthand accounts of the targeted families they have unmercifully whipped ...

    Updated 05-04-2012 at 08:51 PM by Slingshot

    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  3. Turbo Round 402

    Turbo Round 402 for lack of a better word was destructive. One city coupled by no range means everyone was a sitting duck. Squeals could be heard round the TMB world as no man was left standing. Left for dead many tried to regain what strength and dignity they had left and make a fight for the finish. Unfortunately only the strong would prevail.

    Turbo Round 402 Rules ...

    Updated 05-03-2012 at 04:16 AM by Righteous

  4. Main Round 401: Dictatorship Get It Done!

    Written by: Jamrock

    IU_RU union put on a show during public round 401. And to tell you the truth the inside scoop was hard to come by since their chief himself, Cocamafiosa, seemed to issue orders no member of his union should communicate information to me.

    With the new round up Mr_AkA_JiNgLeS was coming up on a back to back top three finish on the individual supporter killer

    Updated 04-27-2012 at 02:53 AM by Harmony

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  5. Top 10! In whose eyes?!?!

    So I want to take this moment to bring to the fore front something that has made me wonder for awhile. We constantly hear who's the best or the best family around in the game, yet we have never addressed this question head on. So I am going to do something a little different. I want those who read this blog to post the top 10 unions ever made in the game. I am going to post my beliefs on top 10 unions and I ...

    Updated 04-23-2012 at 01:04 AM by Harmony

    From TheMafiaBoss Players
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