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  1. Mid Round Review 359: THE TIDES CHANGE

    What a round this is starting off to be! We are but half way through it and it seems new events are unfolding in the world of the mafia boss. We see The_Mobsters lingering around and unsure of what to do in this new era of TMB. Then we have what is to be a New Confirmed Alliance between Realt and Feldman that has sparked a whole world of new questions.

  2. KidVengeance Interview!

    Here comes the kid with a personal vendetta against all that cross her path. Or does she? From the dark streets of NYC was born this ravenous killer leaving nothing but chaos behind. Today Ophelia consumes the softer side of the beguiled enchantress. Read on as KidVengeance shares her deepest and darkest secrets of her own personal journey through the world of TMB.

    Ophelia: Let's do this
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  3. Main round 357: Power Struggle

    There we go again, a complete start over so everybody can start playing again; starting with the same means as other players. As we already could read in the mid round review IU was dominating the killer ranks with 4 people in the top 5 and Mr_Aka_Jingles between it. Also the family killer ranks were dominated by IU, followed by Avengers.

    In the collecting ranks Untouchables was on top before UML and Lost_boys. In the

    Updated 09-16-2011 at 07:35 PM by Harmony

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  4. Turbo Round 358 : "Victory for Eck"

    What an exciting round. With killers and looters on the loose all round it is hard telling what will become of this escalated chaos. Collectors trying to hide in the shadows protecting their ops while killers with their one track thinking attacking anything in their path. In the end it truly was a victorious win.

    The rules of the round whereas following:
    [LIST][*] Jackpot at $300[*] 5 Per family[*] No Revenge[*] Transfers
  5. I had a Dream..................

    Dreams and dreaming have been a deep fascination by scientists and psychologists alike for decades. It is a function of our every day life that we just donít fully understand. Do our dreams mean something about our everyday life? Or are we simply replaying situations over and over in our head about how things could have or might play out? These answers are much too philosophical and complex for your minds to compute...because you are too busy thinking about and playing The Mafia Boss.
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