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  1. Kiss My Ring Again!

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    Hello all and welcome to my weekly Blog. This is where I try to share all sorts of shit with you guys and Ladies, so that you know what is going on and also get to chat to me in the comments section. SO please, post your comments, ask questions and above all, Enjoy the Media! Last round end was damned sick, everybody and their motherís crawled out of the woodwork to have a shot at a near $5k Jackpot.

    I guess this was the highlight ...
  2. Questionable Monopolies

    Ever since transfers were eliminated and family killer ranks were reintroduced we have heard that the ranking is closed off and monopolized. Is there a monopoly that controls the rankings? Is it the same families that are ranking round after round in the new era of TMB? What is it that makes us claim again and again that there is a monopoly on the ranks in TMB? I guess we should start by looking and ...
  3. Interview: Danzig

    Yo Yo Yo ! Welcome folks to Season 1 Episode 1 of the Foreplay show. This is no Oprah BS. I would consider this like a Maury Povich show mixed with Jerry Springer. But Storm would not let me have girlS show their boobs. Today we interview a player who is a common household name because he rides around in his white van giving kids candy. Plus has his address on a Sex Offender website! More baby mamma drama than ...
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  4. Kiss my Ring or Die?

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    Hello all, welcome to my thoughts of the week. Lots has happened, in this past month, so far, some players upset, others happy, staff leaving on very dramatic notes, players speculating and accusing. Damned ridiculous if you ask me. Everything should just run smoothly, right? No. Hell no it never does. Murphy's damned law, really. But I will say this has been the most exciting gameplay month by far for a long time! SO: Let's take case in point: ...
  5. Main Round 405: Uncapped Chaos

    Written and Read in your head by the Big_Bad_Wolf. Remember! No touching yourself until after the review is read.

    Uncapped rounds have always brought an air of mystery and suspense with them. The uncertainty of that strange loner suddenly building enough defensives to take out Storm and your small family in the process, always lingers in the minds of even the toughest mafiosos.. The last ...
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