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  1. The Bittersweet Culmination: V4Vendetta vs. Splooge

    Is it true love or pure envy? Many of us have watched as this once acquainted pair blossom a relationship into what may be considered by many as one of TMB's most infatuated pair. Join us as V4Vendetta and Splooge go head to head letting their emotions escalate to heights.

    Note to the reader: In this interview, V4Vendetta, as he is most commonly known by, will be abbreviated
    Player Interviews
  2. Maxing: The Hitch Hiker's Guide

    Animalistic, a SouthSide player under a new name I presume, is here with an interesting blog on maxing: "the hitch hiker's guide". Let's read what he has to say.

    Maxing – The Hitch Hiker's Guide

    Right guys, we all know why maxing is important. If you’re maxed, enemies cannot kill your OP’s or DU’s when you are burning those hard earned turns. I noticed last round that ...
  3. Main Round 341 Review: A Victory for Pops

    A new chance for the killers, a new chance for the looters, a new chance for the collectors.

    Who will take prizes in this main round? Let's find out.

    In the first days of the round, we saw the same killer stuff as usual: IU_GH, Avengers, RU_HQ and UC_ME_BEAT_COCA started another war to find out who the best killer family is. Halfway through the round, IU_GH was already
    Round Updates
  4. Looking for a Twitter Community Manager

    Hello Everyone!

    We are looking for players who would like to help us on Twitter, with posting some content of interest on Twitter. We need people who can afford to spend at least 20 minutes a day performing these tasks.

    [list=1][*] Responsible for the activity of “The Mafia Boss” Twitter pages.
    [*] Publish content
    The Boss Speaks
  5. The Year of the Killer, Collector, or Looter?

    Hello one and hello all. Yeah that's right, the article's title says it all. This game has... in all honesty, gone towards the favor of the looter. On the same note, it has gone to the collector as well. These two types of playing styles work hand in hand when it comes to The Mafia Boss.

    Most would argue with me, stating that everyone is killing and gunning one another down for those rare killer
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