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  1. Mid Round Review: The Battle for The Capital

    Well, what a round this has started out to be with Monkeykilla out the gate cutting down Realt and Realt responding with a rebuild, but not covering the over 2 million ops he lost in the initial onslaught. Untouchables did not respond with their typical shock and awe, to which this reporter, is rather unusual. Could this be due to the new rules put in place? If so, are they plotting something under the Shroud of the Dark Side?
  2. Besttriggerman Interview!

    As I question our resident player interviewer Ophelia about who she will interview next, a friend of hers logs onto Skype. She immediately knew who the next interviewed player would be: Besttriggerman. We've been trying to situate an interview with him for a while - so the timing was perfect. Read as Ophelia interviews Besttriggerman.

    Besttriggerman: Just one of those days...

    Ophelia: One of which days? ...

    Updated 10-10-2011 at 04:29 AM by Harmony

    Player Interviews
  3. Main Round 361 : Battleground Gets Closed After Final Shoot-out!

    Here we are for another main round edition of The Mafia Boss! This time we will have a final fight on a battleground we fought for many rounds. After this round we will be moving in to a new playground, but first have a look at these rounds events.

    One of the first main events of the round was nino killing all he could find. Well, I say killing but maybe bombing is a better word. nino decided to teach the Untouchables a lesson
  4. NEVER PHASED: Blood In Blood Out

    In the world of The Mafia Boss, wars are something of the norm. But in the new era of TMB, a different type of war has caused what we used to believe was normal, to be a thing of the past. No more do we see whole cities attacking one another, claiming turf or superior power. No, instead, we see wars fought for control of ranks, medals, and the “all-so-knowing” round rotations. These past few rounds have been nothing different than ...
  5. Turbo Round 362: "Armageddon"

    Surprisingly, the rules for Turbo Round 362 were posted a bit earlier than normal. This nice little gap in time allowed teams throughout the various factions of TMB to create plans...or for some teams...to sit on their ass with this news and put their might together in the final stretch of the round.

    MarlieS accounts that he noticed “Armageddon” as the title for the round. He immediately thought the round would prove to
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