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  1. A War in the Shadows

    As I sat on my leather chair with the TMB newspaper in my hand I read a good old story from my fellow reporter named Clyde. Nothing warms me better than that good old mid round review from Clyde that gives me the low down on everything going on in TMB. However, this time I was sadden to see he had missed some news I felt was semi important. I knew at this point I had to look further into what I saw as a potential story. So I put down my ...

    Updated 10-16-2011 at 01:45 AM by Harmony

    War News
  2. Turbo Round 364: Looters Paradise or Organized Banking Unions to Victory?

    As we all know the turbo rules are always different, and this set of rules is something that might give quite some action.

    One of the most significant things might be the starting net worth. Everyone starts with 10 billion cash this round, and there are no ratios. So we could possibly have a paradise for the looters. On the other side banking is enabled in families only. So maybe the looters can't deal with the banking
  3. Mafia Murder Mystery: Prelude and Day 1

    Warning: This blog series is going to be reading intensive, if you do not enjoy reading, writing or role playing please stop now, this series is not for you. If you have not yet read the rules on how to play, please take a moment and do so here: http://www.themafiaboss.com/tools/fo...ntry.php?b=706

    Prelude: You live in an up and coming South African village ruled over by the illustrious ...

    Updated 10-12-2011 at 10:59 PM by Harmony

    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  4. Mid Round Review: The Battle for The Capital

    Well, what a round this has started out to be with Monkeykilla out the gate cutting down Realt and Realt responding with a rebuild, but not covering the over 2 million ops he lost in the initial onslaught. Untouchables did not respond with their typical shock and awe, to which this reporter, is rather unusual. Could this be due to the new rules put in place? If so, are they plotting something under the Shroud of the Dark Side?
  5. Besttriggerman Interview!

    As I question our resident player interviewer Ophelia about who she will interview next, a friend of hers logs onto Skype. She immediately knew who the next interviewed player would be: Besttriggerman. We've been trying to situate an interview with him for a while - so the timing was perfect. Read as Ophelia interviews Besttriggerman.

    Besttriggerman: Just one of those days...

    Ophelia: One of which days? ...

    Updated 10-10-2011 at 04:29 AM by Harmony

    Player Interviews
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