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  1. Turbo Rounds: Why Wouldn't You Play Them?

    Turbo rounds tend to be short sweet and to the point. These excitement filled rounds can offer many players a chance to gain some new skills along with a few new acquaintances. Today we hear from some of the biggest names found in recent turbo rounds and the ways they choose to utilize their time.

    The 5 day mark is reached, and two days of mayhem ensue. An introduction to turbos: [list][*] ...

    Updated 07-25-2011 at 01:21 PM by Silhouette

    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  2. The Queens of TMB

    CALLING ALL QUEENS!!! CALLING ALL QUEENS!!! Today Ophelia gives us some insider info on a very important group of ladies coming together next round to fight against all that make an attempt to cross their paths. Prepare yourselves for some high heeled lingerie wearing beauties as they could prove to be more than just free entertainment for all you boys out there.

    Who says the mafia world is ran by the male gender? It
  3. Main Round 345 Review

    Wow! What an exciting round. The most noticeable part of Main Round 345 was the intense war for kills between killing powerhouses IU and UC. The family name choices for both unions were interesting to say the least: IU_Gold_Again versus UC_Not_Trying. Perhaps the round review by MarlieS and the comments from NuTz, Splooge, and Cocamafiosa will shed some light into what transpired this round.

    We were

    Updated 07-21-2011 at 03:58 PM by Silhouette

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    Round Updates
  4. Turbo Round 346 Review

    MarlieS is back again with his round review of Turbo Round 346. This is his interpretation of what happened throughout the round, and you are welcome to agree/disagree with him. If you would like to feature your own view of the round, please send your remarks to news@themafiaboss.com or leave a comment on this blog. Thank you.

    Turbo Round 346 was announced as "The Battle For New York" and had ...

    Updated 07-20-2011 at 05:08 PM by Silhouette

    Round Updates
  5. [GO]Joe: Straight Up Trippin'

    I understand roleplaying, I really do. I mean this game is called "The Mafia Boss" so naturally, people that play enjoy the mafia role play aspect. If you want to make an alternate character in a fantasy setting that gives you the freedom to express yourself, please, be my guest and do it.

    But, there is a difference between roleplaying and being
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