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  1. Turbo Round 344 Review

    Turbo Round 344 : "Exhange Rate Windfall"
    Turbo Round 344 was very "union oriented" and required a vast amount of teamwork to be successful in the end. We saw several teams work together in order to achieve greatness. Read as we hear from MarlieS.

    [list][*]Jackpot starts at $300[*]In Family Transfers only[*]No Revenges[*]10 Per Family[*]Kills count if made in family

    Updated 07-05-2011 at 11:21 PM by Silhouette

    Round Updates
  2. REMINDER: The Bloggers Brawl: Blog Writing Contest

    Hi all. This is just a friendly reminder about The Bloggers Brawl Blog Writing Contest. Submissions are due by day 5 of Main Round 347. There is only one blog per player allowed to be submitted. Unless you otherwise specify, we will use your most recent entry. Please take time to look over this post for further detail and instruction.

    The Mafia Boss Game presents its first ever Blog Writers contest. If you think

    Updated 08-25-2011 at 12:52 AM by Harmony

    The Boss Speaks
  3. Bloggers Brawl Contest: Entry A

    TMB’s Circle of Life

    In a time long long ago I began my TMB career searching for a family that would suit me. Having looted and spent time hopping from family to family much like a 25 cent hooker I finally came across a family that I felt was right for me. The name was Vendetta. Now as most old members will recall Vendetta actually appeared a few times in the game, the most notorious one being the
  4. Bloggers Brawl Contest: Entry B

    The Life of a Mobster

    So you wanna be a money making smooth talking wise guy EH?

    Well it ain’t nothing like ya see in the movies.

    You gotta get up early, walk them streets shake down some Geambos and mooks to get your Loot. While at the same time watching your back, cause some Lackey has it in for ya… or some punk ass is trying to muscle into your business.

    Updated 07-29-2011 at 11:59 PM by Silhouette

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  5. Bloggers Brawl Contest: Entry C

    ‘In a dark ally: Respect was the best defence in old time New York’

    More than four years ago, I entered the dark world of The Mafia Boss. This world required skill, humour and most of all loyalty. There was no fast way to rise through the ranks, however being a young blonde female aussie seemed to be of much appeal to the young American and Pommy (English) male players. Cosa_Nostra_Kings a leading family
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