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  1. She's His Bonnie, He's Her Clyde

    Bonnie and Clyde were well known outlaws and criminals who traveled the Central United States during The Great Depression. There are many such couples throughout history, but they are the most famous, especially when it comes to hardened criminals. So what do Bonnie and Clyde have to do with TMB today? Well, there are some famous, or perhaps not so famous couples ...
  2. Main Round 373: Bank Bailout Causes Collector Economy to Rise

    In Main Round 373, we were welcomed with a nice treat - the return of transfers! This was not the only change for this main round, but certainly the most noticeable! Personal and family banks were reduced from 75% to 50%; Maxing percentage was increased from 2% to 5% every hour; Extortion of businesses were raised by a whopping 2500% to 100 turns a hit; a 360k cap implemented with a lower starting jackpot. Players ...

    Updated 12-07-2011 at 04:53 AM by Righteous

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  3. Turbo Round 374: Sicks 101 - A Lesson in Thievery

    Driving in the fast lane down Turbo Avenue many players found themselves racing to the finish line on their own. With the turbo rules in place it was an every man for himself style of play. We saw a few families filing together to achieve some of the much sought after family rankings, but witnessed the fighting for tiers bare knuckled. Slightly bruised and bloody we saw the prevailing of some great battles ...

    Updated 12-07-2011 at 12:02 PM by Silhouette

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  4. An Untouchable Bank: Round 373 Mid Round Review

    The time finally has come. Transfers are back and going again. Although this saddens some people, it makes others filled with happiness (need I say V). For the longest time, we have heard people saying transfers back would be terrible. Others would say it is the savior of the game. Yet, transfers are here and we are seeing people adapting to the new rules yet again. We have even seen some banks up ...
  5. Epic RAP Battle 1 - Winners

    Before stating the top 3 poets/rappers that you (The Mafia Boss Community) have decided for I would like to thank everyone who took part. You were all truly amazing and without your participation there would not be any competition and fun on the forums.

    AMAZINGLY, we had a total of 119 VOTES! (Note: That is more than the classical music thread) this battle was a pilot to see whether the community are interested in such a topic and the response we (Porello and I) got was beyond successful.

    Updated 12-02-2011 at 07:22 PM by Harmony

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