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  1. Media Makers Mayhem Contest Round 2

    We have already seen the creative talents of many of you mafioso's out there. The time has come to see who else out there has a secret hidden talent at making magnificent profile medias. Join us for a second round of Media Makers Mayhem. This time around incorporating some song and dance into the mix!!!

    Entry Rules:

    A) Submissions[LIST=1][*] Profile ...

    Updated 08-19-2011 at 12:53 AM by Harmony

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    The Boss Speaks
  2. Main Round 351 Review

    Main Round 351 Review

    Here we go again, the clock stands at 9 days, 23 hours, 47 minutes, and 48 seconds. Yeah I logged in too late, not normal for a freak as me A couple of questions are to be asked again for a lot of players. What is my plan for the round? What is my goal? Where do I go? Do I change my gameplay to killing/looting/collecting or do I maintain my normal gameplay...? And for some ...
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  3. Time to vote for your favorite blogger!!!!!

    Greetings Mafiosos:

    The time has finally come for you to cast your vote for your favorite blogger in our very first Blog Writer's contest. In total there are nine submissions for you to choose from.

    You will find the Poll on the main pager for you to cast your vote. Once your vote is official you will receive a gift of 500 turns as a thank you for your participation.

    Below I will reiterate the rules and voting procedures for you all.


    Updated 08-18-2011 at 02:07 AM by Harmony

    The Boss Speaks
  4. Off Kilter- By: Bubbles Buttington

    Hello folks,

    My name is Bubbles Buttington your friendly gay TMB reporter. And before you all talk this won't be about how gay or how sexy I think TMB players are, even though i think Storm has an ass to die for .

    Instead this will be about the brighter and lighter side of TMB and its many characters in it. We all know alot of players in the game I'm sure, but do we really know what makes
  5. Turbo Round 352 Review:King's of Vegas

    WOW!!! What an exciting round!!! Many sat on the edge of their seat as they watched the JP jump in the last few hours wondering just which one of those level fours would take the round. Today MarlieS indulges us all on the events that led to a great Turbo Round.

    TURBO ROUND 352 Review

    The rules of the round where as following:
    [LIST][*] Jackpot Starts at $300[*] 1 City:
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