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  1. Killing Strategically by Splooge

    In today's blog, Splooge, Boss and leader of UC, gives some strategical advice to players who like to kill, but can't seem to get it together with the new kill calculations. Take his advice at face value and please note that these are not the opinions of the blogsite staff or TMB game staff.

    Every day this round I have been messaged by players around the game, mostly friends, about how I kill with these
  2. Players Needed to Help on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace

    Hello Everyone!

    We are looking for players who would like to help us on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

    We are looking for community managers that have an in-depth knowledge base of the appropriate social sites as well as a strong command of the English language.

    Please do not apply if you are not serious about the position.
    The Boss Speaks
  3. Ghost Interview!

    Tonight, an untrustworthy and horrible looter interviews a game legend. Man_Tits sits down with Ghost and recounts his history on The Mafia Boss.

    Man_Tits: LadIes and gents, there Is no pretty way to do this, so whatever you read - DO NOT TRY ANY OF THE SHIT YOU READ HERE AT HOME. I welcome a legend of TMB, hero to many, villain to many, mentor and teacher to lots of players I have ...
    Player Interviews
  4. H8terade Gives Advice to Noobs

    H8terade is back with his latest blog entry: Advice to Noobs. In this day and age, it is pretty much a chaotic atmosphere for all players. This is even more so to the new players of The Mafia Boss. In part one of this series, H8terade explains why everyone hates noobs and why they are delayed in inviting them to their family.

    H8terades Advice For Noobs
    Part I: Everybody Hates You

    Updated 08-10-2011 at 10:27 PM by Harmony

  5. Main Round 329 Review

    After the exciting end to Main Round 327, the next round, 329 started with a (near) full build/collect by friend and cohort of Titus_Pullo, the one and only Realt. Within the first day of the round, Realt was sitting at over $60 trillion, where he would remain unscathed for the entire round. Would Realt win the round? Would there be another challenge? These were questions players were asking themselves and others ...

    Updated 08-10-2011 at 10:28 PM by Harmony

    Round Updates
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