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  1. Main Round 317 Review!

    Main Round 317 belonged to Mr_Feldman and the members of RU! Throughout the round, killers were on the prowl. Early on, Sheikh and TMK of The Firm started killing everything in sight. A few days later, Cocamafiosa and Mr_CocaBean also went ballistic. Over the course of a weekend, the jackpot skyrocketed and many mafioso went level four. Was this a ploy, or was it simply circumstance? You be the judge.
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  2. The Mafia Boss Presents: Game Tips from Man_Tits

    HOW TO GET THE BEST OUT OF TURBO ROUNDS. Hello to all enemies, friends, noobs, vets and whatever yes its me, and I am here to impart some handy tips to you related to Turbo rounds. As much as I would love to spend time here just swearing at all of you, I think we can get some of your playing value back to the game by sharing some simple strategies with you, that I have learned from others, regarding turbo ...
  3. Turbo Round 318 Review!

    In Turbo Round 318, we found out that Moscow natives may not actually dominate Moscow! This turbo round featured rules that we have seen before but mafioso were limited to ONE (1) city: MOSCOW! The round was limited to 300K turns won/bought, so money made was significantly less than a main round. Mafioso were also prevented from sending/receiving transfers or giving revenges. These rules required players ...
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  4. A Tribute to Chainsaw

    In Sir White Dragon's second World Tribute to Dons, he messages players about a famous killer and leader of London. He is talking about the one, the only, the Don of Ronin: Chainsaw! Read what players around the game have to say about this famous mafioso on The Mafia Boss!

    Around the World Tribute to Dons: Part II

    As I reach my destination of the home for the next member in which ...
  5. Main Round 315 Review!

    In Main Round 315, all seemed to be going well for Moscow. Within the first day, Mr_Feldman does a full build collect and they sit pretty for several days. Then one night, the bank is ganked by Omerta! Mongoose goes on to take the round in an Omerta victory. RU was still able to come out with some decent tiers, medals, and killer medals despite the gank. Congratulations to all rankers.

    -Level 4-
    rank mafioso net worth
    1. Mongoose $15,416,341,298,926
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