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  1. Advice: Below the belt

    He may not be a qualified doctor but Blankie takes an active, if furtive, interest in what's going on inside the panties of all dedicated players.

    Dear Blankie,

    i have a plastic vagina like a barbie any advise for that?


    Dear Synthetic Snatch,

    I am not going to lie to you. I really, really, really want to see this love cradle of yours.
    Your pubic hairs, would they be plastic as well? I
  2. Advice: For those serving overseas

    During this Holiday Season, our thoughts go out to friends and family needlessly separated from their loved ones, whatever their nation or political or ideological persuasion. Let's spare a thought for those serving far from home. Or being bombed in their beds (and I don't mean college students). As always, Blankie has some fuzzy heart-warming words for all those with nothing but a scratchy military blanket for company.
    Kalito, Editor

    Dear Blankie,
    Its tough
  3. Advice: N messes up with L and B

    Before we go there, let it be known that, as Editor of these esteemed pages, I had a little problem with the use of players' names. The forums last for one round, but Advice is forever.
    Luckily, Blankie came to my aid with a solution. Well, that's his job So, we are going by initials only, okay?
    Are we all sitting comfortably? Then let us continue.
    Editor Kalito

    Dear Blankie,
    As you know, *B* is a helper in TMB. Well, we have been
  4. Advice: Hot buttered pussy

    Due to an unfortunate but not unforeseen incident with an exploding still out in the back woods o nowhere*, it seems Moonshine is unavailable for comment at this time. Or any further time. We hope to have her air-lifted out by New Year but, what with the weather and all... at least she's fully self-medicating.
    Introducing, for your help and guidance, a caring understanding fuzzy-wuzzy fluffy-feeling kind of guy who will warm the cockles of your heart. For those who prefer warm cockles.
  5. Advice: For the Love of Brooke

    As sand through the hourglass, or water through the babbling brook, so are the Days Of Our Rounds. Moonshine responds to a heartfelt plea from a recent victim of TMB's latest ice maiden...
    Kalito, Editor

    Y doesn't Brooke love me?
    Or even like me? Shes crazy hard to read. I can get any girl I want. Except her. She's the only girl I want. Help me Moonshine!

    Dear soon-to-be-accused-stalker of Miss Brooke,

    I hate
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