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  1. ROTM Family History

    ROTM is a family that has a lot of history on The Mafia Boss. Their worth has been within many unions, as well as branching off on their own for a bit. Read as an influential member of ROTM discusses their history - from inception until present day.

    The ROTM family was formed about four and half years ago by by three friends known in the game as: ToniMaroni, The_Snail, and The_Whale. Many
    Tags: family, history, rotm
    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  2. The Mafia Boss Announces Important Changes in Game Rules

    Game Fairness:

    We here at The Mafia Boss have heard your cries of pain. For several years now, we have sat idle hoping the problem would fix itself. At times it has appeared to, yet the situation always seems to revert back to its original state. So, for the past few weeks, The Mafia Boss has dedicated a significant amount of time to creating a new set of rules that will finally solve the problem for good and believe ...
    Tags: change, game, rules
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  3. Turbo Round 322 Review

    What an exciting round that was! Turbo Round 322 got out of control as the final few hours came about. Very early builder FEIO was wiped out by SkeetSkeet who started building with over 3 hours left in the round. In the final hour, hovdi threatened the win, but could not compete with the head start SkeetSkeet had. Here to share you his turbo experience is Splooge with a brief ...
    Tags: 322, review, round
    Round Updates
  4. Ronin Family History

    With the recent blog giving the well deserved tribute to Ronin leader Chainsaw, I see it fitting to publish this blog today.

    Gallio gives The Mafia Boss community a brief history of Ronin.

    "If you can't take a joke, don't join."

    Chainsaw and Krax and a few other bosses originally started UMC, combining our families together, to grow strong with a ...
    Tags: family, history, ronin
    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  5. The Definition of a True Killer

    Tonight, The_Doctor gives The Mafia Boss players a basic outline to the definition of a true killer.

    He looks into the different types of killing that happens throughout the game these days, while keeping an objective mind within his entire article.

    Read as we find out what a true killer actually is, according to The_Doctor.

    Iíve been wondering what makes a killer ...
    From TheMafiaBoss Players
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