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  1. Turbo Round 320 Review

    The Mafia Boss veteran NOSz gives a nice introduction of Turbo Round 320 and then a short blurb of how his turbo team panned out. Read also as we hear from both Cocamafiosa and ILoveBites representing RU/IU and Omerta&Friends respectively.

    Some may have described round 320 as a main round turbo. A cap of 1,000,000 turns, a 24 hour maxing rule present and transfers on certainly ...
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    Round Updates
  2. Turbo Round 320: “The Rise of The Little Guy”

    Hello everyone

    I was watching Turbo round 320 and a small family caught my eye: the Pescarolo Family, whom I later find out are the TCF Rippers led by GTO/ChikitaMambo. Here is a little unofficial review – not the kind you would expect, but damn, this was really good!

    Okay, So the rules were as follows:
    [list][*] Jackpot Starts at $300[*] Tier ...

    Updated 08-18-2011 at 04:46 AM by Harmony

    Round Updates
  3. NOSz Interview!

    Attention Mafioso! We have another player interview in store for you today. Splooge interviews The Mafia Boss veteran and media maker NOSz. This round happened to be NOSz' 250th round playing. Congratulations. Read as this interview gets splattered with goo.

    Splooge: Hey NOSz, you busy?

    NOSz: Hello!!!!!!!!! No, not like my life is busy or anything.

    Splooge: I figured so. So something gave it away to me that this is your 250th round on The ...
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    Player Interviews
  4. The Blogsite is looking for Authors and Editors!

    Over the past several months, we have been looking for players to generate and edit articles for which to publish on The Mafia Boss Blogsite. However, our need now is higher than ever before. Please read as we break down the open positions, how to apply, and what we are willing to offer in exchange for your services. Thank you for reading.

    Hello one and hello all, Ghost here with a new and fascinating ...
    The Boss Speaks
  5. A Tribute to Cypriot

    In Sir_White_Dragon's third installment, he interviews several players throughout The Mafia Boss finding people to voice their opinions and concerns with a well known player of the past:


    Some see the player as a tyrant while others see him as a good friend. Perception is key when it comes to our community.

    Love him or hate him, he and his crew commanded vast control
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