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  1. Advice: Hot buttered pussy

    Due to an unfortunate but not unforeseen incident with an exploding still out in the back woods o nowhere*, it seems Moonshine is unavailable for comment at this time. Or any further time. We hope to have her air-lifted out by New Year but, what with the weather and all... at least she's fully self-medicating.
    Introducing, for your help and guidance, a caring understanding fuzzy-wuzzy fluffy-feeling kind of guy who will warm the cockles of your heart. For those who prefer warm cockles.
  2. Advice: For the Love of Brooke

    As sand through the hourglass, or water through the babbling brook, so are the Days Of Our Rounds. Moonshine responds to a heartfelt plea from a recent victim of TMB's latest ice maiden...
    Kalito, Editor

    Y doesn't Brooke love me?
    Or even like me? She’s crazy hard to read. I can get any girl I want. Except her. She's the only girl I want. Help me Moonshine!

    Dear soon-to-be-accused-stalker of Miss Brooke,

    I hate
  3. Advice: Sagittarius by Moonshine

    Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 22): Let me throw on my magic beer goggles to see the future of our dear Sagittarian mafiosi... Moonshine

    Those born during this time are free-spirits. You are blindly optimistic and carelessly enthusiastic. You have a massive tendency to rely on your luck since you have no talent.
    The majority of Sagittarians are honest and straightforward, except with themselves. You consider yourself to be a gift to the world; instead you are a worthless piece
  4. Advice: PuchiC3 makes poopy

    TMB and p*op have an ancient, time-honoured link, but what to do when your two favourite pastimes seem to clash? Ask Moonshine.
    Kalito, Editor

    I have a problem! I just made a POOPY and I can't find toilet paper... so now I'm stuck on the toilet with my laptop and I can't leave :0
    Scared and Soiled,

    Dear Soiled,
    Since it's been at least a few days since you sent me this question,
  5. Advice: Moonshine does Scorpio

    Life's what you make it, but Banana Daquiris aren't always on the menu. Moonshine takes a cold, hard, stirred but not shaken look at our Scorpio brethren, and doesn't like what she sees. On the up side, jail may provide romantic opportunities for those born Sept/Nov...
    Kalito, Editor

    As we all know, the great Dr. Monkey has moved on to more pressing monkey issues. Last I heard, he was trying to develop a Starbucks-coffee-flavored-banana-daiquiri. He offered me one,

    Updated 09-22-2011 at 04:14 AM by Harmony

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