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  1. REMINDER: Media Makers Mayhem Contest Submissions Due Soon!

    This post is to serve as a reminder to all of you Media Makers to make sure to get your submissions to the Media Makers Mayhem Contest in by the END of MAIN ROUND 315!

    ALL submissions MUST be sent to news@themafiaboss.com. If you do not send your submission here, it will NOT be counted.

    We currently have about 10 submissions, and are looking for
  2. Attention! Looking for a YouTube Channel Manager!

    Hello! The Mafia Boss is looking for a player who can manage our YouTube Channel!

    We are looking for applicants that have a rudimentary knowledge of YouTube's User Control Panel as well as the monitoring of content as well as comments.

    At this time, we are only looking to hire one individual, so get your application in today!

    Please e-mail news@themafiaboss.com
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  3. A Tribute to Pops

    Today we are featuring an article in which Sir_White_Dragon interviews several people to get a consensus of their opinion on a key player on The Mafia Boss. These players come from completely different backgrounds inside and outside of the game. Their opinions vary vastly. Well who is our mystery player that everyone is talking about? For the first issue of this series, it is fitting that this player is The One, ...

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  4. Main Round 313 Review!

    Main Round 313 belonged to Mobsters Club! Gringo collected early in the round and no one contested their win. From the beginning of the round Saint-Bread and Danzig battled neck and neck for Killer Ranks. In the end, Saint-Bread takes the gold with Danzig falling only 500,000 kills short. Nino shot up out of nowhere and snags bronze. Congratulations to all winners!

    -Level 4- ...
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  5. The Mafia Boss Game Highlights of Year 2010

    Greetings Mafioso!

    You made 2010 a spectacular year at The Mafia Boss. So thank you all, you made it a Year to Remember. Following are the highlights:

    Interested in writing a blog? Message Silhouette and Harmony for details.

    New to The Mafia Boss Game? Sign up now and play!

    Updated 08-21-2011 at 12:31 AM by Inem

    The Boss Speaks
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