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  • G-Money Talks About Loyalty

    LOYALTY is a word that has time and again been used so callously in The Mafia Boss. Some mafioso mean it, where others use it as a false promise of hope. In this blog, G-Money will describe ...

    Updated 08-12-2011 at 08:56 PM by Harmony

    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  • JuicyFruit Interview!

    With JuicyFruit winning the previous main round, it is extremely suitable that her interview airs the next day! Please take time to read ...

    Updated 08-12-2011 at 09:03 PM by Harmony

    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  • Main Round 297 Review

    Congratulations to Main Round 297 winner Miss JuicyFruit! Things get sassy as she tells The Mafia Boss community about her most recent win, a long overdo ...

    Updated 08-12-2011 at 09:04 PM by Harmony

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    Round Updates , From TheMafiaBoss Players
  • The Mafia Boss News Team

    Good evening everyone! If you haven’t noticed, there is a new family on The Mafia Boss. “TMB NEWS STAFF”. Seeing as I’m everyone’s favorite chunky, thick, and zesty reporter, I was fortunate enough to get the scoop from Rain about this family and a little about those within it.

    The Mafia Boss News family is basically a way for players to easily contact our reporters. They all cover a variety of topics but also want to be ...
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