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  1. Learning

    Every day of my life i look forward to Learning.

    I like to read, a lot, and i probably go through a book/novel a week. Literature is an absolutely wonderful thing. Because even if its a six dollar walmart special paperback, you read that book, and you learn something.

    Tonight, ive Learned from a few different sources.

    First of all, i Learn by simply going to

    Updated 09-26-2014 at 05:00 PM by Mohican

  2. TMB Horoscope 2014 By Ravenkc

    Yes retards, dickheads and fucksticks! Its that time again for your TMB Star Signs to be revealed, lets hope you actually take the advice this time and not end up begging for more blow jobs than usual. It is a tough world in the Mafiaboss so face it cunts, you need all the advice you can get! Its not just about playing whist sitting on a gym ball but you need to actually utilize those brains ...

    Updated 09-23-2014 at 08:37 PM by Righteous

  3. Turbo Round 609 Review

    Half Price Extravaganza

    With subs being on sale and a sudden increase in level 4 players, we should have a game of musical chairs at the end of the round.
    Along with a 5-1 ratio on turns entered into the round it would seem to be a guaranteed barn burner, but I have been fooled before. So we shall see.

    As we take a peek in the round, ...

    Updated 09-20-2014 at 06:40 PM by Blogger

  4. T.M.B.I.R.L- Chapter 2: On The Job

    Previously on T.M.B.I.R.L

    This unusual for TMB story follows the life of good hearted and kind young man named James and how his life changed dramatically. This story takes place in the year 3014 in a modern day New York, still a City of hope and dreams that can be fulfilled...

    James: New York City! Ah this is great right mom? This is truly a place of opportunity. ...
  5. Round Review 606 - Fake Families

    Round Review 606 Fake Families

    Fake Families.This round had some treachery, deceit, lies, false pretenses and a bunch of enjoyment for all parties involved.We found this on Weskers profile shortly after the first day of the round; Its a fake davidd. Do not join this family if you got invited if not you will be abused for the next 300 rounds like us idiots.

    Lets start this ...

    Updated 09-17-2014 at 03:20 PM by Righteous

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