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  1. Round Recap 720: What a Round!

    Dear Teembeers, here we go with recap of round 720. This was an interesting round for sure. We saw lots of killing and proper killing, where a single handed keystone pressed on Super Mega power people, forcing them to add in and build quite early on to kill him. More or less all the higher ups, level 4s and built players of the mentioned union got a visit from keystone15. Looking at the outcome of his run, he probably lost, ...

    Updated 04-14-2016 at 10:32 PM by Blog_Staff

  2. The Janitor and His Mess

    The Janitor and His Mess
    By Genaro Duran

    The soft pitter patter of the rain made him flinch. It also enraged him.

    It constantly interrupted his thinking, his planning. He had to have a plan, a man in his situation had to have a plan.

    He had crossed the wrong people. Now, those people were coming for him. When they came for someone, that someone never returned. Now he was that

    Updated 04-07-2016 at 02:20 PM by Opie

  3. Turbo Rd 721 Review. Speed Kills.

    Turbo Round 721 featured an uncapped, 10:1 ratio on credits brought into the round and a maximum of 20 members per family. As with previous uncapped turbo rounds I expected the final numbers to be astronomical. With the competition for the jackpot at the end of the round we were treated to quite a show!

    Just 4 hours into the round we saw our first big build coming from Lafayette_Reynolds. Was he showing ...

    Updated 04-05-2016 at 06:15 PM by Blog_Staff

  4. ElizabethBrooke Interview The Hello Kitty Queen of ICí

    ElizabethBrooke Interview
    The Hello Kitty Queen of IC
    By Ravenkc.

    Catwomen are not contained by the rules of society. You follow your own desires. This is both a blessing and a curse. You will often be alone and misunderstood, but you will experience a freedom other women will never know. You are a Catwoman. Every sight, every smell, every sound, incredibly heightened. Fierce independence, ...

    Updated 04-01-2016 at 12:59 PM by Blog_Staff


    Dear Teembeers here we go with the review of 718. We seen a slow round after an unexpected end of round 716. This one didn't show much at beginning. In Union field mega_powers become Super_mega_powers and were leading the crowd as usual. Brotherhood came up from the ashes and showed their bones. Legends were going strong as usual and IOU was on the brakes. However at the very end, IOU jumped up snatching union silver behind ...

    Updated 03-30-2016 at 04:57 PM by Blog_Staff

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