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  1. Firing Squad Victim: St_Michael

    Sometimes you cross paths with people and don't know it. I didn't think I knew who St_Michael was until he started to speak. I had to point down the double barrelled sawed off shotgun when I realized we had a shared history. We were probably so busy years ago, fighting enemies side by side, that we skipped over the pleasantries and just got the work done. Don't get me wrong...the gun is still cocked. He may appear as ...
  2. Lockdown Smackdown?

    I had a nice beer buzz going on and I thought I was being pretty cool and respectful in my request. I remember doing this back in the heydays and allies were thankful for the heads up and would understandingly comply with the request. What transpired well...it may explain part of the demise of the old NYCU or perhaps it's just part of mafioso chest thumping. Does every family have a couple of goons
  3. Firing Squad Victim: Harley_Quinn

    We went fishing to find a newer player to fire shots at and found an unfamiliar, yet uniquely named player, “seat_gypsie”. We decided to fire a salvo and test the gypsie mettle. To our surprise, it was none other than the lovely Harley_Quinn that shot back with some of her insights. Keep reading to get to know her and also hear her discuss what happened with the Expendables union.

  4. New Yaaawk City

    I had to rub my eyes at the start of this round. Did I see the NYC flashing icon at Times Square and the statue of liberty waving the NYC Union banner? Am I hallucinating? I'm trying to remember what I ate (and drank) last night. I thought that the NYCU had shrunk and dwindled and joined the rats in the sewers of the once great city. In my state of hypnagogia (yea I know...look it up bitch!), ...
  5. Firing Squad Victim: MrWorker

    The firing squad is back again.This weeks, our target needs no introduction, everyone have seen his controversial posts on the forums. He believes in aliens, government cover ups and will leave you confused whether he believes in religion or not. MrWorker.We sent one of our reporters to have a quick chat with him. Needless to say, our reporter is now undergoing treatment in a special facility.

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