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  1. A LoneWolf The Mafia Bank Thief: A story of Mystery and TMB BloodShed By Ravenkc

    Chapter 1
    -The Masked unknown LoneWolf-

    Scene 1/ Night(Moonlight) TMB Studio Building~

    As I looked into the TMB Studio mirror I viewed my own reflection; my eyelashes were stained with mascara, my eyes changed from blue to green as I sat there thinking about the days events. It seemed as though I was the one interrogated constantly by every major notorious figure of the TMB underworld, yet, I was employed to do the questioning. I looked down at my phone, ...

    Updated 01-11-2016 at 04:01 PM by HAIKU

  2. SHEVEL Interview By Ravenkc

    From Old School Customs to New Found Terror!-
    Ravenkc from the TMB Studio sits down with old school Gangster SHEVEL with a Banana Tasting Twist.. 'as he cruised his way through TMB history to find himself in new Terror sub delight'

    Ravenkc: Shevel!!! You have been roaming the streets of TMB for such a long time now, you're name is rather iconic in my mind like a McDonalds sign, however you're TMB History will be rather interesting to analyze!! Obviously you have not always ...

    Updated 01-11-2016 at 01:40 AM by HAIKU

  3. Round 702 review. Where is the competition?

    Hello Teembeers. The round 702 review on its way. Round 702 a regular one I would say JP went to IOU, specifically Nino was the one taking it. No real competition in JP game. IOU got the union gold too, legends was second and Avengers under festivus_4rest_of_us name was third in the union rank. For family ranks we saw a tough battle between IU and IC, with IU taking the gold with 116 billions more in their family bank. Round was decided pretty early with huge money in IOU pockets and making it ...

    Updated 01-06-2016 at 03:05 AM by HAIKU

  4. Turbo Round 703

    Hello TMB'ers. Its VoG with my very first Turbo recap. This just so happens to the the last turbo of 2015. With an uncapped and 10:1 ratio round I expected the final numbers to be astronomical again.

    The first hours of the turbo round we saw BlueCaprice with an early build and sitting up top. Would BlueCaprice be able to hold to take the top prize? The end of the first day and the start of the second day produced and unexpected development. BlueCaprice had been frozen!
  5. Round 700 Review Here it Goes..

    Hello fellow Teembeers. Here we are again. Hows it going everyone? Here we go with the round 700 recap. This round was ordinary ; IOU won Jackpot & they took second in level 4 too and third union. Legends finished 1st and Brotherhood second as union places. TMB lands look to be quite ordinary. IOU ruling the game, but without to much blood on the streets. In the family field, resurrected Inner Circle got the first position. It is quite nice to see some old crews here and kicking again. Good ...

    Updated 01-03-2016 at 08:02 AM by HAIKU

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