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  1. Get Healthy with the TMB News Room by Ravenkc

    Ravenkcs Latest Sex Advice, Questions and Answers from Star Players and Delicious Raven Vs Storm Recipe to spark Your TMB Holiday Spirits!

    Sexting and invigorating the most powerful sex organ- The Brain

    A 2013 study from the Burnet Institute found 46 per cent of participants reported having sent a sexually explicit message Sexting is a form of foreplay. In todays modern ...

    Updated 01-02-2015 at 08:08 PM by Mohican

  2. Davidd Interview

    Davidd Interview
    A Tale of an unassuming TMB Legend
    Written By Ravenkc

    Jackanapes means Mischievous But these Monkey Boys Certainly know how to Pack a Punch and Lead the TMB tier Rankings!!

    OK so I am sitting here today with a very famous man in the Mafia boss, his current union are dressed in Monkey suits and are ready to rumble!!!! lets eat bananas ...
  3. 12 TMB Days of Christmas

    TMB Christmas is on its way and to get into the mood Id like to do a lil Christmas blog- I know these past few rounds in the game have been rather stressful for many members of our TMB community! So Id like you all to put on your stealth green elf boots for Murderer, some jingle Christmas bells on on ya balls for Bella and those crazy dingle berry looking hats for Mr_Worker (no Mr_Worker for the ...

    Updated 12-12-2014 at 02:33 PM by Mohican

  4. Turbo Round 625:This Sushi Gave Me The Craps

    Turbo Round 625: This Sushi Gave Me The Craps

    As we get our feet wet, the clock stands at 14 hours and some change.Every sucker starts with 50k in reserves.Only two cities: Tokyo and Las Vegas.No range.Which means as I am writing this most of you are already dead.Operative hits only cost 2k this round so perhaps some of those will die as well.Blood will be spilled, but who ...
  5. Sergei Mikhailov Interview

    Finally we give you the long awaited interview with the current MBU member Sergei Mikhailov . He has been around since the dinosaurs first roamed the earth and this interview takes us back to times long forgotten.

    Wesker: Alright my friend before we talk about the game and your stories, tell me. Where are you from?

    Sergei Mikhailov: I am from Serbia, Balkans. ...

    Updated 12-07-2014 at 05:27 PM by Mohican

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