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  1. Interview: A Trumafioso

    Good Afternoon Mafioso's Scoop Turdgeson reporting to you LIVE from Los Angeles just outside one of the Inner_Circle hideouts.

    Down a Dark alley 325 1/2 Redrum Avenue, a dark metal door with the name Redrum Industries etched in what appears to be scratch marks on the door. I knock firmly, straighten my tie and wait. The door swings open and a beady eyed character eyes me up
  2. Turbo Round 725 Review

    This turbo featured a capped round with only a 2:1 ratio on credits brought in and the ability for members to leave the family. How would the families deal with these sets of changes in the game this round? Would families target tiers or would they target family ranks.

    As like other recent turbo rounds, it started off pretty quietly with not much killing going on or large builds by any individual. With 24 ...

    Updated 04-21-2016 at 01:29 AM by Blog_Staff

  3. Our Brand Is Chaos

    Hello folks. Your ol pal Eddie here to once again ramble on about his observations on the tmb world. I firmly believe in aim small, miss small so we'll focus on two goals for today. First, we will see if we can craft a blog that'll keep Drudge awake. That's an admittedly tall order in light of the countless blogs she's read over the years but, as Greenes reminds me all the time, God does love a trier. ...

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  4. The Round 722 Recap - A Slow Round

    Dear Teembeers,

    Here we go with the recap of round 722. This was not as interesting of a round as we saw in round 720; considering the fact that in round 720 there was more killing and less looting. Legends went especially strong with looting and was keeping up with the Super_mega_powers union quite well. The JP game was slow and we saw Nino securing one more win without anyone contesting it, while seeing

    Updated 04-17-2016 at 07:39 PM by Blog_Staff

  5. The Janitor and His Mess: Part 2

    The Janitor and His Mess
    By Genaro Duran
    Part 2

    John raised his 9mm and pointed at the door as it broke inward. Splintered wood travelled in a shower toward John. A regular man would have flinched, a regular man would have begun shooting and wasted the whole clip on air because he was scared of the violent thugs on the other side of the door frame.
    John was a smart man. John was a brave man.
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