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  1. Review Turbo Round 761 - Not so Bored after all.

    Welcome to the review of turbo round 761. This time we saw a remarkable end of round. Aside from the win, the biggest fight this time was in free killers and tier rank lvl1. We will talk about that a bit later but first, let us look at the win and other levels.

    Level 4 was won by a landslide and from the sounds of it, it was a real steal by an unexpected winner. Bored, must not ...

    Updated 10-19-2016 at 06:30 PM by Ink-Slinger

  2. Interview: Looting Trillions with Gale977

    Today's blog is with one of TMB's most violent mafiosos in the game, Gale977. As a long time Legends/ICS member with more total cash looted than almost everyone else this year, Gale has made a name for himself as a power looter, and more recently, as one of ICS's highest ranking members. See below for our interview!

    Clutch: Hey Gale! How's it going?

    Gale: Hey. It's going ...

    Updated 10-17-2016 at 04:06 AM by Ink-Slinger

  3. Main Round Reveiw 758: New Rules, New Fun!

    Dear Teembeers here we go with the review of 758. This round had few changes, a major one I would point out is no unions, yes thatís right no more union banks to help protecting money and no more in-union easy maxings. Second rule change and also very important one is how to earn killer points. To get the KP players need to do real killing, bots arenít leaking killer points anymore.

    Updated 10-13-2016 at 04:50 PM by Ink-Slinger

  4. Turbo Review: Round 759

    Hello tmbers. Welcome to the review of turbo Round 759. Congratulations to all winners and let us take a look at the results. It was an uneventful round, with many players just going through the motions

    There was not really much of a competition for lvl4 gold. Exit won it with a landslide with $72 trillion on hand which was more than enough to take the win.


    Updated 10-09-2016 at 03:25 PM by Ink-Slinger

  5. Main Round 756 Review: Kind of as expected.

    Dear Teembeers here we go with the review of 756. We saw yet another slow round. With the expected major change in round 758, disallowing unions, I am interested in seeing what this will bring to the teembee land and if we will see more spirited play in the future.

    In regards to this round (756), I believe the upcoming change slowed down the competition a little. Pretty much as expected, ...
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