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  1. Turbo Round 677: Manual Accept is a B***H

    Hey everyone, Sum_Dyk here with a recap of Turbo Round 677. After a couple rounds with ratios, Round 677 returned to normal. No range hits was still in effect, but the new kicker for the round was that players would have to manually accept transfers. Personally I was glad that it was a non-ratio round, as collecting takes forever in those rounds, and deposit amounts ...

    Updated 08-25-2015 at 07:42 PM by donnyio066

  2. Trolls? Haters? Ignore! 'Enrich your TMB connections with a Guide to Social TMB Media

    Simple words now define modern fascination with social media; and in the land of TMB there is no difference. If you want to make moves in TMB; it is important to make the social sharing machine work for you. Many players stay quiet, post nothing on their medias in fear of what others might 'think' or 'say' perhaps this is an easy way to stay out of the 'TMB lime light' or go under the 'TMB Radar'. ...
  3. Main Round 674 review: Attack of the NPCs

    Howdy all, Blogger here with the EOR results for round 674.

    Sorry to everyone that gave me a quote for round 670, and 672 was just a lost round for me. Been working six days a week and havent had time to do reviews. Staff had someone set up to do last round and it fell thru, then this round just kinda fell into my slow time at work, so im pumping out a review while i can. Next round might be a miss as well, but im working on a really good blog series that might be a continuing bit,

    Updated 08-20-2015 at 09:41 AM by Captain_West

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  4. Gym Etiquette By Blind

    So as the roundly, FitAndTrim (F.A.T) person I am, I recently decided to
    join a gym.
    I'm not one to care about looks etc, but thought it was time to get a
    little health back into my otherwise shitty diet etc.

    There is a millionaire entrepreneur in the UK called Duncan Bannatyne, he
    opened a load of gyms around the country and I joined one of those.

    Updated 08-17-2015 at 07:30 PM by donnyio066

  5. Turbo Round 675: Lag You Say?

    Hey all,
    Sum_Dyk back with another turbo review for all you Mafiosos out there. Turbo Round 675 was another ratio round for players, with turns added given a 10-1 return. Compound that with a discount on subs and credits, and you have a free for all out there.

    Free Killer
    1. Zxq 1,790,706 DUs Killed
    2. Mxn 720,793 DUs

    Updated 08-14-2015 at 08:16 PM by donnyio066

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