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  1. Main Round 590 and Turbo 591 Review

    Main Round 590

    This was an emotional round for most as it was an end of another TMB era. Some will cry that is unfair the rules are changing, some will believe the sheer dominance of IU will end and others will be finding away to be on top of the game. So how would the last round as we know plan out. Would people save their credits for the new era or would people go for dominance ...
  2. RIP Indy

    Dearly despised and detested, we are gathered here today to say goodbye to the once so powerful, so loved, so humorous, independent indie player.If you donít know, independents are the elite embodiment of the depravity and skill for which made this game popular in its founding years. Players who are recognized for their ability to provoke reactions, to push the boundary of taste ...

    Updated 06-23-2014 at 12:26 PM by Blogger

    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  3. TMB Player Interview:Gunchester

    Today we're joined by one of TMB's oldest bankers, a legend by his own right, killer, collector, looter, and loyal member of ICS. Sporting a beautiful badge on his profile. Let's all welcome to the stage, the glorious, yet somewhat old bastard! GUNCHESTER!
    *in comes Gunchester sporting a bong, shorts, sandals and a rainbow tie-dye tee-shirt.*

  4. Lonely Hearts with Dr H Seeker

    Dr H. Seeker is here to solve your heart filled conundrums in life, to help protect and sustain a long, happy relationship. But if that is not possible, at least he will help you achieve your weekly dose of cynicism and moral ambiguity. Also, from today onwards he will now be accepting requests from the online community to resolve YOUR problems. To find out more or to submit a love problem, ...
  5. Main Round 588 and Turbo 589 Review

    Round 588 was the round that the new announcements came out; this was sure to strike joy into some and bitterness into others. It would be interesting to see how players would play the coming rounds and whether turns where going to be stored or they would go all out to win as many as possible to give them the lead. The maxing rule on ops of 5% every hour was meant to come into ...
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