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  1. Round 744 Review: A Bloodbath!

    Hello fellow Teembeers. Here is the round 744 recap. The all-out war of the past few rounds continued into round 744, but those involved took it to the next level with the killing of operatives as well.

    First interesting thing was seeing Inner_circle join forces with IOU in same union. It has been long assumed that the two were friendly with each other, but now it has been proven ...
  2. Turbo Review: Round 745

    Turbo round 745 is in the books and the win seemed to be a breeze so it appears I've been left on the hook yet again to exaggerate and hopefully create a smidgen of controversy. Chances are I won't be able to but I will try, for what that's worth. With that being said, let’s have a quick recap on the finer points of the turbo rules for this round:

    • 20 members per family
  3. Round 742 Review. And it goes on!

    Hello fellow Teembeers. Here we go with the round 742 review. The all-out war between IU on one side and IOU (this round named UIO) and IC from other side is still going on. This means most of game is playing without being able to keep their duís alive. Rules in regard to killing bots are still the same this round with no killer points for hitting bots.

    JP gameplay was quite boring ...
  4. Leith2 Interview by RavenKC

    The Lord of the TMB Rings: The Two IOU Towers
    -Battle of The TMB Looters-

    When searching for looters in TMB in todayís current rules, there are many to be seen. Due to the recent Bot invasion looting is the key to the game, or so they say. Who has the stamina to go up against big time collectors? Who can sit for hours continuously on a mission to loot
  5. TMB Trivia Time

    Howdy TMB players! Captain West here, and I have a fun new blog series that i am going to be unveiling today. Once a month, I am going to be writing a blog that is going to test your knowledge of TMB and its history! It will be a fun way to see who remembers what has made this game great over the past 11 years, and reward some of you for that lovely TMB knowledge and history that rattles around in your brain.

    And yes, there will be prizes! I am going to ask a series of ten questions, ...
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