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    Back in the 130ish times I played with Generations under Woodsman, usually subfam'd with Skuli. Anybody else from then and there still playing? Go to last post

    Adier On 07-28-2014

    Anyone from GENerations still around?

    That's not exactly true, wish it was but this is earth were talkin bout not fantasy world,

    I've heared and seen stories of nice kind quiet men and women dying alone lonely in they flats and not... Go to last post

    MrWorker On 07-28-2014

    Does being nice pay?

    Theres NO player allowed to break the rules without suffer appropriate punishment, supporter or not, the rules are there for everyone.

    Expend some time to read and pay attention to the GAME... Go to last post

    TMB-Hurricane On 07-28-2014

    Breaking rules

    i guess it depends on what type of person you want to be remembered as. a nice person will have more friends and people will usually be there for you if you need it. you'll never be alone and one... Go to last post

    JokerSmack On 07-28-2014

    Does being nice pay?

    Some people take advantage if you are too nice and think it's a sign of weakness. So you have to be nice to a point where you don't alow some vulture type to push you around - theres enough of those... Go to last post

    Storm On 07-28-2014

    Does being nice pay?

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