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    March Discussions with Players: We need your help!

    Hello Everyone

    We are conducting discussions with players in the next 2 weeks about the following:

    [LIST][*]Player opinions about: Facebook, Blogs[*]Player opinions and ideas: Contest and promos, Forum Fun activities[*]Feedback from players about the New Site Upgrades[/LIST] The dates are listed below:

    21 - March: Focus Group #1 Free players -2 Hour mark
    22 - March: Focus Group #2 Free Players -2 Hour mark
    27 - March: Focus Group #3 Big and medium Supporters -2 Hour mark
    28 - March: Focus Group #4 Small Supporters and Subscribers -2 Hour mark

    [LIST][*]The discussion will last for 90 minutes max[*]4-6 players per discussion required
    [*]Discussions will be conducted on Skype TEXT chat - no Microphone needed[*]Preferably players who have been palying longer than one year and are fans of our Facebook page[*]Each player participating will receive a small thank you gift[*]Please PM me in game if you are interested and have the time to spare[/LIST]

    - Storm

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    This should be fun. Interesting to be at. I'd attend if I were you!

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    game is fine as it is, growing every day
    if not happy invite number6, V and Stinger, they will tell what to do

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    Feb 2011
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    Bumped deliberately

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    lol at passoscoelho

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    By small thank you gift you don't mean another 8 x 10 glossy of you killing a lion do you?

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