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    Ah, the old Chatzy wars... When war became "click, click, 1. click click 2." It lost all it's fun. But we really wasted DG.

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    haha... ah, i was around for all of that... unfortunately. Things were a mess back then and the leadership had some issues. We got rid of all the problem makers and we're only bringing back the core group who knows how to hit like we did in the early rounds. We're here to get drunk, have fun, and piss some families off!

    psst... i'm on the chatzy right now... who wants to join?!?

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    May 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Da_Secret View Post
    Hey I remember the last time DG showed up and they had a war with Omerta and ICS

    I had a spy in one of your fams and they sent me your "war chatzy" link and PW and myself and I think it was Dirtynick and Homicide posed as your war generals etc calling out targets which were DG members that were offline in a certain family which we claimed was fake and some of them actually followed what we said hitting their own guys LOL
    Hahaha I remember that, tickles me still

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    Without Darkstarr and The Chop, is it really devils gate? Just a question.

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    Well, TheChop was gone when I came back and DarkStarr has family to take care of... although it would be nice to see him back in here. But the ones of us who have come back were DG from the start. We helped run things in the old days, never left, and we're DG through and through. We always said, "DG for life." We wanted to come back and have some fun... we saw no other option than to keep it DG. The biggest difference you'll see is that we just wanna kick back and have fun.

    btw... not too happy with some of the changes, but we'll adjust over time and make it work.

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    Back again... again

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    I wish you all the best with DG! One hell of a family, brings back goood memories!!

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    I find this very intersting that your bringing DG Back as I am an original member as well as a few other close friends.

    AS stated before if Tyler or shawn arent in it its not 100% DG... None the less best of luck sir

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    Good to see you Trigg..

    I tried to get in touch with both Tyler and Shawn to no avail.. and I've seen you and heaty around, even sent heaty a message.. was meaning to get to you too. It may not be 100% DG, but sometimes things change. I played with Shawn a lot in the beginning... and even more a few years ago. I wish they were both here and hope to keep them alive by keeping DG alive.

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