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Thread: Boosting?

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    Not really ,,,,i was just BOOSTED within the last 10 hours....IM NOT GONA CRY ABOUT IT ,,,,it would do no good seeing that its all a GAME

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    Big smigg writes a post then says every fuk off hahahaha u got ownd fuking quit ur crying man up and build again , that seems to be what every1 else does . Boosting is now a way of the game play it has always been around but now moreso .

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    Keyboard warriors the lot of ya.

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    IF you dont want to be boosted.. then don't lower your networth. If anything lowering your NW should be considered cheating.

    Leave them high/or lower them to be boosted. We'll find a way to kill you. :P.

    P.S. Don't complain and then say your not complaining.. IF anything your complaining about complaining about complaining. STFU

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