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    Who is the rookie of the month?

    Greetings Everyone

    Here at TMB it is very hard for new players to make their mark, and when they do, they seldom receive the recognition they deserve.

    So now, on a monthly basis, we will be hosting a ROOKIE OF THE MONTH voting poll.

    [LIST][*]This is to be a monthly promotion, to be Hosted here on the Announcements forums[*]Family or Union Dons nominate best rookie for the month[*]Family or Union Dons would also state motivations based on monthly in game achievements[*]Nominations would close on 25TH OF EACH MONTH[*]Poll is setup with top 10 nominations based on reason for nominating: i.e what did they achieve for the month that earned them that spot[*]Single Top Rookie voted the best on Polls wins it every month[*]Nominations can proceed on this forum post[/LIST]
    [LIST][*]Only Dons of Unions or Family Bosses may nominate Rookies[*]May only nominate players in family or union who has been playing up to one year max[*]All Bosses/Dons who nominate must make sure to confirm their in-game ID[*]All Bosses/Dons must clearly state why they nominate that player and what that player achievement was for the month that evoked the nomination[*]Nominations made on 25th of each month[*]Poll and voting forum post setup on 30th of each month[*]Votes gathered and final awards made on first weekend of new month: on that Sunday[*]Final 10 nominations decided by Game Staff Mods and Admin based on reasons of achievement stated by their Don, for the month, (e.g most looted, collected, killed, recruited)[/LIST]

    [LIST][*]1st Place ONLY: 30k Won each Month[*]Blog Site Interview[/LIST]

    So there you have it. We look forward to your nominations!

    Thank you
    - The Mafia Boss Staff

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    Feb 2011
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    I nominate Chong. Since round 400 he has won 4 level 4 silvers has been the only person/group to challenge an EOR during this time period is a huge contributor to killer ranks has finished in the top 6 in supporter killer ranks 3 times during this time period thus helping our killing family to finish in the top 6 several times as well. He has been extremely active in keeping the members in our union maxed. Nobody has done more during this brief period of time then he has and his future is immensely bright. If anybody deserves this honor it is without a doubt him!

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    Now that is going to be hard to beat!

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    Man I was going to nominate Chong as well, but CJ beat me to the punch

    All of the reasons stated above; instant power player and someone who, without a doubt, has improved the team a considerable amount.

    Furthermore, he is the first player I have come across to use "TMB math" before I explained to him what it was and have numbers almost exactly the same as mine 0.o He plays at a level much more advanced than most and I think it's obvious after watching him for even this short amount of time.
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    Feb 2011
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    I have removed all subsequent posts as there is a general pissing on my contest thread now and I wouldnt come do that on your doorstep, so nominate and state your reason and start your own threads about issues you debate about in the game.

    Start a second thread of your own if need be and do your thing as to why someone should not be nominated. I only want reasons and names of those who are chosen by Dons or family bosses.

    Thank you.
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    Feb 2011
    Nice idea.

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    Storm it's up to you if you would like to give me credit for this great idea..lol

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    I nominate Ben Seigal , He is active and very helpful and he does not use macros to hire and protect , just an all round fair player and good guy

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    I also was going to nominate Ben Seigal. Ben always come online and the first thing I see is him posting on the union board asking what needs to be done how can he help. He has always came through whenever asked by myself or anyone else in the union and is extremely loyal. He is a quick learner on how things here go and is always willing to listen to what anyone has to say to help him improve. He isn't interested in just what is good for him he always looks for what will help our union out. In my eyes he deserves this more than anyone

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    Ben Siegel for sure
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