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    How do I sneak some weed through airport security?

    Hello All, I would like if people "in the business" (either airport customs or security) answer how the hell can I sneak some weed through customs and onto a plane going to Aruba from JFK?

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    Best post of the round, hands down.

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    The best method I know is #1 you gotta be white. (most customs stereotype) #2 dress for success. Don't be wearing any clothes that might indicate you are in a gang I have made that mistake they picked me out to get searched fast #3 if u see any dogs get the fuck out! #4 try outing the weed in ziplock bangsthat has coffe in it then put that bag in a leather bag that's in a leather bag double packed. Source-experience

    If u do see a dog you are gonna have to smoke your stash and ride the airport high as hell. If u trying to move a large amount take greyhound instead there security is shit

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    lol josecuervo is a pro at this

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    Just put it down ya pants and class it as ya pubes if anyone asks.

    itll be like

    YOOO' ishat some weed in your pocket' or are you just happy to see me N SHEEEEETT ''

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    bribe securuty

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    it would be less effort to just find some weed in Aruba

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    Stick the weed up your ass and hope for the best XD

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    Buy some out there you tightfisted cunt.

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    lmao ... that's all you hear from the washroom, just a ...ahhh come out with the stash in yo As$

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