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  1. Round 425: The Calm Before the Storm

    Round 425 started off much like any other round. It seemed as though it was going to be a quiet round. Collectors were building operatives. Killers were killing from the start of the round. No big builds early in the round, no one predicting the future with claims to take the round. There was nobody who was willing to claim an early victory, no big builders out there trying to intimidate the masses early on. ...

    Updated 08-24-2012 at 12:08 AM by Slingshot

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  2. Raise your Glass to the TMB Staff

    It is midnight and all the best of the TMB world sit around the golden Round table, the meeting was set. Everyone is on edge, all the dons sit at the table and their consigs and most trusted brugs surround them; armed with AKs ready to take a bullet for their leaders at any given moment. Silence and an air of wonder sets in, for the question remains, in the 7 years of the TMB underworld, who is the toughest ...
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  3. Turbo Round 426: The End of An Era

    Last turbo before new changed main rounds? LOL, everyone is talking about trophies? Let us plan for the last turbo before the new changed main round Rules, so we may continue the domination. These are the thoughts being thought of and spoken.

    The Rules set forth for round
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  4. Rookie of the Month: Will Interview

    Within the penthouse of the NYCU Hotel, old money, old pride but new blood - an all too familiar place for myself; however I have not sat in such lavish style for a while.

    Will sat opposite, dressed in stylish attire, with a cigar in one hand and gold knuckledusters firmly attached to the other, the NYCU emblem shining, a weapon commonly used in hand-to-hand combat. I look at the rebirth of the mighty
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  5. Round 423: Transfer Fiesta

    [list] JP Starts at $1000 [*] Round capped at 360k [*] Transfers on [*] Transfers cost 100 Turns [*] Maxing Networth at 5% [*] Personal Safebox and Family bank at 50% [*] Business hits cost 100 turns[/list]

    Round 423 the Special Transfer Round as it was dubbed arrived with IU/RU and Realt having taken the last three normal rounds without a challenge. With an assortment of new rules introduced ...

    Updated 08-15-2012 at 11:24 PM by Stargazer_Lily

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