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  1. Main Round 443: What's Going On?

    Round 443, where do I begin? The war continue between IU, Chaos, RU and UT. Other families continue to sit on the bench and watch. UT and IU unions remain at each others throats hitting everything that attempts to build. Some families remain exempt from these attacks, such families as the Hooligans, White Hand families and SS. However, this changes as UT is on the hunt for a few hiding players, some ...

    Updated 11-27-2012 at 02:42 PM by Stargazer_Lily

    Round Updates
  2. Lopov -TMB IU Serbian Golden Boy

    The tactics of warfare lay in the mind of a crazy Serbian IU Killer. He is calculated and informed in the cuntish ways of the IU master strategists. He is on par with the most prestigious players of the game today, coming up with plans at the IU headquarters (exact location still unknown) to build an empire that continues to adapt to all the new game rules and establish a considerable lead among the ...

    Updated 11-24-2012 at 01:59 AM by Slingshot

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  3. Chapter 1: The First Day

    Fear not the man who kills, but the man who plans to and has not yet.

    The sun glares down through the small rooms one broken window, and dust filters through like a slow dance. Leaning up out of the corner I have woken in, I fiddle around for a cigarette and light it. The smooth rush of poisonous nicotine jars my head, hitting me like a brick, and the smoke soon fills the room's small space. ...
    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  4. Turbo 445 Review: Another TMB Virginity Is Lost

    With the start of turbo 445 and the new sub package out, we see some big builds for the short two day round. The rules have a 180 cap and transfers on which puts the advantage to big families that can work together and send up cash for the bigger cause. Right away we see some large builds on the defense side of things with Pretty_Princess and Wedding_crasher building many defensive units. After this, the attacks
    Round Updates
  5. Turbo 444: The First of Many

    It had been mentioned on the forums long before the idea was actually implemented into the game. The idea of a second mini-round came as a shock to many. Some favored the introduction of the second mini because it would give them another reason to spend more time playing. Others viewed it as a way of feeding their enemies more turns. My personal thoughts? Let’s kick some ass. Immediately into the first ...
    Round Updates
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