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  1. Main Round 331 Review

    In Main Round 331, Mr. Feldman takes the round with ease, building slowly and early to fend off the competition. Avengers teamed up with Pops and several players in Omerta, ICS, UML, and VBP to contest the killer rankings. Their family hit off the round running, never letting up on their pace. But was it enough to overcome the killing champions of IU?

    Pops had assimilated a crew that had credits ...
    Round Updates
  2. What are you or your family planning for next round?

    well as this round come to a end and a new round around the corner. What is your or your family plans for next round? This has been a very insane round we all can agree to that. It's alot of wondering and scheming going on and if anybody is interest to share these dirty,nasty, and gruesome ideas plz let me know.
    From TheMafiaBoss Players , Round Updates
  3. The Constant Blogger!!!!

    Well so far I have made four blogs and I'm still going on. I'm not even on the tmb staff hehe I was just thinking i should write some interesting blogs about the game or not interesting blogs about the game. I know alot of people are wondering wtf is wrong with this guy but I have enjoyed my playing on tmb so much that i will help with blogs. For several weeks i have seen an ad for facebook,myspace, and twitter community managers. Also for bloggers, authors, and editors or something like that. Well ...
    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  4. What happen to the good old fashion wars?

    well lately tmb has been 00'd all round with mainly op builders. I want to know what happen to the classic wars between two or more powerful unions? I have only played for a few months but I was told great stories of wars that took place on tmb. I believe that would ignite a flame in tmb again rather than just building to collecting. I have seen alot of families that play on regular basis disappear completely. The last war took place was UC vs ICS the fight over Montreal that ended in defeat and ...
    From TheMafiaBoss Players , War News
  5. What do you think about Update changes?

    Well alot of players are having a hard time adjusting to the rules. It's been spread through the game that it's only benefitting big spenders in the game. Others say that people are just whining because they can't compete without banks, allies, or naps. So tell me do you agree with the constant rule changes or not. I will be posting daily topics up for discussion from the players and if you have any info you wish to share but stay low key or come foward with it. bring me all the juicy and nasty ...
    From TheMafiaBoss Players , Round Updates
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