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  1. What Kind of Player are You?

    Finding a Family in The Mafia Boss: What Kind Of Player Are You ?

    Today we hear from a well established member of IU offering new and old players alike, some tips on which families on The Mafia Boss might suit your playing needs.

    Cocamafiosa asks: What Kind of Player Are You?

    There are many different styles of Player in The Mafia Boss and many different families ...
    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  2. Main Round 337: Oops, NuTz Did It Again.

    Main Round 337: Oops, NuTz Did It Again

    As Main Round 337 was coming to a close, NuTz cautiously checked globals every 10 seconds checking for any last minute builds. With credits being handed out for The Mafia Boss' 6th Anniversary, anything was possible. Much to the favor of the Untouchables, no one contested the jackpot, leading to the loss of NuTz's Main Round victory virginity. ...

    Updated 08-12-2011 at 09:57 PM by Harmony

    Round Updates
  3. Turbo Round 338: The Battle for Buenos Aires


    So you want to control the world cocaine trade? Then sign into this round and duke it out to see who will be the final victors to go home with the all the spoils.

    Remember Union features are disabled, family banks and personal safebox are both active and there are no transfers or revenges. So its time to polish your Ak47s
    Round Updates
  4. Greetings New Mafioso!

    Tonight we hear from a fairly established Mafioso, Carmonator who offers some valuable tips to Bosses, Consiglieres, and Bruglione of your family or union to help establish new members to your family. This is some great advice!

    Any Boss, Consigliere or Bruglione who's been a part of a family for a while will have experienced this. Occasionally, you notice your numbers dwindling, the family looks ...
    From TheMafiaBoss Players
  5. come join

    recruiting now come join my family, kuruption
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