In this interview, Mourning Star takes us on a whiskey filled journey with none other than Enforcer. So, expect lots of slurring and nostalgic drunk talk, as we venture into the world of Enforcer.

Mourning_Star: Woohoo!

Enforcer: Whatís up ?? Big Dawg!!

Mourning_Star: Nothin much E. Long time no see, Iíve missed ya brother!

Enforcer: Me too bro Ö been a bit off with all my real life drama, but getting by.

Mourning_Star: Yeah, Iím sorry about that. Glad to see you back around though. Ladies, gentlemen and everything in between (Man_Tits for example), tonight I give you my absolutely best friend in TMB, Enforcer. You might not have heard all that much about him, but heís one of the most stand up guys Iíve ever met both in and out.

Enforcer: Thank You Sir, Iím very proud to have you as a friend Mourning

Mourning_Star: So weíll start out with the easy stuff, where ya from E?

]Enforcer: Iím From Boston Ma, Home of the Best Sports teams in the world

Mourning_Star: Talking about the Red Sox I suppose? Thought the braves had that honor.

Enforcer: Or the Patriots, or the Celtics, or wait maybe the Bruins LOL!!! Yeah boy Hey Mourning mind passing that bottle of Glen Livet you got over thereÖ??

Mourning_Star: Which one, the 12 year?

Enforcer: Yes sir thatís the one.

Mourning_Star: Absolutely! Iíd of slapped ya if youíd of gone for my 16 year though. So who are you, and what do you do?

Enforcer: Oh you can keep the glass Iíll just use the bottle. Well Iím A 3 year vet in TMB, and as of now Iím Co-Don, and acting Consig of SouthSide_Snipers.

Mourning_Star: Thatís a pretty big deal! Ice?

Enforcer: Yeah I think so Ö I donít like to water it down, no ice thanks.

Mourning_Star: Hey you take it neat like a man, no problems with that. So were you always heading up famous crews the way that you are now?

Enforcer: Well that depends on how you look at it LOL!! But to be real, it didnít really take a long time to earn my bones to head the family that we have in Chicago.

Mourning_Star: Well, how did you start off?

Enforcer: Well when I first started TMB I was a real noob, I would do contract hits for Lafamilia in Detroit.

Mourning_Star: Ha ha, I havenít heard of contract hits in a long long time. Describe it for the audience.

Enforcer: Well I would 00 players of the opposing crew for a fee Then as I got a little salty I started playing with the Original Hooligans out of Detroit.

Mourning_Star: The Original Hooligans? You mean the crew BEFORE those fake ass noobs from LV?

Enforcer: Yes Sir that is exactly what Iím saying.

Mourning_Star: and what happened there?

Enforcer: Well I played under the Don of Hooligans for several rounds till he decided that Detroit was no longer worthy of a blood union. So he decided to move us to Liverpool, and start to play alongside FoundHell, and SouthSide.

Mourning_Star: So the Hooligans ended up flying the flame. Do you have any fond memories from that era of the game?

Enforcer: Well actually we had some really good wars with FH back in those days. One of the most epic was the war between all of Detroit against FH, FH hooligans, and SouthSide. Back then we called them family picnics, and we would all log in at a certain time, and build, and kill at the same time, it was the best.

Mourning_Star: I will definitely concur with that, and you definitely racked up on the kills if I remember correctly.

Enforcer: Well I hate to brag but yeah I did

Mourning_Star: Hmmm, so you basically went from noob contract killer, to Don of the Hooligans, and then Boss to arguably one of the hardest hitting powerhouses in TMB history. Iím starting to notice a pattern hereÖ

Enforcer: Merely coincidence Iím sure, but SouthSide has always been a tight knit group, and Iím proud to say we all get along like family. That is the true secret to our success.

Mourning_Star: Tight knit indeed, so after Bishop, and RealT Iím guessing that you just went with Southside?

Enforcer: Yes I decided that I was done with Bishop, and I grew fond of a few of the SouthSide members notably Big_Sarge, C_Note, Bugs, Birdmandaddy, Madd_Maxx, and a few that no longer Serve on TMB.

Mourning_Star: And youíve been with them ever since. So you described Southside as being like a true family, how does that work?

Enforcer: Well not sure how to answer that question brother. Plus donít want to leak any trade secrets LOL!!! But if you are a family member of SS, you are sometimes looked at like the adopted red headed child of dysfunction, but we still love you like a brother HAHAHA!!! Thatís what family is all aboutÖ

Mourning_Star: lol, Awww come on, you could tell us just a few of those trade secrets couldnít you? And donít be so harsh btw! I have an ego to protect, and nurture!

Enforcer: Not a Chance But you want to pass that 16 year over here for a minute, I just want to take a closer look at that.

Mourning_Star: One glass! One glass is all I give you for the answer to my question!

Enforcer: Nice try Ö.But I always bring a spare bottle for cases like this :P

Enforcer: Youíve become very good at extortion I may have to change your job title.

Mourning_Star: Ugh, I already have enough job titles as it is, redheaded stepchild, moron, sellout, bitchÖ moving on. So I seem to remember something about an extremely long war between Southside, and Generation/ Alpine/ ACS, and MobstersClubÖ

Enforcer: Ahh yes very long war Ö still animosity over it.

Mourning_Star: Yeah? Whatís your take on it?

Enforcer: Thatís a tough one for me to answer Öwith the current situation (rules as they are)

Mourning_Star: Awwww come on E! Give me something! (Mourning Pours a glass of Glen Livet 16 year and takes a sip)

Enforcer: well I will state there are some in Alpine that I would like to play with, but Iím SS4L so I do what needs to be done to cement an SS victory.

Mourning_Star: Thatíll do. (Hands glass to Enforcer) Alright, letís move onto some lighter stuff before we wrap this up. What does Enforcer do for fun in the real world?

Enforcer: Well at this time Iím pretty wrapped up with work, and weight training, but when I have idle time I like to go to concerts, baseball games parties, and like to do some clubbing.

Mourning_Star: Yeah, I hear that your pretty beefed up. Are you still doing the competitive stuff?

Enforcer: Iím taking some time off Ö probably make a comeback in 2013.

Mourning_Star: I gotcha. Enforcer is a bodybuilder everyone! So he can ďEnforceĒ in the real world too.

Enforcer: Well Iím out, thanks for the great opportunity Mourning.

Mourning_Star: No problem, two last things though before you go. First off, as a three year vet, do you have any insights that youíd like to give to all the players out there?

Enforcer: Kill, Kill, Kill Ö

Mourning_Star: LOL, spoken like the Enforcer I know, and finally, any shout outs?

Enforcer: I would Like to send a shout out to Big_Sarge, Bugs, Hennrock, C_Note, a great new addition Lady _Jay, and Peachy, and of course to you Mourning for this interview. To those I couldnít list you know who you are

Mourning_Star: And thatís a wrap! Thank you for your time Enforcer! Youíre a true warrior if there ever was one, and it was definitely a pleasure interviewing you! Till next time TMB. Mourning Out!

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