Greetings Mafiosos, this week we bring you an interview with one of the games current most controversial figures, ShayneG. Love him or hate him, you cannot deny the excitement he has brought to the game with his wheeling and dealing, and all the excitement that comes with having a big player who enjoys making big builds and playing here. So without further Ado, we present The ShayneG Interview!

TMB Staff:Well, here is a big one, the mighty ShayneG is in the house! How are you doing brother?

ShayneG: Hey Iím doing ok just hanging out checking hate mail the usual and yourself?

TMB Staff:Iím doing well thank you! Been getting a lot since you took last round?

ShayneG: Honestly the past 3 rounds have been pretty crazy this round not as much. Reason why is they canít chirp the winner. But of course lots of rumors about the win with the enemy but you know what they say if you lose they laugh if you win they laugh but at the end of the day I got the level 4 gold level 3 gold level 2 silver level 1 silver killer gold free killer silver family silver so ya they can eat a dick

TMB Staff:You had a very impressive round, I was really excited to be able to get to talk with you. Youíre a big name at the moment and a lot of people give you shit, thought it would be great to sit down and get your side. Iíd like to start at the beginning if thatís ok brother? So, when did you start and what got you into TMB?

ShayneG: Yes thatís fine. And thanks well I started tmb October 5 2007 and I was living with a friend and they played it so I hopped on and tried it

TMB Staff:So youíve been around a long time, is that friend still on these days? Talk to me about your first few rounds, who were you with and what players were owning it back then?

ShayneG: No he is not lol I actually told him I still play and he was like I donít remember that game lol. Well back than I was with pissheads with Cypriot and rotti and them some straight old school beasts!

TMB Staff:Ha some blasts from the past right there! How long were you a pisshead?

ShayneG: Not to long than I went to coral and jaís family but I stayed maybe a year cuz they charged me 40$ a round to rank then I jumped into enforcers with scrappy doo and them for a few years. Than I went over to untouchables with RealT for a few years than UC

TMB Staff: Awesome, so what made you leave Pissheads and try other families?Natural evolution?

ShayneG: Cypriot kind of stopped playing everyone found out, he quit so I moved on lol

TMB Staff:Ahh right, bit of controversy then. So Coral was next, were they the big wigs at that point?

ShayneG: Yes they were always number one.Well other than pops lol but he was in jail playing from his phone

TMB Staff:Ahh Pops, thatís a big veteran name right there! He was an animal!

ShayneG: Yes he was. I honestly just joined where ever I could rank lol . Back in the day I was poor and just rankwhored where I could lol

TMB Staff:Haha - well at least youíre honest! So after Coral you went to Untouchables for a few years, what kept you there and who were the big names?

ShayneG: What kept me there was ranking lol . And RealT was the big guy there! And also I was in that family with babbo lol for years! And a few others that still play. But RealT would drop 5-10k no problem he was my TMb daddy

TMB Staff:So was he your first real mentor then?

ShayneG: Yes he was also NuTz aka Craig and annello

TMB Staff:Itís important for new players to have a mentor, any other players take you under their wing?

ShayneG: Honestly for the past few years TMK and I have not liked each other every family I would join he would have me booted. But the only family and guy that didnít was Hollywood and UC. Big props to that guy for not giving a shit and keeping me around there for along time

TMB Staff:Yeah you have a close relationship with UC donít you?

ShayneG: Yes I do have one with them. Solid family. And Wolfgang is my girlfriend

TMB Staff:Ahh love is in the air, want to give her a special message?

ShayneG: Wolfgang if you read this click here to go back and love meeeeeee

TMB Staff:Haha nice work! So, why did UC and Hollywood give you a chance when others wouldnít?

ShayneG: Because Eli knew I was a good guy wanting to play but didnít care who I hit lol

TMB Staff:That always helps! So, what made you part ways from Uc and set up your own family?

ShayneG: Honestly just wanted to create another family and build the game. And flood ranks like usual

TMB Staff:Youíve certainly done that! So the members of your current crew, they close friends youíve built over the years?

ShayneG: No lol well a few of them hypocrisy and xles everyone else I donít even know them but they deserve to rankwhore and get medals

TMB Staff:Fair enough! So there was no bad blood when you left UC?

ShayneG: No I didnít even say anything to Eli just said hey Iím out and that was it he knows how I am but we solid friends so I wonít ever war with them

TMB Staff:And Iím sure youíre still close and look after each other? I can see Hollywood is still a big fan of yours, based on his profile

ShayneG: Of course! And yes his profile is legit hahaha! Ya heís a good guy been trying to get dick pics off him for awhile but he wonít send them.

TMB Staff:Haha well donít share them now! You two need to get a room!

ShayneG: Haha!! Can I just tell you who I hate yet and how bad they suck?

TMB Staff:Ha - I promise we will get to that! Ok, so, going backwards slightly, what made you go from the jump of a normal player to investing big amounts of cash and going for JPís?

ShayneG: Well to be honest with the job I run I make a good living and this game is a hobby and hobbies are priceless. And everyone has always talked shut about me so might as well give them a show

TMB Staff:Youíre certainly showing them now brother. You in it for long term game domination now?

ShayneG: Yes I am. My budget is 1-2 big packs a round and trust me I wonít stop. People think ima slow down soon. Iím just warming up! The RaNkWhOrEs are staying.

TMB Staff:Haha watch out everyone - you heard it here first! Thereís a new King in town! So, letís get into it, whatís this whole beef between you and TMK?

ShayneG: Honestly Me and TMK go way back i used to actually be in that family for a long time . But he was very controlling he like to tell everyone what to do with their turns and with their money, I still remember it to this day I told him I wanted to go for a round he said OK no problem but you need to buy a pack so I went and bought a pack Then with about 15 minutes left in the turbo round he told me to start building now and I thought to myself wait a minute people may challenge and thatís exactly what happened and then he messaged me and said he was taking it so he planned that didnít give me a penny back and I told him to fuck off and from that Day on we never got along

TMB Staff: Wow so thatís where it all started?And the feud has grown since?

ShayneG: Yes it has, I have been trying to beat him so he quits itís hard he has that speed but I know I have been making a dent in some accounts lol

TMB Staff:
To be fair, he has been King for a long time and is a very skilled player. Anything you want to say to him right now?

ShayneG: TMK u need to quit soon. And u suck

TMB Staff:Big words there brother! Letís see how he responds to that! So, before we move into present day players and families, outside of this game, what makes you tick? What do you enjoy spending time doing brother? Or are you hooked into TMB 24/7?

ShayneG: Honestly What I like to do outside the game is work and just spend time with my family I donít work in the winter is only in the summer so I got a lot of time to just do nothing

TMB Staff:Nice, lucky for some!What is it you do for a living if you donít mind me asking? Iím sure everyone is dying to know..

ShayneG: I own a home security company like cameras and stuff for homes. ! Itís really good!

TMB Staff:Awesome, been doing it for a long time?

ShayneG: Yes about 4 years but starting making the big bucks 2 years ago

TMB Staff:Excellent, Iím glad itís going well!

ShayneG: Yes thank you

TMB Staff:Right, I want to discuss something thatís had some controversy, you boosting families..? Whatís been going on? Just trying to disrupt the game a bit?

ShayneG: Honestly the reason I do that is just for fun I like to watch people struggle because God honest truth, the way people talk to me and talk about my personal and real life.....makes me want to destroy you on this game!

TMB Staff: I have seen it getting personal lately, I donít understand it myself - anything you want to say to those that take it too far?

ShayneG: Honestly yes a bit too far and that was uncalled for. Also a few others give your head a shake. Like really fuck off..

TMB Staff: Being sober for a year is a huge achievement and genuinely well done brother.

ShayneG: Yes itís been good! I own a home mortgage free 2 big trucks have a family own a business itís what I always wanted and I made a choice to get clean and go get it all! No hand outs

TMB Staff:Thatís amazing to hear brother! Ok, the bit I bet youíre creaming your pants over - letís talk current day families - letís start with the families you have a dislike for and think are over rated and why..?

ShayneG: The biggest family I hate is IU. I have no idea why everyone bows down to TMK ya heís skilled but he canít win every round if people zero that family. They donít know how to loot you take there ops and they quit . Also I dislike nameless family is pointless and doesnít ever rank there boss is a bitch. And loco families is full of babies.

TMB Staff:Ok, and what families do you like? Who is impressing you at the moment?

ShayneG: Honestly, Iím impressed with West_Coast because thereís some old school names there. Everyone else is just normal and does the same shit

TMB Staff:Yeah they recently reformed with some originals in there, seem to be going quite strong at the moment.

ShayneG: Yes they are good . Can be a powerhouse team. They just better not hit me or Iíll strike them hard

TMB Staff:Ha well hopefully they read this then! What players impress you, who are your top 3? And who are your bottom 3 players and why?


Top 3 players currently:
- Topgun for looting but he joined a shit family and wonít ever rank there
- Tuj for stepping up
- Hollywood for his crazy turbos

Bottom 3 lol
- Big ant for being a leach and a cock sucker
- BONO for always trying to rank for free
- Luckynate for thinking heís something but heís not

TMB Staff:
Some big names there! So you think Inner Circle are done as a powerhouse then?

ShayneG: No, IC is a good team. But they have some cry-babies in there for sure .

TMB Staff:Well Iíd like to thank you massively for being here today, is there any final thoughts or shout outs youíd like to give?

ShayneG: Final thoughts no just stop crying

- Huge shout outs to Hollywood for being a G
- Also Wolfgang for being my gf
- King for the nice mediaís and a solid friend
.....And many others .


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