Everyone has some type of crutch that has them hooked. For some it is the obvious things like drugs, smoking or Booze or sex or internet porn, for others it could be something less obvious and more exotic,, like foot fetishes, or animal snuff porn [now there is a niche market if ever there was one.....] Then there are the psychological ones, like attention seeking, hypochondriacs, and kleptomaniacs, fire-starters and the like.

For most of us here, itís the game, our friends on the game, combined with one of the above. So, sometimes, I get to deal with very odd types, whom, at seemingly odd hours, send me very odd and funny messages and have some strange conversations with me... and some of these are downright disturbing... as I was about to learn....

Chilling on Skype one late night very recently actually....:

Player: Hi Storm, how are you?

Storm: I am good thanks, how are you doing?

Player: Oh I am doing great just chilling at home, playing TMB, and watching some movies.

Storm: Oh cool, what are you watching?

Player: Animal Love Farm Part 2

Storm: Huh? Donít you mean ďAnimal FarmĒ based on the book?

Player: Nope.

Storm: Huh? What is it about? [I am actually too scared to want to know....but morbid curiosity is taking over...]

Player: I got this fucked up porn movie from my brother...and itís so weird I cannot stop watching it, itís about....

Storm: DUDE! I get the picture! Please! I would prefer that I didnít, but I do!

[I did mentally LOL though, I admit]

Player: Ok sorry, lol, it is so hectic though...

Storm: Well, I would rather not know. The mental images...

Player: Do you keep any animals around your house? I would think, being from Africa, that there are tons of types of different pets you can keep...and I didnít know that you people can have mental images, lol

Storm: [Where the hell is this going?]....No, I donít. Why do you ask? And what do you mean by ďyou peopleĒ?

Player: Well as I said, I figured that since you are from Africa...thought you might have something exotic...and you know what I mean by ďyou peopleĒ, lol, donít play dumb

Storm: No, I donít keep animals. And youíre a fucked up racist, fuck head, lol

Player: I have a lot of Hamsters

Storm: Huh?

Player: Yeah. I like to keep Ďem.

Storm: [Wishes the convo will end and tries to think of a polite exit strategy] Oh thatís cool....[No chance yet, this guy is on some sort of mental roll...]

Player: Yeah they have their uses. But you need loads of duct tape.

Storm: What do you mean?

Player: Well, when I get really hard, they seem to split, and then the tape comes in handy...

..............................................Awkw ard Silence........................................... .....

Storm: Dude, really...... Lol....youíre mad...

Player: Hey man, donít be hating on a Hamster lover.......I also save tons of cash on toilet paper because they are so fluffy! But sometimes they nibble quite painfully on my rim.....

Storm: Dude, what the hell? Lol, fuck off now....

Player: Well also, ....that is why some people keep dogs....they leave the toilet door open and then just whistle and bend over....also....I notice you got long dreadlocks, so you donít really need toilet paper, do you?

Storm: Listen, you are a fucking sick person, lol

Player: Awww címon Storm, donít you have a sense of humour? I am just joking, or are you too 3rd world to get it? You really need some sexual relief yourself it seems, why donít you make yourself a 3rd world vibrator- just go stick 2 flies into a bottle and stick it up your arse? I bet the first time you had sex, just like the rest of ďyou peopleĒ you got 15 to life eh?

Storm: [Speechless]

Storm: [Still speechless]

Player: What?

Storm: Man, fuck this lol, I got no comebacks tonight, go fuck yourself, Im am out.

Storm: [Logs off]

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