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Turbo Round 374: Sicks 101 - A Lesson in Thievery

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Driving in the fast lane down Turbo Avenue many players found themselves racing to the finish line on their own. With the turbo rules in place it was an every man for himself style of play. We saw a few families filing together to achieve some of the much sought after family rankings, but witnessed the fighting for tiers bare knuckled. Slightly bruised and bloody we saw the prevailing of some great battles for the top.

Turbo Round 374 Rules were as follow:

[list][*] Jackpot starts at $300[*] 5 Per family[*] No Transfers[*] No leaving Families[*] Family Collector Ranks: Only Cash in Family Bank counts[*] Family Killer Ranks: Kills count if made in Family only[*] 15 % deposit in Family Bank or Safe Box Only[*] Round capped at 180k Bought or Won turns only[*] Start maxed and 20% of Net worth Damage per hour to max[*] No Revenge[*] Hits on Ops cost 1000 turns[/list]
Special Killer Prizes for this round!
[list][*] Top Free killer also wins Titanium Sub for next round[*] Top Supporter killer also wins Titanium Black Sub for next round[/list]

With these turbo rules in tact players had to pull out their smart cards to really do their best. No transfers allowed proved to be beneficial to those who had friends in high places willing to donate other ways or had just enough credits on their own to pull of those prizes. Collectors saw vast protection with the 1000 turns per hit on their Business. You really had to have a vendetta against someone to want to take their ops at that cost. It would also seem that killers had some extra incentive this round to gain a hold of those free subs.

With free subscriptions on the line you saw killers jump right into the round leaving no room for competition for any late dwellers. Rivers of red filled the streets of TMB as UC_STAR_WARS and The_Pussycat_Dolls begin destroying anything in their path. These families were able to hold their leads on the family kills all the way until the end. The_Pussycat_Dolls were able to wipe the floor clean with UC by a total of 6 million kills over top of them. Just below UC_STAR_WARS you saw their brother family take third by just a mere 3 million kills less. It would seem that even though neither of the UC Turbo families managed to swipe that gold family killer medal they made out well with the other two medal families.

It must have been a holiday vacation for the looters this turbo round. Seeing 20% damage for maxing and no transfers allowed. Looters even threw some elbows out warding off the others in their paths as they made their way through the streets. Looters definitely had a 24 hour job this turbo with no cash being safe outside the 15% banking. Loot bounced from one family to the other all round up until that very last hour where for the most part collectors took center stage.

Collectors were treated like kings this round and their ops were their kingdom. The op hunters about found other ways to occupy their time this turbo due to the 1000 turns per hit. I am sure they thought more than twice about it before deciding to make that hit leaving collectors free to build as high as they wanted too. For them to achieve their tier ranks or family ranks they had to play it smart. Families that ranked had to pull their best builds and highest turn players together to get the best turn around for that tiny little family bank that was allotted for. 15% with five members per family doesn't leave a whole lot of room for playing around.

In the last hour you saw pure chaos hit everywhere. Every little man fighting for his spot in the ranks. Killers grabbing as many last minute kills to make sure they took the ranks they had so firmly secured. Looters on the run looking for that lost soul that just decided to make a go unmaxed. And the epic battle for the Jackpot winner.

The killer families were pretty much set from the beginning of the round, the battle that was still in full flight was amongst the individual killer ranks. The free killer gold winner was a sweeping win with over a million kills over the silver spot. alice_cullen walked away looking as pretty as she did the moment she set foot in Turbo, just with a new shiny gold medallion to display proudly. Artega and Basco were pretty close up until the end. Artega took silver while Basco fell short by only 200k kills into the bronze spot. Supporter killers followed the exact same theme. Babbo_Bravo walked away free and clear with his shiny gold medal. Mace_Windu took Bravo for silver by 400k. Tear and blood streaked Bravo slinks away with his bronze.

As the last hour winds down you see collectors scrambling to get as much cash as they could either for themselves or hoping to gain a family rank. We of course saw the avid cash tranfers via hits to help boost players within these ranks as well. The biggest battle seen amongst any of the tier ranks was for that infamous jackpot. Sicks and 101 battled it out all the way to the end. As the game clock continued to count down to its final few minutes Sicks had allies suicide on him, boosting his networth. He also managed to get a hit into his rival builder, 101. 101 had lost 700bil in this hit and tried to call in backup. Backup couldn't arrive soon enough to help him out. Sicks was able to take take the Jackpot by 3 trillion leaving 101 to take the level four silver. It would seem Sicks had planned for some competition for the jackpot in advance and already has his back up in place.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Last Round Results to Follow:

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Sicks $9,406,372,373,499
2. 101 $6,286,084,923,068
3. Speciall $3,260,514,330,514

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. nord $3,629,663,832,542
2. GrowYaOwn $3,281,815,586,462
3. hypnotize $3,273,015,501,575

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. hehehe $970,730,064,945
2. dosh $909,696,167,078
3. 101010101010101 $723,967,863,478

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Rocks $522,155,593,553
2. 501 $496,460,503,030
3. SonsDaele $358,751,080,134

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Babbo_Bravo 9,037,142
2. Mace_Windu 6,000,144
3. Bravo 5,622,404

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. alice_cullen 4,727,962
2. Artega 3,557,770
3. Basco 3,373,113

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. Turbo_gods Sicks $1,789,982,035,059
2. COMPUTER-GAMES MASTER_CHIEF $1,435,501,645,115
3. ComputerGeeks 101 $1,401,151,979,386

-killers family-

rank family boss kills
1. The_Pussycat_Dolls VO1D 18,142,831
2. UC_STAR_WARS Mace_Windu 12,788,325
3. UC_Garage Hearse 9,837,573

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Updated 12-07-2011 at 12:02 PM by Silhouette

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  1. MichaelJ -
    MichaelJ's Avatar
    Alice Cullen did a good job...however she did it
  2. CARDACI -
    CARDACI's Avatar
    The maxing was at 2% NW. So it was really difficult for looters and killers to do their job!
  3. blueniNJa -
    blueniNJa's Avatar
    That botched up 2% NW was a big difference

    The reviewer doesnt even know the maxxing became 2%
  4. -
    's Avatar
    The maxing was at 2% NW. So it was really difficult for looters and killers to do their job!

  5. Friday -
    Friday's Avatar
    Am i reading this right ?
    the downfall of IU/RU started in round 373 yet here we are in round 374 and IU/RU won killers famili gold and collectors family gold
    The JP and free killers and supprters killers prizes

    But yes the 2% made a big difference or it would have been a different result
  6. Friday -
    Friday's Avatar
    Also mr round reviewer it was not turbo round 375 , as your title suggests

    It was Turbo round 374 lol
  7. Friday -
    Friday's Avatar
    Now you change it and not even a thanks
  8. Harmony -
    Harmony's Avatar
    A most gracious thank you Friday for pointing out the typos. We should keep you around for that
  9. Nu -
    Nu's Avatar
    Terribly writen.. you overlapped soo many topics. I am bored through skull with this review.
    Updated 12-06-2011 at 04:24 PM by Nu
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