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Turbo Round 376: They Came. They Saw. They Conquered

Rating: 4 votes, 4.00 average.

If the late legend Julius Caesar could have witnessed Tommyboys victorious battle for the jackpot in Turbo Round 376 and Easy_Streets magnificent clinch of first place in collecting family ranks, he would proudly say, They came. They saw. They conquered. If Alexander the great and his mighty Phalanx army were still breathing the very breath of life that contained passion and victory, they would proudly recognize and kneel down before the strong-willed warriors of Pokemon, whose strategy proved victorious in the killer ranks, and say,These ,um, Pokemon are not afraid of an army of sheep[IU] led by a lion[Eck]. Lastly, if the late King of Sparta could watch the elegant onslaught by Vilnauska_Vinigara in the supporter killer ranks, Leonidas would ball his fist over his heart and say to him. Your battle was not an easy one, but your relentless fight proved otherwise. Turbo round 376 was a battle some will never forget.

Turbo Round 376 rules were as follows:
[list][*] Jackpot starts at $300 [*] 5 Per family [*] Auto and Manual Transfers Allowed [*] Leaving/Disbanding Families allowed [*] Start maxed and 5% of Net worth Damage per hour to max [*] Family Collector Ranks: Only Cash in Family Bank counts [*] Family Killer Ranks: Kills count if made in Family only [*] No Revenge [*] 15 % deposit in family bank or Safe box [*] Round capped at 360k bought or Won turns only [*] 10 to 1 ratio on all won/bought turns added[/list]

With these rules the five per family was seen dictating the possible battle field strategies in both the collecting family ranks and killers family ranks. It was inevitable that should a smart leader be victorious, one would have to select their chosen warriors and spring forth from their castle on to the wide open battle field with an almost flawless strategy. In fact, we saw how a max of 15% in family bank played in favor of those who wanted to only bank petty cash in a effort to rank their family, and save the real cash for themselves in tiers. However, the delightful 10-1 ratio on all won and bought turns seemed to serve as an incentive to really compete in turbo tooth and nail style.

With the 10-1 ratio allowing players to really dish out their saved credits in turbo, it was only obvious that the first line of armies amassed on the deadly outskirts of Turbo Round 376 would be Killer families searching to get a head start on their enemies. Decimating the killer ranks and amassing a bloodbath the size of 9,214,344 duís killed, the killer family named Pokemon, lead by CHANSEY and Pikachu, got off to a powerful start. With Pokemon's onslaught in full motion, UC decided to take the battle field with a different approach, one that would include unpleasant pictures of their enemies's wives. Even though UC_IU_QUEENS were making a serious fashion statement on the battle field, they were fighting tooth and nail in the killer ranks against We_GiVe_FrEe_RaNkS for the shinny bronze killer family medal. Vilnauska_Vinigara, was clearly untested in the Supporter killer ranks and so was Con in the best free killer ranks. Vilnauska_Vinigara won first place in supporter killer ranks by obtaining 18,958,808 and Con held 4,802,365 kills allowing him to clench first place in free killer ranks. However, as the bright sun began to set upon the blood stained battle field, Lazy_Ass_Killers made an appearance almost a day into the round. In less than 9 consecutive hours, Lazy_Ass_Killers began surging threw the killer ranks and eventually gaining 17,985,384 dus killed. With Lazy_Ass_Killers positioning themselves in striking distance of first place, they began to succumb to the irony of their turbo family name. As a result, the Pokemon was able to clench first place in Killer family ranks with over 32 million kills leaving the battle field drenched in blood . Following would be Lazy_Ass_Killers in second place with 23,102,869 kills, We_GiVe_FrEe_RaNkS in third with 23,132,153 kills, and UC_IU_QUEENS in fourth place with 16,434,920 kills.

Now hear from the warriors themselves:

The Rules were pretty good for killing as the maxing percentage was low, which made it easier to get kills, and the ratio always is good for killing and the transfers helped a lot too. Plus, we started a killing family mainly because we had not established a turbo killing family in such a long time. We always kick IU's ass.
Lol It's the truth. IU is no match for us in turbos when it's 5 vs. 5. This round, they had a guy farm like 14 mil of his 18 mil kills. They still lost by 10 million.

I don't give a f*ck all about some lame ass Pokemon taking Gold killer ranks. We have won more Gold medals in main than they have ever won in main! We started turbo late, and we made our family name Lazy_Ass_Killers. Meaning, IU doesn't give two f*cks wits about a lose. And as for UC, they are as useful as a chocolate tea pot. That's why they barely had 2 million kills over the 4th place winner in the Killer ranks.
- Anonymous IU member

We fought like bitches...oh! we were ha ha ha
-Bang it
Every turbo round, the killers of UC try to do something fun for a theme. This round, we chose the Queens of IU and Legendary Beasts. The Queens of IU was a hit, as we perceived it would be. IU are just such beauties, inside and out. :] We didn't do as well as we had hoped, partially due to the 10:1 credit ratio, mostly due to inactivity of a few players. If it wasn't for Bang_It's efforts in turbo, one of our families would not have done even as well as we placed.



With a 10 to 1 ratio on all won/bought turns added and the round capped at 360k won or bought turns only, the collecting family ranks was a sight to see. Within the first two hours of Turbo Round 376 we saw Tommyboy propel his position to level 4 tiers where he would sit for the remainder of the round. However, we then saw Mr_SeVeN_777 propel himself to level 4 by hiring more than 3.5 million operatives and collecting more than 8 trillion. As the sun began to set upon the collectors things began to spice up heavily. We witnessed cash from Mr_SeVeN_777 jumping all over the place to different family bosses; leading most to believe he had an army of supporters awaiting his command. Unfortunately for Mr_SeVeN_777, his dreams of winning the jackpot became tarnished upon the appearance of a mafioso going by a name of a mythical god. Descending from the heavens, Zeus immediately jumped to level 4. With the last hour remaining in the round, we saw Tommyboy hire over 14 million operatives and Zeus hire over 17 million operatives. It was then that Zeus and Tommyboy would collect more than 200 trillion each. As a result, Zeus allowed Tommyboy to take home the jackpot.

Congratulations and good effort to everyone involved!

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. TommyBoy $223,154,652,857,949
2. Zeus $121,903,897,767,756
3. Mongoose $44,031,060,558,403

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. TimmyBoys $74,339,203,713,605
2. Calm $55,003,998,263,644
3. Whoop $51,702,477,289,098

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. boomerang $20,605,557,467,388
2. paperclip $17,399,938,210,669
3. WSS $12,852,934,690,241

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Plague $10,812,155,428,293
2. POUNCE $9,827,089,481,208
3. Mass_Destruction $8,763,404,012,193

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Vilnauska_Vinigara 18,958,808
3. Pikachu 9,347,745

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. con 4,802,365
2. HHH 3,266,784
3. MRS.ATTILA 3,166,314

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. Easy_Street Mongoose $22,300,152,586,970
2. TOUCHABLES TommyBoy $17,003,325,213,821
3. Rum Bicardi $14,825,924,787,230

-killers family-

rank family boss kills
1. Pokemon Ghastly 32,773,844
2. Lazy_Ass_Killers Vilnauska_Vinigara 23,102,869

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Updated 12-13-2011 at 01:34 AM by Silhouette

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  1. Eck -
    Eck's Avatar
    and again blog full of shit whoever gave the info about me running the killing family is miles wrong but nice try retard
  2. Splooge -
    Splooge's Avatar
    This was different.

    I liked it a lot. And not just because the author asked me for a quote, but because his writing style is not boring.
  3. MichaelJ -
    MichaelJ's Avatar
    Why no words from the third family? But words from the losing 4th family?

    I would like to know what We_GiVe_FrEe_RaNkZ view was.
  4. AMON -
    AMON's Avatar
    Always Complaining Eck .... Nice review .. and it was a good round congrats to all the winners although some don`t deserve their ranks
  5. Ladylord3000 -
    Ladylord3000's Avatar
    I really liked the theme of this round review of turbo 376. it really was a battle...at least for me it was lol!!!!And it was funny to see UC make fun of IU's wives too ]
  6. sanford -
    sanford's Avatar
    i think that the rhetoric of the IU that they didnt care is a bit much to take given the total amount of turns used to farm the kills they got. An anonymous IU saying I dont give a fuck about some lame ass Pokeman. Face it they were lame ass Pokemon and they beat your farming ass.
  7. MichaelJ -
    MichaelJ's Avatar
    I think it's funny that someone farmed passed there own boss.
  8. Gambit -
    Gambit's Avatar
    Congrats to all it was a fun round. Just gonna say that the killing could have been totally different had a certain few of us went at ya the first night but still good job to all.
  9. Popebenedict -
    Popebenedict's Avatar
    We have won more Gold medals in main than they have ever won in main!
    Where did you find this guy @.@ Of course you have won more gold killer medals in main then we have XD We are primarily collectors/looters, what would you expect?

    If I had a family of 15+ killers, I'm sure I would have many gold main killer medals as well.

    If anything, you are affirming the fact that so called "pro killers" got their asses kicked by a few lazy ass collectards/looters XD
  10. The_Black_Cat -
    The_Black_Cat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Popebenedict
    If anything, you are affirming the fact that so called "pro killers" got their asses kicked by a few lazy ass collectards/looters XD
  11. Eck -
    Eck's Avatar
    the fact our killers done nothing for most the first day is more likely the reason and why should i not complain when the so called author cant even get whos running the fams and for a collecting fam pope im pretty sure we take more collecting medals than cheese so fuck off back to noddy land
  12. NuTz -
    NuTz's Avatar
    Eck is Scottish of course he complains :P
  13. AMON -
    AMON's Avatar
    @sanford very true i don`t know why they called there family Lazy_ass_Killers it should have been Lazy_ass_farmers ...
    We started turbo late,
    if you were the best killers in the game as you claim you it won`t matter with you starting late or not
  14. MichaelJ -
    MichaelJ's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit
    Congrats to all it was a fun round. Just gonna say that the killing could have been totally different had a certain few of us went at ya the first night but still good job to all.
    There is always next round, plus you are pretty shit, I don't think you are capable of taking gold in anything :P

    Now SHIT the fuck up and go back to your corner, no one asked for your two cents lol
  15. sanford -
    sanford's Avatar
    Take your hat off pope and stab him with it.

    How about if Cheese would have farmed 20000 kills instead of killing all the way the game was intended they would have beat you by more then 33 percent. It would have been by DOUBLE> How is that for a stat. ??

    Pope I don't know why when you are getting your ops hit you don't just convert the entire team over to killers. Other then the boredom of course.
  16. toodles -
    toodles's Avatar
    It was kind of my virgin killing spree 2nd time killing. First time I got silver, Second gold.

    I witnessed a lot of farming but I guess its a legal move.

    I actually learned a lot about killing in this round. It was a fun round except for my schedule that wasted a lot of kills.

    Also the round started off not maxed and this royally screwed me for a million dus right from the get go. In all killing I gotta say is easier than looting. I don't know why there is no looting medals and credits.?? Its also less boring
  17. mihnea -
    mihnea's Avatar
  18. jackey -
    jackey's Avatar
    I thought the UC fashion statement was relatively comical.
  19. Friday -
    Friday's Avatar
    Amon your a funny guy , i watched you farm over Pope to take third yet you call others farmers lol

    I love this denial a lot of ''killers'' seem to have

  20. AMON -
    AMON's Avatar
    Amon your a funny guy , i watched you farm over Pope to take third yet you call others farmers lol

    I love this denial a lot of ''killers'' seem to have

    you saw me farming really??! .. if killing targets at tohs is farming then your right ... well i didn`t do as Vilnauska_Vinigara when jopa left the fam and built hitmen and hustlers so Vilnauska_Vinigara could farm him .. thats called farming, i think you need to correct some concepts
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