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Shut Up and Fight!

Rating: 5 votes, 3.20 average.

Go big or go home is how Omerta thought last main round 373. With transfers back in action they were able to revive some of those won credits they hadnít seen in ages. Some people were shocked to see so much cash get rolled up by Omerta. But in all reality is that something to be shocked about?

They have been the best collecting and banking union in the game. Not to mention, these days they have a lot of new found friends in UC and Cheese family. With the 3 of those unions working together it would appear that perhaps the game is becoming more balanced again.

Omerta will be the first to tell anyone that they have never gone anywhere. The doubt has always been though, that because of the loss of major supporters such as Pops, that they would eventually die off and just fall to pieces. Well it appears that they have not. They showed last round that they are still in this fight. Not only in the ranking world but also the killing as we saw last round.

Now that Omerta has some turns to burn, they very well could start coming back full force to this game, in hopes of stealing some ranks from UT/IU/RU group members and being the union that starts to rank all the time again. Funny how the word rank seems to come up a lot when one talks about Omerta. But at the end of the day everyone in this game is a rank whore to some extent.

Is the point of the game not to be the best? Is it not to be better than everyone else? Is this not determined based of standing, status or world rank? The answer is yes to all of them. All we see are people calling each other rank whores but in all reality we are all rank whores. Letís break this down a little. First everyone accused Omerta of monopolizing the game. These people were the likes of IU and RU. They vowed to fight Omerta and everything it stood for.

Yet here we are in the new era of The Mafia Boss and guess who that runs the monopoly? Yep! Untouchables/IU/RU families. Calling the kettle black much? People went on to say that everyone that follows UT/IU/RU are rank whores. Yet what is it that ICS family members did when Omerta ranked the top 5 families round after round? Donít give me that BS that spots were earned in that union or banking system, because after all, you still got free rank seats, just for verbally supporting Omerta.

See how this little merry go round happens? Round after round the bitching, the ranking, and the whining goes on. For what? To get a rise out of some people. That is exactly what this last round 373 did. It created yet another chance for people to say why one is better than the other and why one union is a bigger rank whore family than the other.

Here is the bottom line. Iím going to give it to you all straight to your faces and if you donít like it you can suck a big one. YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF RANK WHORES in some way or another so all of you shut up and plays the game.

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Updated 12-15-2011 at 10:17 PM by Harmony

From TheMafiaBoss Players


  1. Splooge -
    Splooge's Avatar
    I am a rankwhore, but not as much as this tool that wrote this blog. How much did you get paid for this ya rankwhore?


    How does it feel?

    ^^ Had to rant because you hit my ego hard.
  2. Titus_Pullo -
    Titus_Pullo's Avatar
    The only rank I care about is Captain.

    Happy to see Omerta doing their thing in the game. They are a great group.

    Like Splooge said I hope you did not get reserves for that post.

    Captain out
  3. Besttriggerman -
    Besttriggerman's Avatar
    for a moment I thought I was reading a splooge blog . then realized this person who wrote this one sucks more then splooge himself..all hail this idiot
  4. johngottimaballs -
    johngottimaballs's Avatar
    yes splodge me to but this weapon as got more than us for this shite that as come out of its rancid gob
  5. Popebenedict -
    Popebenedict's Avatar
    Still not sure why people were considering that an Omerta bank when actual Omerta families made up MAYBE 25-35% of it (and frankly I would not even consider UML, Omerta any longer; to me they have successfully created their own thing that consistently does well.)

    Not that the name and title really matter much, however, I think if you asked some of the bigger Omerta players, they have, in fact, decided to move on from Omerta and instead want to focus on bigger and better things. Not confirmed obviously, this is just what I picked up working with some of them that round.

    Final note: Why has this been posted now??? old/10
  6. The_Black_Cat -
    The_Black_Cat's Avatar
    ICS has done much more than most give us credit for besides "following omerta"...ICS did a lot of the fighting/wars and trained/brought in a lot of the bankers/holders etc.

    ICS/MM's were initiators of banking and some seem to forget easily that omerta, uml and many more stem from ICS.....

    this post and esp. the part on ICS is waaay too shortsighted.......
  7. Bones -
    Bones's Avatar
    i WANT TO RANK lol
  8. -
    's Avatar
    ___ inside the mind of whoever wrote this blog ____

    Hum... I have nothing to say about yesterday...
    wait a minute... Im saying something today...
    I cant believe my shit is online in the game blog
    Oh crap... I should keep myself quiet to dont looks like a fool tomorrow...
    Damn... too late. :P
    Updated 12-15-2011 at 05:59 PM by zzzzzzZZZZ
  9. PHAMLY -
    PHAMLY's Avatar
    you couldnt have said this better.............
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