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Main Round 391 Review!

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Round 391 turned out to be a round of mayhem and controversy filled with disguised identities and cryptic plots. The absence of the Untouchables family was most noticeable as the round began because of their former members joined the RU/IU union. After a comparatively slow run of rankings it seemed that IU/RU were looking to make amends. One of their members Ice_Cube was the first to boast a build of around 4.7 million operatives. The tide seemed to be turning in IU/RU’s favor as the members who had been left behind since the Untouchables bid us adieu would only bolster their ranks. Ice_Cube however didn’t stay a IU/RU member for long and his operatives also took a drastic dive in strength as a result. They were killed by his former boss Sheikh and I believe he was missing quite a few trillions in cash afterwards. Building early still not a smart idea it seems.

As we are all welcomed into a new round with the same merciless killing of collector defensives it was only fitting that the forums were a buzz this round mostly with the usual farming and killing debate which I thought was settled 10 rounds ago. A special mention needs to be given to the Staff Endorsed Popularity contest. Bringing around 250 votes it was a very close race as mobs of Mafiosos carrying banners for their favored nominee were seen parading on union boards. Votes were being bought on the street and our writer himself was propositioned with sexual favors for votes. I am sure all of us wait with abated breath for the official results of this august competition and the best of luck to all the nominees. I am also glad to report that the operative killings and the plague of unarmed defensives continues. IU/RU still being the chief miscreants as Ice_Cube found out earlier in the round.

This was what a bruglione in the IU family named Cocamafioso had to say about the round, we are not sure if it’s “the” cocamafioso)

Quote Originally Posted by Cocamafiosa
"The best part of the round was Icecube being advised he should build in RU to be shall we say Safe, Then all the threats of what would happen come eor could have made for a nice round if they came true
Unfortunately they never did. The farming was good i believe too."
Killing Ranks have seen the same assortment of families dominating them yet the changes in fortunes of these families have been quite dramatic at times. IU haven’t won a gold ranking in killing for and this trend looked set to continue as UC_NO_EGO bolstered by a couple of members from ICS dominated the killing ranks from the onset. They were followed closely by RU who in recent rounds have emerged as a strong independent killing family out of the shadows of IU and by day five it was a two horse race

UC took gold quite comfortably in the end with RU taking silver and IU2 taking a much deserved bronze after some remarkable killing by their supporter killer Crown who also took supporter gold in killing due to his hard work throughout the round. United_Coalition continues to grow stronger in killing family prizes in the absence of IU and seem to only get stronger. It would be interesting to see IU’s response to this threat to the gold they have won so many times in the past.

IU/RU are still the team to beat in main rounds though even after the apparent departure of Untouchables and they show this by taking a majority of collector prizes. Mangima from IU takes the Jackpot with ease and along with the money stolen from the crushed ice_cube IU/RU manage to rank their select few members quite handsomely.

Level 4 rankings were filled with new names after the departure of yup you guessed it. Untouchables. Despite that the lion’s share of tier medals went to the smart coordination of IU/RU.

Mangima taking gold and was followed by Eck and ex-Untouchable Bam-zig.
Supporter Killer medals were strongly contested. The fore mentioned Crown won gold followed by Insane from Ics who took silver after leading for most of the round and the_turk snatched bronze.

In free killers Constanzia took gold once again. Is it safe to call her one of the best female killers tmb has seen yet? Schofield took a much deserved silver after a succession of bronze and he was replaced by D_Bratyva from IU.
Micheal and Too_bad “LOOTED” their way to gold and silver in level 2 tier rankings and Shame was “passed money” to come third as the continued transfer of money in ranks continues. It makes you wonder why it isn’t allowed to send transfers when money is passed none the less.

Level 1 collecting prizes went to Sairus, volentblacksheep and Godofwar in that order. Well done Mafiosos.

Collecting family prizes were different this eor due to the absence of the UC collecting family and of course Untouchables. UC after their silver family ranking last round were shockingly not even in the top 10. Reasons? Their don the most popular Splooge had this to say

Quote Originally Posted by Splooge
"Poor planning equates to poor performances. Simple as that."
Will heads roll at UC? IU took gold which more than compensated for the lack of their killing prowess this round with Team_Ice_Cube taking silver but I think its a ranking Mr Ice_Cube would try to forget as fast as possible. RU_Reloaded took bronze.

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Mangina $7,105,946,574,411
2. Eck $1,675,474,070,126
3. Bam_Zig $417,612,402,749

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. LOPOV $733,572,878,834
2. autumn $519,297,391,389
3. Archie $499,414,337,041

-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Michael $396,986,405,184
2. Too_Bad $268,382,345,861
3. Shame $247,075,074,699

-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. SAiRUS $75,755,527,184
2. VIOLENTBLACKSHEEP $64,236,694,862
3. GoDoFWaR $53,356,134,101

-Best Supporter Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Crown 3,265,485
2. INSANE 2,754,174
3. the_turk 2,317,141

-Best Free Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Constanzia 1,406,110
2. Schofield 1,373,349
3. D_Bratva 1,025,588

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. IU Eck $3,916,211,099,385
2. Team_Ice_Cube LVL $3,771,178,075,831
3. RU_LOADED ajax $2,517,505,886,819

-killers family-

rank family boss kills
1. UC_NO_EGO Splooge 16,152,438
2. RU Sheikh 11,062,006
3. IUII Gambit 8,339,126

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Updated 03-06-2012 at 01:00 PM by Silhouette

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    I think i would like to read a review written by Danzig....
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