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Drunken Fun

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TMB has been known for ages for its fun and games in the late hours of the night. Yes I am also talking about the constant sexual banter going back and forth between members but also the massive rappings going on in TMB streets. Now when we further look into mass killings or huge builds we can always look to one major contributor. ALCOHOL!!! Yep that is right ladies and gentleman, to play this game you must be a huge drunk. No just kidding but in all fairness a lot of players enjoy playing this game while intoxicated. Perhaps it does more than loosen a person up. Perhaps it makes these simple little pictures we stare at all day come to life. I know it does for me.

Here is the problem with playing this game drunk.

[list=1][*] It usually leads to some major regret the next day. Just as in real life we tend to say or do stupid shit that ends up fucking a lot more up then a blind guy guiding traffic. Alliances or friendships end up getting crushed because we started insulting their mother and dog.

[*] Your cyber sex conversations you had now come to the fore front. People message you the next day saying "Dude you were talking about sticking your dick in my ear as you humped to the song sung by Enrique Iglesias. You were just talking dirty to me and I'm a guy as well! Its fucked up"

[*] You end up realizing you have spent cash in this game and far too much! God knows I have personally done this more than I can count. For those of you that know me, when I have a whiskey night, I tend to spend far more then I should for no reason at all. Now to some this may not affect there massive amounts of cash, cough cough, Realt It does make an impact on those trying to save for that perfect dress... Not saying I wear dresses or anything.

[*] You find out that you have managed to post some stupid picture on your profile of a unicorn fucking a squirrel in which case you now end up keeping on your profile for days thus clarifying how gay you really are.

[*] You suddenly realize you have created 20 multi accounts and staff is starting to widow down to your main account.

[*] You posted on the GRD how you lost your virginity to a cousin and then denied it when brought up in public at church.

[*] All your saved up won credits and bought ones are gone and you have no extra du kills, no ops and your left standing there trying to figure out what the fuck happened to all these turns.[/list]

These are just some of the many things people end up doing when they are drunk and playing this game. I can personally say I have done just about all of these at some point. Yet I find myself coming back to this game over and over again when I'm drunk. I guess it's because it makes me feel superior then others which in all honesty is something I am only in bed. Well when I can perform that is.

My question to you all is this. What is it that you do when you’re drunk and do we think staff should involve a drunk button that blocks you from doing everything stupid in game? Nahhh, Fuck that, the game would blow harder then Julia Roberts in Pretty Women.

This is your local drunk


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Updated 03-24-2012 at 01:59 AM by Harmony

From TheMafiaBoss Players


  1. Cassius -
    Cassius's Avatar
    I sure hope you have a breathalizer attached to your car.
  2. Besttriggerman -
    Besttriggerman's Avatar
    yea court ordered ha love ya Cass
  3. MiSFiT -
    MiSFiT's Avatar
    stupid blog...and are u just bored??
  4. NuTz -
    NuTz's Avatar
    Loving the Enrique Reference

    "You can run you can hide but you can't escape my love"

  5. The_Black_Cat -
    The_Black_Cat's Avatar
    i always thought you couldn't play sober.......
  6. Cassius -
    Cassius's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Besttriggerman
    yea court ordered ha love ya Cass
    Somehow I don't think your joking! *hugs*
  7. Ophelia -
    Ophelia's Avatar
    Here's yet another question how many people will actually fess up to being a drunken fool on here? Let's call them out and confess to their idiocracies on here. I personally enjoy drunken banter from others every once in a while. Can be quite entertaining.
  8. lgerk172 -
    lgerk172's Avatar
    i cant drink i way too young but it sounds fun after u consiter that u could die,make a fool of ur self or kill others
  9. Danzig -
    Danzig's Avatar
    klick tic tock ting tang...Storm will understand
  10. Cesc -
    Cesc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by V
    i always thought you couldn't play sober.......
    hahaha Nope you can play sober as well

    i need to try this playing while dunk..
  11. MickeyS -
    MickeyS's Avatar
    Drunken fool just about sums me up. I'm usually at least a little drunk when I'm on here. Nice blog lol, made me chuckle
  12. blueniNJa -
    blueniNJa's Avatar
    you lost ur virginity to ur cousin???
  13. ELL -
    ELL's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lgerk172
    i cant drink i way too young but it sounds fun after u consiter that u could die,make a fool of ur self or kill others

    Stupid dum kid, just coz u had a drink don't make you put a gun to your own fucking head does it ! FOOL . What church have you been going to they been chattin shitttttt
  14. CrazyRuss -
    CrazyRuss's Avatar
    [QUOTE=blueniNJa;bt4928]you lost ur virginity to ur cousin??? :o[/QUOTE]

    I wonder if he was gentle. Poor trigg & poor triggs butt hole.
  15. sarge -
    sarge's Avatar
    Hahahaha where do I begin
  16. FamilyMatters -
    FamilyMatters's Avatar
    I like this blog...Made me have a good laugh...
  17. Musubi -
    Musubi's Avatar
    Holy crap, it's true! No really!
  18. blueniNJa -
    blueniNJa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ELL
    Stupid dum kid, just coz u had a drink don't make you put a gun to your own fucking head does it ! FOOL . What church have you been going to they been chattin shitttttt
    actually some idiot in one of those scandinavian countries cut his head with a chainsaw while on a drinking binge with friends and all this as another friend had just cut a toe or so...
  19. Ravenky -
    Ravenky's Avatar
    HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA VERY TRUE!! or just get a group of mates and abuse the shit out of people hahahah cause mass fights with unions and run off ;0 lmfao
  20. Relentless -
    Relentless's Avatar
    Great topic to read, especially as I am still hungover
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