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Sheikh Interview!

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Tonight I had the pleasure to sit down with not only a friend, but an influential player of TMB today. Many of you have seen his name plastered all over the hall of fame walls, but how many of you have ever taken the time to get to know the man behind the mask. Take a moment to gander at the luxurious halls of the RU palace as we settle down to meet with one of the most well known and respected members of their union. Brandy all around as we enjoy this delightful read as Splooge interviews Sheikh of the RU Clan.

Sheikh: Hello good Sir, hope you're having a good evening.

Splooge: I am, thank you. How about yourself?

Sheikh: Yeah. Came home not too long ago.

Splooge: Want a drink to help you unwind?

Sheikh: I'm drinking vodka Cheers!

Splooge: Of course you are, you Russian mobster

Sheikh: Hahaha. It’s cold out. Of Course in the summer I’d say it’s hot and still drink it

Splooge: haha :]

Well Sheikh, from all the time that I've known you, you've been one of the most respectful, reserved, but yet one of the most powerful players in this game. Recently, you've become even more so, by commanding leadership over RU and Moscow, playing with some of the most powerful people in the game at this time.

But let's start at the beginning. How and when did you find this game? And really...what made you stay?

Sheikh: It was a Holiday and I was home with the family. My cousins and I had a conversation about New York Mobs and the end of Gotti, and betrayals. Since we challenge each other about such info usually lol, I missed the name of one of the NY bosses. So logged in to Google and Typed "Mafia boss New York 1986. I believe themafiaboss.com was one of the 1st search results, so I clicked on it and saw it was a game. I was "hmmm" added it to my favorites, and continued my search. Later on that night I logged in. lol

Splooge: Awesome. Probably one of the coolest stories I've heard to date. This wasn't just random Googling because someone was bored folks. The internet really is a wealth of knowledge - gotta love it.

Ok, so you logged in later that night. What was your reaction?

Sheikh: So I logged in, and chose to start in Istanbul, I thought it's the closest to Beirut, lmao.

The 1st message was hire 1, from an IU player.

Splooge: oh no, no way hahaha

Sheikh: hahaha

Splooge: Did you fall for it?

Sheikh: hmm, I knew there was a trick behind it, so didn't do it.

The 2nd message was hire 1 or I'll f*** this and F** that. I thought this guy was serious. Lol

I hired 1000. Hahahahha

Splooge: Hmm, probably didn't help your situation either way.

Sheikh: Needless to say 59 sec after I had 0 du’s.

Splooge: Hah, yea figures. Did you at least get an invite out of the deal?

Sheikh: Yes, another player in that family messaged me if I needed an invite and I took it. I joined and asked what to do. They said someone will help me the next day.

I logged in 2 days after, and I was removed. Lol.

Splooge: Geeze. All this sounds typical, but not very accommodating to a new player.

What kept you logging in?

Sheikh: So I went to HK and got recruited by UW. Same thing, I had not much time to play and didn't know that logging in all the times was that important so I went idle for a couple days and again removed.

A week after, it was a new round. So I logged into NY and didn’t join anyone. I looked at the globals and asked Pink for invite.

He sent me to one of his Prophecy families, I was asked to build h/h till day 5 then wait for further instructions.

I did, but meanwhile I was asking for how to play. No one answered the noob.

Splooge: At this point, I would have been pretty impatient. Seems like a bunch of jackasses play this game.

Sheikh: The round passed, and I learned a little but not much, as I didn't understand how things were going.

Splooge: But alas you didn't leave..

Sheikh: The 3rd round I logged in, and I asked the boss for his username. I bought him a sub and asked him to help me. Lol.

That was the trick. Every single Brug was messaging me asking if I needed help. Lol.

Splooge: Wow! Who was the boss? Or rather the lucky guy?

Sheikh: Ytown

Splooge: Hot damn..

Sheikh: lol

Splooge: Alright then, so you were taught the game from Prophecy then?

Sheikh: Pampino helped me a lot. He taught me many things. And yes, Prophecy.

Splooge: Did you stick it out with Prophecy for a while then?

Sheikh: Yes stayed there few months, and TMK joined me, so was fun because we were cousins in the same family.

After few rounds I started asking about why they're leaving at EOR and how I can join them. NYU rule was that new players needed at least 6 month to prove themselves.

Splooge: 6 months...brutal. I bet you became the exception to the rule.

Sheikh: Yes. 3 or 4 rounds after I was ranked as an exception, Ytown gave me his invite.

Splooge: Yes, I remember TMK. In fact I met him before I met you. You would never believe you two are tangentially related. At least, I didn't at first.

Sheikh: Yes TMK is a loose cannon, always hyper and on fire.

Ytown, Huevos, TMK, and I decided to leave Prophecy because our family was making the most yet rewarded the least. We would send 75% of all prophecy totals to the bank, yet get the same amount of invites. So we left.

Splooge: Always seems to happen that way. In the long run, it is those selfish ones that end up eating their own words.

Sheikh: Yes, well our family was a looting family, however there was this one guy hiding in Istanbul, every time I logged in. I would identify my targets, ask for cash, arm, hire, travel, press attack "You have no men to make this hit."

WTH! I look at my profile: Last attacked by CocaMafiosa. Lol. Every night and day, I was his dinner, lunch and snack meals too.

Splooge: Heh, you were making him a happy camper.

Sheikh: Hahaha, but I never said anything wrong to him. I knew I was the noob and yet asked him for info, and he helped me. We became friends, so when we left Prophecy we made The Firm and moved to Istanbul.

Eck and TMK were always fighting, so to save the relation with IU, Coca and Merci, lol, we moved to HK.

Splooge: TMK, fighting? You sure?

hmm HK...yes I remember The Firm being there...bit of personal experience there, haha.

Sheikh: Haha, yes you know him better. When we went to HK, we were a looting family and back then we didn't claim the city, but UW took it personal. Kaine, Slim, Smoke, and the rest declared war and it stayed that way for a long time.

Splooge: So a war between The Firm and Underworld... With you all being looters, that really didn’t affect you all too much.

Sheikh: Not really. We had turns, as turbos were great for us, always played them with IU and RU, and always had turns for almost everyone in the family. Fyfe, Guy, Bambam, and many others. But UW played mind games that affected the new recruits.

They tried sorting it out with Moscow, and asked them to have us leave, but that was useless as we were always loyal to them.

So the war continued, but slowly its heat faded. When the new rules came into place, we started looking for a different way to have fun. Looting became a hard game with the new maxing rules.

Splooge: Well when the rules changes of 323 took place, the maxing rule wasn't the weird 2% it is now, it was 1 hit per hour still. Just all of the rule changes, in general, shook playing style up completely.

Sheikh: Then 3 or 4 rounds after the new rules took place, I saw Mr_Feldman starting RU_HQ in Moscow and he put on his profile, "RU never dies, RU will always be here."
So I told him to send me an invite, and I disbanned The Firm and took everyone to RU_HQ.

Splooge: Awesome. What was your motivation for that?

Sheikh: Mr_Feldman always was a good friend of mine. We always played together and both helped each other at EOR for many rounds, beside the fact that I always banked with CCCP and RU.

Splooge: Yes, so much can be said about Leo...great guy.

Ok, so new rules, new city, and new players to work with. What did all this mean for you?

Sheikh: Mr_Feldman asked me to help him rebuild RU, as now there's no more RU_a,b,c,d, ranking families at EOR. It's a different game style as you said, so RU_HQ became the killing family and RU_MBU and RU_Warrior the collecting families. Viking_Slap stepped in and put his efforts in making this happen also

Splooge: Ever since the MBU days, Lars has been instrumental in how Moscow ran, so his knowledge of the game was surely helpful.

So between the three of you, you shaped RU to what it is today?

Sheikh: At the time, I always admired few great killers that were spread on many families like The_Guerillas, PARA familes, and UC...like Hollywood, LK, Tripp, and many others, but you had recruited all those. Lol.

Splooge: haha. Yes when the rules changed, I did very well by assembling a team to compete with IU. But hell, I could not do it on my own, those players from other families are what did the trick.

Anyways, this is about you

Sheikh: So I tried bringing some good killers in and LK, B, Yakuza and Yayo from HKU, moved in. I didn't approach IU players about that because we were working together, and at any time they can join to help if needed. They loved Mr_Feldman and work closely with RU.

Yes, you did good, as I mentioned and I always liked the way you play. Very unpredictable and to the point in your statements.

Splooge: :] Sure enough, RU had joined the competition of the killer family ranks, and that has held true to this day.

So a question I have wanted answered, and maybe you can, maybe you can't...Why did Leo just up and quit?

Sheikh: From my understanding, TMB was taking much of his time, he decided to take a break and I believe he'll be back.

Splooge: Well that's refreshing. Glad that settles that one.  So when Leo left the game, you practically took the reins in RU, am I correct in saying that?

Sheikh: Well, Leo was the crazy one as everyone knows, before he leaves he asked me to take care of RU, but also insisted on keeping the good relation with IU. Coca was a close friend to both of us same for Eck and Chad.

Then a couple rounds after he left, Viking called in for a meeting and told everyone about the change.

Splooge: Honestly, RU and IU were close before Leo left, but it seems even more so now. Maybe just less going on behind the scenes and more of your relationship is public now.

Sheikh: The unions were introduced with the new rules, and both families joined the same union when Leo was still here.

Splooge: Yes that is true. Maybe it is just something I have noticed, or felt like I've noticed. But then again, I might be reading too much into it.

Sheikh: I think the fact that RU/IU families started surfacing in main rounds not only in turbos could be the cause.

Splooge: Maybe. I think it might have been the banking round when you both took each other’s name. RU_IU_HQ, IU_RU, etc.

But throughout these new rules, it is your family, along with IU who have truly triumphed. You all have made the most of it, whether by utilizing spending appropriately, or just having an active and well-disciplined group of players.

Sheikh: yes well, the new rules required a different game play, as you mentioned. Turns were never an issue and same for credits, so we collected when needed and killed all the time.

Splooge: As it has been said many times in the past, you all mainly capitalized on turbos first. People either don't understand, or don't have the time to play these fast paced rounds, as it can be (or at least used to be) very easy to win turns here.

Sheikh: Yes very true, I believe at some point we had 12 straight win in turbos before we gave up one.

Splooge: Goodness.

Sheikh: Turbos have almost double the amount of won turns for tiers, and we always reward the one that hard work. Since The Firm days we always tiered at least 1 or 2 players in turbo beside the family rank. And now, depending on the challenge, either tiers or family ranks.

Here I'd like to mention, that in turbos especially small capped ones challenges are always a possibility, so you have to always be ready.

Splooge: Like last round (384). But there were transfers in that round, so that was easily manageable (and obviously if you look at the past ranks).

Sheikh: yes round 384 was nice, but we had harder ones. However mains, with the relatively high cap for some players, you either expect an opportunist like Pope or some spenders teaming up.

Splooge: What is the primary reason you continue to play TMB?

Sheikh: Many times I decided to quit, the reason I keep logging in to talk to friends, see what's new (hoping for something new or some excitement). 90% of the times I log in, the action is finished or while I'm using my phone lol. I never showed off on anyone or threatened a player that I expect not to be a match but at the same time never underestimated anyone.

But if I see some action I jump in. Some of the new rules kinda discourage me sometimes, but then I look at the bright side of it.

Splooge: Ever gotten into any big build wars? Or get into a situation that was particular tough? Or maybe just something that you'll never forget?

Sheikh: A few. Not many, as when I overbuild others go idle and leave me hanging in there till when I log off. The few times it was Frank_Cali and the rest in turbos (hit the cap few times just on build offs). The rest are EOR's and the challenges I lost and/or won.

Splooge: If there was something in particular you could change, what would it be?

Sheikh: Nothing in my career, but some of the rules. Lol. Care to listen? Or are you sleepy now?

Splooge: No, I am willing to listen, and so is the rest of TMB

Sheikh: TY. I think the leveling up rule is not realistic, Maybe just going to level 2 by adding the won turns but not more, as being at Level 3 and 4 were kinda of a prestige and now they're not.

Splooge: Well it is very easy to get to Level 3 now. Only 25000 turns for Level 3, but Level 4 is the hardest to get to. It still has its prestige I think. You have to spend to get to Level 4, regardless of how many won turns you have.

Sheikh: Yes, spend 15$ to buy a 10k turns. Not the amount of money.

Splooge: lol ok yea

Sheikh: I think Level 3 and 4 when you needed to spend to get to them was different. Also the rewards for Level 4, only 2nd place would actually reward you otherwise you were losing, Unlike Level 1, 2, and 3 you gain after 4th place, I think.

That's just my view of it, also the ops should have a better protection. I personally hate ops killing and never did it, and I'm not a collector. So I expect losing my ops after every time I hire them. But for the collectors (who don’t know how to build ops) it’s a hard task.

Splooge: I am not much of a collector myself, and I hate op killing too, because for non-killers/non-looters, that’s all they have.

Sheikh: Give those whores some dildos and hustlers some condoms to defend themselves. Lol.

Splooge: lmfao. Mace & Pepper Spray. Supply the STD’s.

A killer can kill after losing their DUs, but a collector cannot collect after losing their ops

Sheikh: Maybe once the collectors loses his du’s, have half of his ops go to hideout mode and only half stays, when he rehire his ops come back, that could be unrealistic to happen but any help to those collectors can be of a good use.

Splooge: Well in turbos, when the hits go up to like 500 or 1000 turns, ops don't usually get touched or at least not that much. Seems not many are willing to spend those turns to do that.

Sheikh: Yes, that's another way. As I said, anything can be useful to help them stay playing. After all, when you ruin someone's TMB career and that one leaves, you just lost one player that can be a potential spender, helper or even just friend.

Eventually we're all here to have fun. Being on the same side, or on the opposite side is the key and purpose of this game.

Splooge: Yes, I agree with that completely. That and to make fun of Eck. That’s what we are all here for.

Sheikh: lol.

I don't. I can't keep up with his sentences. I Google their meanings sometimes.

Splooge: Haha, yes Google is amazing for deciphering. I had to use it a lot when I first met Merci. Lol.

Sheikh: Hahaha. Merci is notorious with her abbreviations.

Splooge: Alright Sheikh, is there anything else you'd like to discuss? Or would you like to start wrappin' this up?

Sheikh: I'd like to thank you, and the few players who stood by me all the time. As well as those friends who were on the other side of the game, but made my time here a good escape from real life.

LK, B, TMK, Eck, Chad, Viking_slap, Sergei, Merci, Coca, Hollywood, Tank, FM, Bomb, Antrocco, Ajax, SOE, YB, Annello, Cesaryayo, BloodyYakuza, BI, La_Princessa, Amir, Fyfe, Guy, Huevos,
Ytown, StoneCrusher, Danzig, Big_sarge, C_Note, Realt, Titus, Slim, Kain and Every RU player I forgot to mention as well as those in IU, SS, ICS, UML, WC, NYC, UC, Ronin, Phoenix, Cheese, VBP, and Omerta, friends and rivals, you make this game worth playing.

Splooge: Awesome. It was a pleasure to sit down with you finally Sheikh. You really are one of the most patient and respectful players I've met on this game.

Sheikh: Thank you Sir, I always like talking to you too. It was a pleasure.

Have a good night and thanks again.

Splooge: Thank you, you too.

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  1. KidVengeance -
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    Good job Sheikh!
  2. Friday -
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    Nice interview Sheikh

    the interviewer was not the best but you made him shine
  3. Godfather2017 -
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    Great read. Really enjoyed it.
  4. Cesc -
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    Good Read
  5. Splooge -
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    Friday don't be a dick
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    very well done on both sides.
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    Nice interviewe sheikh
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    Very good interview, nice one gents!
  9. Napier -
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuTz
    Nice interviewe sheikh
    When are you going to learn to spell? You're everything that's wrong with this country.
  10. Splooge -
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    By the way, I did have fun doing this interview. Sheikh is a busy guy, so it was hard to find the time to sit down with him. In my opinion, this interview was overdue.
  11. Antrocco -
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    Sheikh / splooge thanks for the great interview
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    very nice read. well done both
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    Wow and another home run. Great interview
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    Quote Originally Posted by Splooge
    Friday don't be a dick
    must be IU
  15. Danzig -
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    The interview would have much better if Sheikh told the story about when he tied the 7th ranked female chess player in the world. But still very interesting.
  16. Splooge -
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    I hereby challenge you to a game of chess. Regardless of what rank someone is, it's a fun game of strategy as well as demoralizing your opponent mentally.
  17. Evocator -
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    I'll Challenge the winner of that Chess game
  18. Danzig -
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    I accept your challenge...but do you realy think you can demoralize me any more then my wife does.

    Quote Originally Posted by Splooge

    I hereby challenge you to a game of chess. Regardless of what rank someone is, it's a fun game of strategy as well as demoralizing your opponent mentally.
  19. AMON -
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    Very Nice read .. great from both of you
  20. Silhouette -
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    Love the medias!

    Keep up the great work!
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