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The Mafia in the News: A Brief History on The Krays

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Today, we are featuring another article that is about Real life Gangsters. Yes, you all are awesome gangsters on The Mafia Boss, but The Kray's were interested in some real criminal activity. Here is a brief history of the life and downfall of Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

The Kray’s

Ronnie and Reggie Kray were born on 24 October 1933 in Hoxton, East London. In 1938 the family moved to 178 Vallance Road, Bethnal Green. At school they were always in trouble and people who knew them were too scared to say anything.

By the end of the 1950’s the Kray’s were involved in hijacking, armed robbery and arson, through which they acquired a few clubs and other properties. In 1960 Reggie was imprisoned for 18 months on the charge of running a protection racket and related threats. While there Ronnie was given the Esmeralda’s Barn, a nightclub in Knightsbridge. This increased there influence in the East End of London, with Celebrities rather than criminals.

In December 1966 they assisted in the escape of Frank Mitchell (the ‘Mad Axeman’) from Dartmoor Prison. He was hid in a flat in Barking Road. Being a large person with a mental disorder he was difficult to control and the need arose to get rid of him. His body was never found.

Ronnie shot and killed George Cornell in the Blind Beggar pub on the 9 March 1966. He was drinking in another pub when he heard that Cornell was in the Blind Beggar. Just before Cornell died he remarked ‘well look who’s here’. There had been a confrontation at Christmas 1965 between the Krays and the Richardson’s (there South London rivals) at the Astor Club when Cornell, an associate of the Richardson’s, referred to Ronnie as a ‘fat poof’.

The Kray’s criminal activities continued hidden behind their celebrity status and legitimate busses ness. In October 1967, four months after the suicide of Reggie’s wife Ronnie encouraged him to kill Jack the hat Mcvitie, a minor member of the Kray’s gang (The Firm), who had failed to fulfil a £1,500 contract paid to him in advance to kill Leslie Payne. Mcvitie was lured to a basement flat on the pretence of a party. On entering Reggie pointed a hand gun at his head and pulled the trigger twice but the gun failed to discharge. Ronnie then held Mcvitie in a bear hug and Reggie was handed a carving knife. He stabbed him in the face and stomach, driving it deep into his neck twisting the blade. He continued to stab him as he lay on the floor dying. Mcvitie’s body has never been found and as before, no witness came forward.

The Kray’s downfall started with the promotion of Inspector Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read to the murder squad at Scotland Yard. By the end of 1967 he had already built up evidence against them. On the 8 May 1968 the Kray’s and 15 other members of their Firm were arrested. Many witnesses came forward now there reign of terror was over. In March 1969 the twins were sentenced to Life Imprisonment with a non parole period of 30 years for the murder of Cornell and Mcvitie the longest sentences ever passed by the Old Bailey Court in London.

Ronnie died in prison on the 17 March 1995. Reggie was released on medical grounds at the age of 67 in August 2000 a result of having inoperable bladder cancer. He died on the 01 October 2000.

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