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Turbo Round 344 Review

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Turbo Round 344 : "Exhange Rate Windfall"
Turbo Round 344 was very "union oriented" and required a vast amount of teamwork to be successful in the end. We saw several teams work together in order to achieve greatness. Read as we hear from MarlieS.

[list][*]Jackpot starts at $300[*]In Family Transfers only[*]No Revenges[*]10 Per Family[*]Kills count if made in family only[*]Safebox and Family Bank enabled at 75% deposit[*]Start maxed and 3 hits every hour to max[*]Round capped at 800k won or bought turns[*]10-1 ratio on all won or bought turns added
With the 10:1 ratio back, we were sure to see some really big collects and big kill counts.

Who will K.O. the rest and take the mighty gold?

On the first day of the round, we saw a few players jump into level 3 and level 4. Perhaps someone would do a big collect in the first day, but nothing happened. No, these players tiering up were killers and built big to chase their enemies and finish them off.

Players Silver from IU_RU and Onion from Food started battling right away for the top spot in kills. It seemed as one of these two players would take the killer gold medal...

However, we forgot about UC_Nightmares. The family of UC players played to the advantage of the nighttime. When waking up on day 2, they showed their intentions to play for the medals as well.

Players Jigsaw and Pinhead from this family built big and killed millions of DUs on day 2 as well. Nobody would be able to counter these murder machines!

Player Pinhead takes the killer gold with over 17 million kills. Silver takes the silver with over 12 million kills. For the final medal, we saw a close battle between Onion from Food and Jigsaw from UC_Nightmares. At the end, Onion takes the bronze medal.

In the family killer ranks, we saw total domination from UC_Nightmares. They took the gold with over 41 million kills, leaving Food 14 million kills behind them and IU_RU at a mere 20 million kills compared to UC.

What happend with IU_RU? They CAN lose in killing! Is this the end of a long row of victories, or will they fight back hard? Let's find out in the next few rounds.

For the round victory, we saw a build from 344 in the family Vodka-and-Kebabs just 2 hours before the end. 344 built around 27 million operatives. Will he collect enough to take the round, or will we see any other players for victory?

In the last hour, 344 from Vodka-and-Kebabs collected around 400 trillion! We were waiting on a challenger, but nobody had the balls to do it. So 344 took the round before team mate Kaitlyn0.0.

In the other tiers, there was also domination from Vodka-and-Kebabs. Caveman took the level 3 silver, JCVD the level 2 gold, Bob_Coffee level 2 silver, STFU level 3 bronze, and the level 1 gold went to Hey.

Only the level 3 gold didn't go to a Vodka-and-Kebabs players. Slaughter took the gold with about 27 trillion.

The family collecting prizes where won by Vodka-and-Kebabs aswell with over 80 trillion. For the second place, there was a fight between Avengers_N_UML and SEXY-PEOPLE but in the last seconds, IU_RU took the second place with 50 trillion putting Avengers_N_UML 3th, pushing SEXY-PEOPLE to fourth.

The rules of the round predicted a total war, but in the end, only 344 went for the jackpot. A little bit disappointing for a lot of players who were pumped to see a big battle. The killers fought well, but the counts weren't that high either for a 10.1 ratio round. In the end, almost all possible medals went to the IU/RU association.

Congratulations to all players.

This is MarlieS, over and out.

Remark: If you want your "short story" in the round review blog, send in your reaction after the end of the round to MarlieS. Thank you.

-Level 4-
rank mafioso net worth
1. 344 $208,740,739,816,288
2. Kaitlyn0.0 $55,002,733,241,673
3. Nosferatu $4,208,680,709,587

-Level 3-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Slaughter $27,098,633,936,240
2. caveman $21,065,354,311,221
3. BLAH $11,669,717,059,918

-Level 2-
rank mafioso net worth
1. JCVD $31,044,828,760,831
2. BoB_Coffee $25,500,639,479,416
3. STFU $23,799,722,642,407

-Level 1-
rank mafioso net worth
1. Hey $8,001,021,140,204
2. Godfather $6,639,327,289,544
3. CASH $4,685,148,071,324

-Best Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. Pinhead 17,940,622
2. Silver 13,200,797
3. Onion 9,897,377

-collecting family-
rank family boss net worth
1. Vodka-and-Kebabs caveman $80,007,299,496,763
2. IU_RU Amber $50,124,045,983,757
3. Avengers_N_UML Awesomeness $11,265,618,108,167

-killers family-
rank family boss kills
1. UC_Nightmares Jigsaw 41,191,409
2. Food Onion 26,967,590
3. IU_RU Amber 21,188,382

Interested in writing a blog? Message Silhouette, Rain, and Crimson for details.

Updated 07-05-2011 at 11:21 PM by Silhouette

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  1. Silhouette -
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    This is our first post using the Blog function on the new forums.

    Please let us know what you think!
  2. Da_Secret -
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    Liked it better on the blog site, I mean maybe both would work? but if i had to pick 1 or the other i just prefer to click it on the main menu (directly to the blog site) rather then go through the forums to find them

    As for the blog itself congrats on the win leo
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