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Turbo Round 346 Review

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MarlieS is back again with his round review of Turbo Round 346. This is his interpretation of what happened throughout the round, and you are welcome to agree/disagree with him. If you would like to feature your own view of the round, please send your remarks to news@themafiaboss.com or leave a comment on this blog. Thank you.

Turbo Round 346 was announced as "The Battle For New York" and had the following rules:
[list][*]Jackpot starts at $300[*]In Family Transfers only[*]No leaving Families[*]No Revenges[*]10 Per Family[*]Kills count if made in family only[*]Safebox and Family Bank enabled at 75% deposit[*]Start the round maxed[*]3 hits every hour to max (Not cumulative)[*]No Range[*]One City: New York[*]Round capped at 360k won or bought turns[/list]

The rules offered several opportunities for all types of players.

There was no range so looters and killers had many more targets to hit.
There was only one city, so no one could try to run away from their enemy: it's do or die! Turbo Round 346 was capped at 360k won/bought turns.
Isn't it time for you to take a round already?

Let's find out who used his brains, saw the opportunity, finished his enemy, beat his challengers, and finished ... FIRST

On the first day, we saw the usual stuff we could expect in a turbo round with these rules: Nobody showing their intentions on a round victory, but we saw the killers again who fought another 48 hour battle for victory. Everybody remembers the easy victory of UC over IU in Turbo 344. Will they beat IU again?

Players L96A1 and PLC5500 from IU_RU_Kill_You started killing right away. Their long time enemies UC_PORN_STARS and Tigers started with them for a 2 day battle.

Already, after 2 hours IU_RU_Kill_You was leading the killer ranks. All other killer families tried to close the gap every hour, but they didn't manage to take them all round.

So the simple answer was: "No UC didn't beat them again."

We saw a nice killing round, but with a gap of 5 million kills, we could say it was another easy victory for IU.

Also for the second place, UC_PORN_STARS was very secure going in to the last hours of the round. They managed to finish around 1.7 million kills above Tigers who took the last family medal. But...look who was 4th, UC_Killers!

What happened in the management of UC? We could all see that they just wanted to rank with 2 families, but UC_Killers had 13 million kills as well. That's 7 million more then the 5th place. We could say they failed because if they had a good combination of their 2 families, they could have won, right?

Looking back to the individual killer medals, we saw a victory for Private_Deep. He killed 6.5 million DU's and beat players L96A1 and PLC5500 from IU_RU_Kill_You. Also notable is the 4th place of I_Missed_Vicarious, hold his name in your mind!

The collecting stuff at the end of the round was very close. We saw mulitple players in the same ranges only divided by a couple of billions. The jackpot battle was very close between players 1149, Don_Of_New_York, and I_Missed_Vicarious. In the end it was I_Missed_Vicarious that secured the victory with 1.7 trillion as a tribute to his fallen friend in the game.

Don_Of_New_York from the family Our_City finished second and 1149 third.

A very risky victory ....I_Missed_Vicarious ain't scared and has a lot of confidence I guess. Look to the level 3 winner, Kalle_Blomkvist! A "round coup" was just around the corner, this player could have won aswell. There was only 1 billion difference. The other level winners were Rustler in level 2 and 1966_427_Cobra in level 1.

In the collecting family ranks SnapCracklePop toke the gold with 2.9 trillion. IU_RU_Turbo finished second with 1.8 trillion and TMB_NYU_346 took the last medal with 1.5 trillion.

So that's what we call a close, exciting round for a lot of players. Hopefully we see some more of this in the next months! And of course we can't forget, RIP Vicarious

Congratulations to the winners in the round,


-Level 4-
1. I_Missed_Vicarious $1,697,716,326,850
2. Don_Of_New_York $1,565,220,821,016
3. 1149 $1,492,154,098,871
-Level 3-
1. Kalle_Blomkvist $1,696,771,120,003
2. Mirage $942,845,911,075
3. U_KNOW_ME $879,326,337,520
-Level 2-
1. Rustler $1,086,094,068,872
2. FuZZie $631,858,123,418
3. Jack_West_Jr $436,356,244,274
-Level 1-
1. 1966_427-Cobra $1,206,857,273,437
2. Lithium $1,065,161,176,822
3. AcidBurn $955,281,943,081
-Best Killers-
1. Private_Deep 6,456,473
2. L96A1 5,214,349
3. PLC5500 4,501,370
-collecting family-
1. SnapCracklePop $2,927,914,497,500
2. IU_RU_TURBO $1,879,226,642,604
3. TMB_NYC_346 $1,536,549,973,610
-killers family-
1. IU_RU_Kill_You 20,227,696
2. UC_PORN_STARS 15,021,550
3. Tigers 13,297,156

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Updated 07-20-2011 at 04:08 PM by Silhouette

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