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Turbo Round 358 : "Victory for Eck"

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What an exciting round. With killers and looters on the loose all round it is hard telling what will become of this escalated chaos. Collectors trying to hide in the shadows protecting their ops while killers with their one track thinking attacking anything in their path. In the end it truly was a victorious win.

The rules of the round whereas following:
[LIST][*] Jackpot at $300[*] 5 Per family[*] No Revenge[*] Transfers in Family Only (Manual and Auto)[*] Leaving families allowed[*] 10% deposit in family bank or Safebox[*] Start maxed and 5 hits per hour to max[*] Family Killer Ranks: Kills count if made in family only[*] Round capped at 360k bought or won turns[/LIST]

Although there are only transfers allowed in the family, banking is still possible for the unions due to the "leave family" rule. Good teamwork will be needed in this round!

The first day of the round was the preparation day for most players. They hire hustlers with their turns to collect later in the round or they use them to loot money so they have a good range for the last day where more money is available. The killers start right away as usual. We see Call_OF_Duty_MW3, UC and RugbyWorldCup battling for the killer ranks. Player DEMO already built on the first day over 1 million operatives and collected over 500 billion.

Going in to the last day we overview the prizes half a day before the end of the round and we see DEMO is still alone in Level 4. This player has a net worth off 448 billion and is waiting on a challenger maybe. Level 3 has been well "populated" since the introduction of the new sub and also this turbo that is the fact. Player Stripper already has over 4 trillion. He's banking for his current family. Far behind we see SamKiller with 763 billion and Hefner is currently 3rd with 446 billion. The last places that give some turns are for Gambit and Gabriel so far.

In level 2 there are no big amounts at all. Players Hot_Fudge, Skitso, and ym2 fill the top 3 but all have an amount between 27 and 20 billion. The_Oppressor is leading level 1 with a net worth off 265 billion before players Cow and TheTaxCollector.

In the killer prizes player Karma is leading with almost 8 million kills. He's leading over 2.7 million kills on players SLAM and Thor. kingston and babbo complete the current top 5. Looking in to the family ranks we see Knuckles leading with 1.2 trillion, they are followed far behind by FIVE_POINT_GANG and Disney_Pals, all looking good for Knuckles so far. In the killer family prizes Call_OF_Duty_MW3 is leading with 13.3 million kills before RugbyWorldCup (13.2 million kills) and UC_DrunKnDisorderly with 8 million kills. It seems as the battle will go here between the first two families.

Going in to the last hours of the round a "correction" is needed. The killer family battle is not going between Call_OF_Duty_MW3 and RugbyWorldCup alone, we see another family on the front, VooDoo! This family was not even in the top 5, 12 hours before the round but they are coming very fast now.
Under war commanders, babbo and JJ the VooDoo family jumps to the first place in no time, closing a gap over 9 million on RugbyWorldCup who were currently leading just before end of round. Call_OF_Duty_MW3 lost ground because they booted Mr_AkA_JiNgLes and this player had a participation of 3.3 million kills in their total. In the meanwhile the "Splash" of VooDoo is too big, nobody can counter anymore and they take the gold with 19.8 million kills! RugbyWorldCup takes the silver with 16.8 million kills and Call_OF_Duty_MW3 takes the bronze.

In the individual killer ranks babbo surprised everyone with the late upcoming of VooDoo and he took the gold with 8.8 million kills, closely followed by SLAM (8.7 million kills) and Karma closes the podium with 8.1 million kills. The top 5 is filled by thor and kingston.

All families are getting there cash in now and banking up. Once again we see LostBoys on the front! With half an hour to go they take the lead in the collecting family ranks with over 4 trillion. In the meanwhile players Stripper from Lostboys_BOMB and Ronson are the only notable players in Level 4 who could go for the win. In the end nobody can do anything about the allied forces off Ronson, 911 and CheckMate. In the end we can use the term "CheckMate". Ronson (better known as Eck) takes the win with 26 trillion! Stripper takes the silver with 5 trillion and larry completes the podium. Players CheckMate and 911 fill the rest of the top 5.

In level 3 SamKiller, another player of Lostboys_BOMB takes the gold with 7.5 trillion. GABRIEL ended 2nd with 6.1 trillion and Timber takes the bronze with 3.1 trillion. Stella_Artois and Gambit are the last "turns" rankers. Level 2 is perhaps one of the most animated levels in turbo rounds. It's a real chaos of players jumping in it in the last minutes. The "lucky" winner of this lottery was Cow with an amount of 1.36 trillion ending 200 billion before Lilac and 300 billion before Yogi_Bear. Panchero and Skull complete the top 5 and were very close to the bronze. One of the biggest amounts in all levels was the 4.4 trillion of DO_ME_GD in level 1 taking a superb victory before honeybadger who also had a nice 2.38 trillion and ageha.

The collecting family ranks changed a lot in the last half an hour. LostBoys_BOMB went for the tiers and will end 5th with 2.4 trillion. One place above them we find the_burgers with 2.47 trillion. Well they just didn't make it for the podium so no burger party for them I guess Disney_Pals who were already at 3rd position 12 hours before the end of the round maintained to keep that place with an amount of 2.6 trillion. The victory was for LOST_in_turbo with 4.4 trillion and their friends 13_Omerta took the silver with 3.2 trillion.

No big fight this time in turbo, therefore it was boring. Once again we see the supremacy of IU and RU, but the family win was for Omerta, and the killer win for Untouchables. Together with this, Lostboys proved again they have something to say. This upcoming family has made huge improvements last rounds. Time will show, but they might take a round soon. Let's find out later.

Have a nice day all

Congratulations to all players, MarlieS

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Ronson $26,207,447,112,699
2. Stripper $5,048,982,802,774
3. larry $4,472,061,012,177

-Level 3-

rank mafioso net worth
1. SamKiller $7,501,170,318,000
2. GABRIEL $6,130,341,661,142
3. Timber $3,182,115,500,842
-Level 2-

rank mafioso net worth
1. Cow $1,364,919,265,548
2. Lilac $1,146,658,010,896
3. Yogi_Bear $1,055,384,970,904
-Level 1-

rank mafioso net worth
1. DO_ME_GD $4,416,391,387,901
2. honeybadger $2,382,214,394,208
3. ageha $1,996,516,936,057

-Best Killers-

rank mafioso DUs Killed
1. babbo 8,844,199
2. SLAM 8,731,029
3. Karma 8,131,596

-collecting family-

rank family boss net worth
1. LOST_in_turbo Five $4,395,770,323,376
2. 13_Omerta JoKeR $3,210,064,377,599
3. Disney_Pals Mickey_Mouse $2,610,776,126,640
-killers family-

rank family boss kills
1. VooDoo JJ 19,864,759
2. RugbyWorldCup Karma 16,862,625
3. Call_OF_Duty_MW3 CODMW3 14,230,264

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  1. NuTz -
    NuTz's Avatar
    Good round congrats Eck a nice win.

    Yes killing was fun that round was a fun last few hours

  2. Storm -
    Storm's Avatar
    Good win Eck. Very well played.

    Congrats to all winners!
  3. Kenzie -
    Kenzie's Avatar
    congrats Eckster.
  4. Ravenky -
    Ravenky's Avatar
    Eck is the best- i think he done a 'sound' performance haha! he is such a champ!! xx
  5. MichaelJ -
    MichaelJ's Avatar
    Lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo @ Jingles !!!!!!

    Call_OF_Duty_MW3 booted Mr_AkA_JiNgLes

    What happened bro????

    lol at you friend

  6. xXxMarlieSxXx -
    xXxMarlieSxXx's Avatar
    No further comment
    Updated 09-15-2011 at 06:10 PM by xXxMarlieSxXx
  7. 66669999 -
    66669999's Avatar
    Who cares?
  8. Fucknuts -
    Fucknuts's Avatar
    lo at jingles
  9. Eli_462 -
    Eli_462's Avatar
    congrats!!! you had the most people send you transfers. awesome Job so impressive
  10. Napier -
    Napier's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eli_462
    congrats!!! you had the most people send you transfers. awesome Job so impressive
    I'm not sure 1 is the most.
  11. xXxMarlieSxXx -
    xXxMarlieSxXx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Napier
    I'm not sure 1 is the most.
    I'm not sure either ..
  12. Magnolia -
    Magnolia's Avatar
    Title is a little misleading since this was barely considered a victory (achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties) considering no one was really challenging.. we'll see the next few reviews if they will be titled for every JP winner.

  13. AMON -
    AMON's Avatar
    Congrats ECK
  14. Danzig -
    Danzig's Avatar
    Jingles, you must have been a huge pain in the ass for your family to boot you and give up almost 3 mill in kills. What did you do?
  15. xXxMarlieSxXx -
    xXxMarlieSxXx's Avatar
    Simply Jingles was so stupid to join a IU family who wanted to give him a but of his own gameplay and that was what happend.
  16. The_Black_Cat -
    The_Black_Cat's Avatar
    who's eck?
  17. The_Dudes -
    The_Dudes's Avatar
    yawn yawn yawn
  18. Friday -
    Friday's Avatar
    Dudes instead of Yawning why dont you actually try and take a turbo instead of sitting on the sidelines looking for handouts from Nino
  19. jackey -
    jackey's Avatar
    OH WELL...
    Updated 09-17-2011 at 10:24 PM by jackey
  20. The_Black_Cat -
    The_Black_Cat's Avatar
    who is friday?

    another one broke out of the institute for mentally challenged?
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