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Media Maker's Mayhem Contest Submissions are Finally Here!

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Hello one, hello all! The time has finally arrived!
It is time to view the submissions for our Second Media Maker's Mayhem Contest!!! Below you will find links to each of the submissions. Those links will take you to a Photobucket website where you can easily view the submitted medias.

In the next main round, we will hold a poll on the main menu where you can vote for your favorite media.

Don't just vote for your friends submission, but vote for the absolute best! We are trying to find the maniacal, most ingenious, most creative, and most excellent media out there, and eleven brave individuals sent up their work to be judge by the players of The Mafia Boss.

These players put their blood, sweat, and tears into this project, so do not discard any submission lightly! I bet you couldn't do what they did, because I know I can't...and I've done just about everything...including Storm.

Just a friendly reminder, here are the fabulous prizes for the top five medias:

Prizes: [LIST=1][*] First place: 50k Won Turns and On-Profile Contest Winners Badge[*] Second place: 35k Won turns[*] Third place: 20k Won turns[*] Fourth place: 10k Won Turns[*] Fifth Place: 5k Won turns[/LIST]

And without further ado...here are the links to the entries of the Second Media Maker's Mayhem Contest:
[list=1][*] Evil_Devil

Thank you for viewing each of these submissions. The artist will be very happy to see what all you thought of them.

Interested in writing a blog? Message Silhouette and Harmony for details.

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Updated 11-03-2011 at 01:08 AM by Harmony

The Boss Speaks


  1. ShorTerMemory -
    ShorTerMemory's Avatar
  2. ShorTerMemory -
    ShorTerMemory's Avatar
    hahaha maybe i still do have a shot at winning something
  3. Storm -
    Storm's Avatar
    LOL There are some great submissions here and some very funny ones also. Thanks to all who entered, good job. We will post the poll early next round.
  4. xXxMarlieSxXx -
    xXxMarlieSxXx's Avatar
  5. AMON -
    AMON's Avatar
    Hey Poper54 why are you using my media?? i made that for you and you didn`t have the decensy to ask me first ...
  6. Dude007 -
    Dude007's Avatar
    Vote for Me
  7. Shame -
    Shame's Avatar
    LOL wasnt the rule made by the submitter?....minimum half of them arent...and nice to see an old moscz media again
  8. Bobby -
    Bobby's Avatar
    lol.... My stuff is better than half these... and I suck.
  9. Evil_Devil -
    Evil_Devil's Avatar
    @ Amon

    Does that mean Poper is disqualified ? The rules stated that the media must be ORIGINAL and not copied exactly.
  10. AMON -
    AMON's Avatar
    i think he should be disqualified
  11. Haggs -
    Haggs's Avatar
    Some of these are poor. It's probably gonna be a popularity contest anyway.
  12. Shame -
    Shame's Avatar
    isnt Dudes media made by Moszcowiz....not sure....tell us
  13. Magnolia -
    Magnolia's Avatar
    Sorry but none of these are worth 50k won turns ($100 equivalent in bought turns). Voting obviously won't be on quality seeing as it's pretty non-existent. May the best vote-whore win!
  14. KidVengeance -
    KidVengeance's Avatar
    Yep prize amounts should be lowered due to lack of quality
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