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NEVER PHASED: Blood In Blood Out

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In the world of The Mafia Boss, wars are something of the norm. But in the new era of TMB, a different type of war has caused what we used to believe was normal, to be a thing of the past. No more do we see whole cities attacking one another, claiming turf or superior power. No, instead, we see wars fought for control of ranks, medals, and the “all-so-knowing” round rotations. These past few rounds have been nothing different than that.

Talks of how Omerta has gone downhill have seemed to spark a fire under their butts. They have been ranking in the top 10 and killing those doubters, trying to show that it’s going to take far more than a few hits to make them go away. The most recent and prime example is that Nino came into round 361 with a vengeance for the past rounds that have been stolen from him. He built up and killed the entire Untouchables family in less than 45 minutes, leaving only Realt alive in his rampage. This surely has pissed off the Untouchables family which, in retaliation, seem to be going down the list killing anyone that has or has been know to have any association with Omerta.

I felt I needed to look further into this drama with Omerta. They have been getting smashed by just about everyone in the game yet continue to put up one hell of a fight. So I thought the best way to see how they feel about everyone saying they are old news was to hit up the streets of Palermo myself. I grabbed my whiskey and my handgun, then hopped on a plane to the land that started it all.

I was greeted by two mobsters MissMack and Tonydefalco. As I got patted down for weapons, (not gonna lie kind of liked it ) I asked a simple question,
“Are you going to kill me?”
Simple response back was,
“No, but we should since you are an Untouchable.”
I thought to myself, “Thank God I’m here on unofficial business and just trying to get the stories straight.” After we sat down and a glass of only the finest scotch was poured, I asked them both just 3 simple questions.

Besttriggerman: How do you feel, now that everyone is saying Omerta is dead?

MissMack: To be honest, I don't really feel that much anymore when I hear those words. It's been said so many times before over the past year yet we are still hear having this conversation so... If had to choose a word to describe how I feel though, I'd say.. amused :-)

Besttriggerman: IS there ever a point you can see Omerta closing its doors?

TonydeFalco: No. No I don't. Omerta is a strange beast. Much like the true meaning of Omerta ,(still hotly debated today by Italian historians and linguists) Omerta the TMB union has taken on a sort of mythical quality in it's existence, (which I admit sometimes leaves newcomers feeling a little bit let down in it's current form due to so many veteran members not being currently active) but, is none the less still ever present within the game and often still makes a mark on the results tables.
The problem, and consequently the reason behind our chat today, is that the whole landscape of the game has changed so dramatically in recent months due to the major rule changes.
This basically resulted in the entire mechanics of the 13 union/bank as it was, being made redundant almost over night. As we all know, the 13 bank under Pops management was a very successful, money making conglomerate based in Palermo. Sicily became one big rank factory at the very height of it's power :-) Then BANG! The rules changed :-(
Suddenly, the bankers and supporters who had worked so hard to take Omerta to the top, had to adapt to the new rules. Some have, some are still adapting and unfortunately, others weren't able to and decided to leave the game altogether
This wasn't just bad for Omerta, it was bad for our game as whole. Whether you are UC, IU, RU or any other faction. This game needs active players if not to support you and work with then to kill, loot, out collect and verbally abuse lol. No players = no TMB
Anyways, like I said though. Fortunately, some have adapted. The top echelon of the organization, Veteran members like Pops, Nino, The_Dudes, Marge, Stinger ( to name just the boss’s and consigliere's!) are still around. Many other key members of the old 13 bank are still playing with UML, ICS and other former union families. As for the Brugliones of Omerta, I can name at least enough reliable Omerta people to fill 2 or even 3 family's and we are gaining new members all the time. Maybe they are currently active, maybe not; but the point is they're still around. Enduring friendships and loyalties were made in those days and there is still very much a close cooperation between these factions which I hope will continue for many rounds to come. :-)
I guess my message to our games community is, Omerta ain’t dead. We're just sleeping off the hangover :-)

Besttriggerman: What do you see in Omerta’s future you two?

MissMack: Well, the good thing about being down is that the only other way is up lol. Seriously now though, as I have said previously, the top, middle and bottom elements of Omerta are still very much alive and kicking so there is absolutely no reason why it cannot be whole again.

Tonydeflaco: New blood is coming in every round, family ranks at EoR are by no means uncommon and tier medals are still being won so to a lesser degree, business is continuing as usual.

I personally think that, the introduction of union prize's (if it ever happens lol) will be a big shot in the arm for ALL the games big unions. These new prize's and medals will give union members of all levels a new goal to compete and strive for. Competition is good because it inspires feelings of pride, unison, and worth. TMB is a team game and Omerta is a great team.

The future... Bring it on :-)
I was let out of the secret location unharmed. They might have dropped me on the side of the road after an all-night blindfolded trip away from their territory... But I can’t say I was shocked by the answers that were given. Omerta families have been known to be extremely loyal. They are one of the longest running unions for a reason. Who's to say what the future brings not only for this family but the rest of the game. One thing is for sure, this war with Omerta is not going to end any time soon. Its been going on for ages now, anticipate more bloodshed.

Until next time fellow TMBers, this is Besttriggerman checking out.

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  1. Titus_Pullo -
    Titus_Pullo's Avatar
    Untouchables do not hate Omerta. We would honestly hate to see them go as they are a staple of the tmb community. This is a game & things happen...
    Earlier this round Nino made his choice to kill ops so retaliated.
    This is the letter I sent to Stinger who is pretty much the number 2 in Omerta behind Pops who I wish was around & hope to see him soon.

    sent to Stinger "7 days, 17 hours, 43 minutes, and 38 seconds ago" send message
    To: Stinger
    CC: realt,

    I understand your feelings & I wish I could help. I honestly consider you & Pops good friends & I am sure that this can eventually be worked out.
    Nobody in our fam were targeting your ops until ours were hit. They were hit hard I might add.
    Millions of purchased ops. I know Nino has a very valid reason to be upset with me still but it was something that had to be done on my end & I did my best to explain my actions to him.
    That's all I can do.
    Because of Nino's actions for this round we have ordered all UML,Avenger, & unfortunately Omerta's ops killed. Next round will be a new round & we can try again.
    I do apologize that things escalated to this point & I hope you can get the most long-lasting family/union in the game back & running. I would hate to see Omerta disappear & that is real talk.

    Now is that not respecting your frienemy?
  2. Mr_Hustler -
    Mr_Hustler's Avatar
    Nice work trigger
  3. Kenzie -
    Kenzie's Avatar
    you showed the full game how you respect people titus. and dont worry we wont upset you by leaving. it will take more than your ego to get rid of us
  4. Carmonator -
    Carmonator's Avatar
    Great blog, this is what the TMB community wants to see
  5. jackey -
    jackey's Avatar
    Omerta isn't going anywhere.
    Updated 10-06-2011 at 05:09 PM by jackey
  6. Titus_Pullo -
    Titus_Pullo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kenzie
    you showed the full game how you respect people titus. and dont worry we wont upset you by leaving. it will take more than your ego to get rid of us
    I am actively playing & posting on forums to a online mafia game & you think I have a ego? Child please.

    If you even read my last post you would notice the lack of cocky I am greater then thou attitude.

    Perception is your reality. I respect those that respect me & I won't debate that.
  7. sobb -
    sobb's Avatar
    can i joun the famley
  8. Kenzie -
    Kenzie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Titus_Pullo
    I am actively playing & posting on forums to a online mafia game & you think I have a ego? Child please.

    If you even read my last post you would notice the lack of cocky I am greater then thou attitude.

    Perception is your reality. I respect those that respect me & I won't debate that.

    id say yes you have an ego, your profiles over the past few rounds have showed a very cocky attitude and respect would have been you not agreeing to something in the first place rather than agreeing to it. then after a few rounds/ family wins here and there. deciding you didnt agree with it. did you do the respectful thing? id say speak out? say this isn't for us no longer? nope you did the shadiest thing. disrespected someone for your own pleasure then managed to turn it all around on an innocent party as if they was to blame to cure all the guilt that you all had stemmed up. yet you call me a child..............................
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