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Turbo Round 372: Nobody Likes a Thief, but Everyone Likes to Be a Thief

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Big builds, huge kills, ranks changing from one minute to the next - what an exciting Turbo Round 372 shaped up to be! With the global economy in turmoil, TMB issued a bailout of a 10:1 ratio on all bought or won credits added to the round.

The other rules of the round were as follows:
[list][*]Jackpot starts at $300 
[*] 5 Per family 
[*] Auto and Manual Transfers Allowed 
[*] Cannot Leave/Disband families 
[*] Family Collector Ranks: Only Cash in Family Bank counts 
[*] Family Killer Ranks: Kills count if made in Family only 
[*] Start maxed and 20% of Net worth Damage per hour to max 
[*] No Revenge 
[*] 5 % deposit in Family Bank or Safe Box Only 
[*] Round capped at 180k Bought or Won turns only
All was quiet on the TMB turbo front...for the first hour of the round. After the first TOH, we saw some early builders. Superman and VII both built millions of DUs each, collecting trillions. Did they think they were safe? Did they think they were Untouchable? Well, perhaps these players were.

As is customary in any ratio round, big builds start early and continue sporadically throughout the round. And all the while, killers from mostly IU and UC knocking them down shortly after they build. We saw some killing from Santa in Clauwau, a few players in D_N_F, but other than that, it was IU vs UC all the way.

Back and forth the killers went. Kill_You-over-over from IU and Mr.Orange from UC went head to head for the first stretch of the round, staying pretty close in kills. Kill_You-over-over snatched the lead and ran with it, racking up over 17 million kills. It didnít seem like anyone would past him. Sure enough, the round wasnít over yet.

Within the course of the first day, one of the initial big builders VII was taken down. IU was able to snag some considerable kills off this target. However, Superman was built like a tank and wasnít harmed, even later on in the round when money switched hands.

In the early hours of the second day, banks popped up. Mr_Eight from ICS ran a successful bank. His intentions were clear: Practice for the up and coming Banking Round! Hope this practice paid off! Holder, Maxer, TOH...these terms will be of use again, so time to dust off your Banking Tutorial guides everyone!

No one likes a thief, but everyone wants to be one! With 20% damage per hour to max, looting was at full force. Money quickly changed hands between looters, killers, and collectors alike thanks to the careful and calculating hits from looters throughout the game. Practically everyone was a looter in this round! No revenge made it perfect to get away with whatever hits you might have made. Itís all about making that money money money!!

With only 18 hours in the round left, Kill_You-over-over was still in the lead by several million kills. Other IU players had crept up, done their damage, and sitting pretty in the supporter killing ranks. All the while, UC were racking up kills in the free killer ranks.

Whatís This?! All of the sudden, Cappadonna comes out of nowhere, building close to 10 million DUs and begins slaughtering all over globals. Shooting out of the shadows, this player quickly racked up nearly 15 million kills, passing players in kills in a matter of minutes! Who was this player? Turns out they were repping a UC flag under the family BiTcHeZ_FrOm_Da_HoOd. It seemed there was no way he would be stopped, wiping out all the DUs of his competition as he rose to the top. As this player sat high in globals with million of DUs to spare, there were no longer any targets. Dropping networth, this player logged off and circumstantially lost all of their remaining DUs - losing their chance to overtake Kill_You-over-over.

About this time, a player named Fartman tiered up, hired nothing but pure DUs and was quickly giving the trillions that our friend Superman was sitting on. What a smart move! No one could out-build him to kill him effectively, so the money was safe with him. Such a move gave no opportunity for a challenge in this round, Fartman goes on to win Turbo Round 372!

Just a few more things can be said about killing. IU might have swept 3 out of 5 of the supporter killing ranks, but UC took all 5 of the free player killing ranks! TimeChange from IU beat out Mr.Orange from UC for the gold by just 30k kills. WOW! A calculated move flung TimeChange into the lead with Mr.Orange unable to catch up.

The final hour came. Although there was no challenge for the JP, the lower tiers were constantly bouncing back and forth as players got maxed, added their turns, and started their collect. Trillions were flying around like airplanes in the sky! Thanks to transfers in this turbo round, tiers were easily set by Fartman and Co. which turned out to be Danzig and the Untouchables. Other collectors in RU/IU did some serious damage to the collecting ranks as well thanks to their organization! Hitsquad, wow! They snagged the gold in both LVLs 1 and 2, congratulations!

We now hear from a first time ranking player, who was Tito-Delucci in the turbo round. He snagged his first ever medal with a LVL 1 bronze. Congratulations to you sir!

Quote Originally Posted by Tito-Delucci
The turbo round went pretty well. When I first logged in I had the idea of going killing. But I received orders from RayRay to collect or loot; no killing. It was fun looting. I looted a hell of a lot, but got looted myself. It was a great round, but towards the end some misunderstandings grew. It ended up well and all was solved. It was just 5 minutes before EOR that it was decided that I go for the silver medal: that is second place in level 1. But in the last 20 seconds, nine went to first and I was pushed to third.
It was good and it feels great to win my first medal!! It's exciting.
See something left out? Add to the review by leaving your comment below! Congratulations to all winners!

-Level 4-
1. Fartman $54,343,647,180,812
2. SUPERMAN $27,516,106,581,096
3. TimeChange $10,014,978,724,818

-Level 3-
1. Hanibal $45,119,701,407,965
2. Blue $35,162,080,802,226
3. NomNom $31,456,626,249,933

-Level 2-
1. Kiki_Dee $15,002,191,213,071
2. raunch $10,003,147,230,819
3. FLO $8,880,168,943,667

-Level 1-
1. daddy_nine $12,174,480,176,000
2. leakest_wink $11,089,286,770,322
3. Tito-Delucci $4,215,830,829,243

-Best Supporter Killers-
1. TimeChange 18,611,080
2. Mr.Orange 18,576,081
3. Kill_You-over-over 17,361,787

-Best Free Killers-
1. Mr.White 2,966,023
2. Turkey 2,227,141
3. Bannout 1,948,263

-collecting family-
1. TITANIUM-HEROES $16,809,428,000,000
2. Try_us $8,593,312,596,885
3. world $6,357,889,850,397

-killers family-
1. DotA 34,515,343
2. Kennel_Club 29,563,954
3. UC_Reservoir_Dogs 27,879,364

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Updated 11-23-2011 at 05:47 AM by Silhouette

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  1. Homicide -
    Homicide's Avatar
    Nice review. Congrats to all the winners.

    Is this written by Marlies?
  2. Silhouette -
    Silhouette's Avatar
    Hi Homicide, no this review was not written by MarlieS.
  3. Storm -
    Storm's Avatar
    Well written review and congrats to all who those won awards.
  4. Kenzie -
    Kenzie's Avatar
    yep very nice review
  5. johngottimaballs -
    johngottimaballs's Avatar
    bring marlieS back as although this person makes a good try at doing wot they do marlieS does it in so much more style ,,so no disrespect but you cannot touch the marlieS claws PURRRRR
  6. Homicide -
    Homicide's Avatar
    ooh thanks for the reply Silhouette. This is the only review i have seen all type of things covered and other level players & families were also included. So I asked. thanks. Very nice review
  7. johngottimaballs -
    johngottimaballs's Avatar
    a silly cunt" and have come up short on the gold , this round with splooge running his yapper

    about how uc had 2 family rank last time Iu decided it was time to put all you Kunts In
    Place !We started 2 killer fams TMK and Lopov headed both and well from the start it was Over
    for any1 else wishing on family gold or silver . For killer gold It was tough started out ok
    Kept the lead for a little then came on next day and bang out of the lead by 13 mill, worked
    some things out on targets with fam members and It was off to kill everything in sight .It was
    close to the end But Mr.Orange was in the lead till 15 minutes left then I found a few targets
    as he was protecting and I couldn't kill his ass ,And for the record I was protecting when he
    killed me !!!but Iu always has some tricks and we got it done at the end Thanks
    to ECkkY ,Lopov,marlies,seb,Coca,johnny ,Merci,Rider,TMK , Attila,shell,Ray,9mm,chad ,Davidd
    and all of IU/RU great bunch of Kunts Oh and of Course SilentBoB is GoDplus storm saying they was a header problem but it cost I.U nearly 1mill in du,s saying we was maxed and we was not ,,no copo just kills to u,c ,,so lets have it rite the review is not accurate at all
  8. MichaelJ -
    MichaelJ's Avatar
    Damn Splooge you did a good job with all your families ranking in turbo! Maybe next time you wont get them to boost and kill me :P
  9. MichaelJ -
    MichaelJ's Avatar
    Congrats on your silver by the way
  10. Silhouette -
    Silhouette's Avatar

    You post on every review the same statement practically about MarlieS. Why don't you ask MarlieS yourself why they no longer write reviews for the rounds? You might be surprised at the answer.
  11. xXxMarlieSxXx -
    xXxMarlieSxXx's Avatar
    Give the new boys a chance. I'm not returning soon but never say never.

    At least this was a review. The other ones were indeed crap and shit, but this one is looking like how it should be. Not saying it's perfect but close to it.

    Good review
  12. Danzig -
    Danzig's Avatar
    I thought it should have been all about me. lol
  13. Friday -
    Friday's Avatar
    Nice review

    One thing was missing , or more than one actually

    it mentions how UC won all free killers etc
    like the last turbo review it mentioned UC won silver and bronze killing families medals

    This round IU won gold and silver in killers families but no mention ? why , because its a UC player doing the reviews ?

    where Smyth4life this round to say how good UC are and how bad IU are

    If you are looking to compare then note how iu/ru had three of the top 5 collecting families and the top 2 killer families and numerous collecting tiers and killers tiers , except the free tiers of course

    well done to all who helped and ranked
  14. mjd -
    mjd's Avatar
    best review in awhile (sure it wasnt marlies)
  15. Vegeta -
    Vegeta's Avatar
    Bitchez from da hood, were UC, thats news to me.
  16. Vegeta -
    Vegeta's Avatar
    and good job michael, only if you had more time.
  17. Smith4Life -
    Smith4Life's Avatar
    How thoughtful of you to bring me up.

    Love you too. xoxo
  18. Eli_462 -
    Eli_462's Avatar
    IU_Defensive - you IU boys and girls don’t have to thank me for the awesome name, it is what I do! It sums up IU personality perfectly. I mean really, I love reading the comments on these round reviews.

    Please don’t take my word for it go back and read them, I guarantee you will laugh.

    Who are you guys trying to convince? Because I am sold! IU will do whatever it takes to win credits and collect medals including: not sleeping, calling in sick to work or school, canceling social appointments, etc…

    But what is it that you guys want for this? Is it recognition? Isn’t that what the medals are for????????????

    Medals are obviously not enough so I will give you written praise .. IU is the best at staying up all night and day and clicking a mouse button , they have the best finger dexterity and commitment at doing nothing else but killing for hours and hours and hours and hours.

    I hope this is good enough for all of you defensive IU players. Finally some recognition!!!!!!!!!!! There it is but please keep writing comments and telling me what IU did in the round because it’s the funniest thing about tmb lately.
  19. MichaelJ -
    MichaelJ's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vegeta
    Bitchez from da hood, were UC, thats news to me.
    Bitchez from da hood is that family MichaelNMarkRKickAss in main

    They were only a family of 4 where 3 of them ranked in top 5, I think that might be a good upcoming kick ass family, what do you think?

    If only people had balls like who ever cappadonna was, people could rack up millions of kills with easseeeeeeeeeeeee

    Mark is also quite sexy, but not as much me :P
  20. Gambit -
    Gambit's Avatar
    LOL I love it how everyone always brings up how they have lives but IU doesnt LMAO. Easy cop out argument. Anyways congrats to the players and congrats on the silver splooge. You caught me a few times in turbo and did a good job nice round to everyone.
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