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    Originally posted by Marco_The_Bull View Post

    You're like that typical overinflated football fan that always screams "WE BEAT YOUR ASSS!" when your team wins. Jumping up and down in excitement watching the confetti fly while you're standing in your apartment living room. Glowing with pride.
    Your team won, but you didn't even play.
    "No, "WE" didnt win, THEY won", everyone else is saying.
    Then your team's quarterback pulls a "Joe Theisman" and breaks his leg in all the places. Broken and embarrassed, he goes into retirement, to never be seen again. Now you keep your favorite team shirt in your closet. No pride, just dreams and wishes. No wins. You've gone silent. Watching and hoping for a "hail mary".
    Now a new quarterback has joined and all of a sudden, you're dreaming of another super bowl title. Once again, you're all cheers, but you still don't play yourself. Just sit back and say "WE" and it's really always THEM!

    But I'm just here for the commercials anyway.

    You get it. I like the Theisman reference because Drifters egos have been broken much like Joe's leg, but looks like Ted's is giving them a handicap parking placard to make it easier for them. That Teds is a nice boy.


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      This is by far the best post so far this year!!! Im litterally rollin on the floor on this on one!!!


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        Originally posted by -mykelanz- View Post

        No comment on u MTB cause ur not an IC nor IU.. I respect u guys specially HH because of Rome..
        IU are cunts.


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          i still don't know who or what a mykelanz is ??