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    Taking most violent because you are looting bots down to 1b and the speed you loot at are 2 different things, i was stating when you and PT are looting at the same time and both of you are in the most violent ranks on the awards page, Tony clearly is faster I have watched over a whole reset.

    did you know i couldnt give a fuk u looted 1.7 trill in under an hour? yes you are a great free player but when you use your 10-12 multis in the turbos to gain kill points and ranking them up you have a clear advantage over other free players.

    A great free player and the games worst boss another fact

    Get all your devices going and loot at the same time and prove us wrong. your family only comes on to bank the cash you loot, one by one then vanish again, no one talks on your boards you did that for show.


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      No one is faster then Me fact... caught This PT dude sleeping on many occasions... he chooses to loot on reset i choose to loot every hour it doesn't matter, you can claim hes faster then me by stalking MV hits but ask PT himself he knows he is not better and this is the whole reason yourself and him love me so much and created this forum its not the first huh?.... if you guys were better i wouldn't be mentioned or on your mind 247... ironic huh? aahahah my dick and balls are huge...

      1.I am the best
      2.I am not BH its impossible to get every player to loot at same time not sure how BH do that unless they all sit in same office simultaneously (been trying this for over a year recruiting shit looters like PT it doesn't work they try and shit on you in the end)
      3.If I have multi accounts how and why am i not banned? the answer is your theory is wrong unless you and PT know of ways of making multi accounts that make you both so confident? then please share.....? can i loot on multiple devices you claim i am slower correct? so why would i want to be slower? i think you forget ive got a hot ass missus and have a life whilst you jerk off to your profile medias full of porn stars lmfao... a nut shell you and pt are complete head cases, no life and simply live on TMB and clearly obsessed with one player The Mighty KS

      The Gods family you see right now are mostly made up from personal friends and colleagues from work scattered with 1 or 2 newbies i train through email, i have given up on recruitment of gobby players like yourself and in the end resulted in recruiting friends who play similar games online, i trust them so its a win win for me.

      sit back and enjoy or just stfu :-) I have nothing else to add.




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        classic!! full of it bro lmfao. who ganked your bank last round? smh nutjob. if your ego wasn't out of control people would tolerate you.

        note too yourself bro. stop pulling yourself off in the mirror and swallowing your own load


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          Tolerate me???????????????? since when do i need players to tolerate me? like me? love me? adore me?... you can gain as many friends as you wish on this game... I on the other hand have no interest in being liked i prefer to be the most hated, after all its a game.... maybe spend a little time on your real social life.

          I am and forever will be like you only better

          Go fuck yourself


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            dont worry about my social life bro, you are not better than no kunt. stop doing it in the mirror its simple, take your 25 cats to the pound, get some sunshine, hock your 15 mobile phones in and get your head out off your ass. if you were that fuking great u wouldnt need to keep telling the whole world non stop!! people would already know. common knowledge is you use multis to your advantage, you make hasty decisions without thinking, you shiet on every family/union you are in, you use your multis in turbos to get kps and rank, you swallow your own load because your ego is out of control/ you are an ok looter that thinks he/she is the best because you loot bots to nothing. big fkn deal mate!! you even managed to drive RD and Lorenzo away WTF


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                My names KS, you all need a social life, my social life is amazing, I loot every hour, iím the best looter, Iím the best recruiter, Iím the best, everyone loves me, be my fans


                u got asked to shut this thread down by bringing your ďfriendsĒ on and looting simultaneously. U ducked out. BS multis is the reason why


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                  your full of shiet son bottom line, you get away with cheating congrats whatever. you have proven nothing because you can't. how about you pluck your hand of your tiny cck and slap yourself in the face and wake the fuk up. remove the mirrors off your ceiling and admit you are not that great, mediocre at best.

                  LYOB? whatever best part of you went down the drain when you shiet last


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                    archer arc and jesus all looted simultaneously and got 400 bill you must be watching close enough :-D stupid cunts. if you think I can get the full team on with my godly powers all at the same time looting at the same time then think again only someone with multiple accounts could do that thick fuckers.

                    I am better then you and main reason you both wont stfu about me your obsessed get your fat arses offline and get some fresh air...

                    I will always be here for you, even when your work colleagues hate you i am here for your anger. when you feel bad about yourself maybe your weight maybe your social life is actually terrible I am here.

                    Those nights alone you have, those days of thinking "why am i on planet earth" "what is my purpose"... do you find yourself googling your name or maybe reading into conspiracy's whether that to be medicine related or religious fews, maybe your sick of the abuse you get throughout your daily lifes, all those times you was bullied in school for not being one of the cool kids or people just taking the piss of the way you look.

                    I am here for you and main reason you love me so much and watch my every move..

                    I love all my fans be happy know im greater and you will be set free from your pain.

                    Like you only better
                    Last edited by KillSmith; 03-05-2019, 11:21 AM.


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                      how to install mods on minecraft? plus what is the best seeds? help me pls


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                        blah blah fukin blah mate, i didn't even read your whole post same shiet every time, you are full off it and you think you are smarter than everyone, anyone can do what you do fool. You can't prove it bottom line. bs you cant get them all on at the same time, that is utter fkn bllshiet, when you have a big loot they all come on one by one like clock work to bank your loot. absolutely full of crap son


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                          Your anger is within my first priority to rectify... your are not the first to hate KS and you wont be the last.

                          I enjoy reading your theories since they do make me god like.

                          Keep them coming ahahahah Love all my fans.



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                            ye i missed u looting with them all, u should get training them though cos 400b sounds like the sort of money you would bring in in on your own in a reset. I did see a bunch of them all logged off within a minute of each other though almost like one person just finishing up with each account lol


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                              what else can i do? keep them coming. ahahahahahahahahahah


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                                "No one is faster then Me fact..." garbage!!, PT and a few in UC and IC at the very least can loot faster, you are great mate but not the greatest not even close. There is nothing wrong with self confidence but your gloating is out of control. you are not the usain bolt of looting lol, just a an old fart with lots of cats with nothing better to do.

                                Stop shieting in your catty litter tray and get some life experience son, learn how to be humble and you may earn some respect