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"10day build player ShayneG" vs "3min build player TMK"

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    Originally posted by Wanksta2 View Post
    Not sure guess you will see eor
    ok i await with great anticipation,,,,,in the mean time can you go zero some banks,,,thanks in advance


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      Originally posted by Da_Secret View Post
      If you havent stolen a round you don't understand the rush that comes with it. To be clear, this has nothing to do with any players involved as TMK has built day 1 and cake walked through the round. Having bigger pockets to spend and kill is fun don't get me wrong but unless people will actually build against you while you do it, there no challenge involved. This is why he made that forum post. The rush you get when its 100% on you and you're on a clock is in an extremely different category.

      TLDR: I've done both, an EOR steal is far more entertaining both as a person involved and from an outside perspective.
      Why do you continue to post like you are a known round builder or stealer..just stay in your corner you nub!!


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        Originally posted by Don_Domenico View Post
        Anyone with half a brain would do what TMK does. Building big early is just a cry for attention. Strategically it is a horrible idea. When you build big early it gives your opponent a clear shot at exactly what you have and what they have to top.

        -It guarantees that there is going to be the money in the jackpot.

        -It means they can calculate how much they are going to add to the jackpot and where it will be after their own add.

        -it means the early builder is put in a position to react instead of act. A build in the last three minutes has all of the math figured out and knows exactly what they are going to do beforehand. An early big build is sitting there and has to wait for someone else to take action, and then hope that their on the fly calculations come out on top

        So there is zero strategic sense to building early, other than to stroke your own ego, to bring attention to yourself, or to try and impress someone

        If you want to question my own knowledge on the topic, then I offer my resume of running an EOR almost every round for the last five years. My family, more than any other in the game, knows how to get the most out of the least when it comes to ranking. We usually have someone in every level and some sort of family rank even though we dont loot as much as others and we dont have nearly as many subs or collecting builds as others. When you are good at math, have a firm understanding of how the game works, you have practice doing EOR's, and you can somewhat predict how the other typical EOR managers are going to handle things, then EOR is not difficult
        Cry for attention..that's the best you could come up with..back in the day when real spenders and players played it happen every round..they were all cries for attention..please.stick to doing to whatever it is that you do!!!
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          Originally posted by T_M_K View Post
          Lmao do yall think I spend for your entertainment? Nothing seems to amaze me more than broke dickheads trying to tell me how to spend my money for their liking, dumbasses.
          No one really.cares and it's your uncle's money
          .stop the never spent or will.spend anywhere else..its a known fact!!


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            Originally posted by PBSWP View Post

            Why do you continue to post like you are a known round builder or stealer..just stay in your corner you nub!!
            Who are you? oh thats right, nobody! Do us all a favor and only open your bitch ass mouth when spoken to. Thanks


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              Oh well... Looks like the 10-day builder is a clear winner in the polls. What? wait... in the game too ya!


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                There are many exciting aspects of both types of game-play.

                Each one makes the game interesting in their own way.

                Keep doing what ya'll do!
                PLAY BALL!!
                TMB Super Moderator

                I am always watching.
                Be kind to each other.