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    Originally posted by 800lbgorilla View Post

    That's a narrow view of the gameplay, or maybe a testament to the state of TMB today versus years prior.

    I personally take more pleasure in denying cash or sowing discord than any rank I've ever stumbled my way into. I'm in agreement with Micky, the medals on my profile aren't any testament to skill or something earned, but a reflection of TMB as it is today.

    TMB will always be pay to win and that is fine, but to box the game into solely being based on ranking and winning sells it short. It's a melting pot of playing styles, personalities, and efforts.
    I agree with everything you said.
    That is the sentiment I was trying to portray.
    Some want to win, and some just want to play.
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      Don't care for medals. only ones I ever got were giving to me, not asked for. I would say I've turned down 100s of medals over the years.
      My gig is trying to help new players get up to speed. On another game I used to buy as many players level 4 subs as I could in order to go killing. ( Never to rank.)

      Buy if medals are you thing than have at it.


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        Originally posted by KING View Post

        Donít care about medalsí players. So, why do they play? Just want to understand.

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          Originally posted by MickyKnox View Post

          epicaricacy... For us English speaking lad's