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West_Coast_Syndicate is a fake WC family

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    keep speaking crap dom, fake family, fake messages , total fraud


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      gobble gobble


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        Originally posted by Domiola
        Clutch, retirement suited you, stick to it brother. Also, in the age of fact checking, Joarr invited me to the family without any begging as he remembered me from back in the day and Joarr was the only one from old WC and he was great to me, then you bitched and moaned as per usual.. Roku booted you after a discussion with me and TUJ and he decided you were more hassle than youíre worth.. brother. Getting rid of you was something that was in the pipeline since the day I came back..

        Never majorly disliked you Clutch but you stick your nose where it doesnít belong.

        The boss is whoever TUJ and Dub decide it is, WC operates as a family also and all members have a say, not everyone is a dictator like yourself Clutch... Respect the history and disappear again please.
        So you come back to the game after some time off ... find that WC is a family still ... a family that's doing well enough for you to freeload a full set of family medals and a bunch of won turns from .. where we're literally getting you free level 4 subs ... and the first thing you think is, let's lay down the "pipework" to have this "dictator" boss removed ...

        You're claiming that you got Roku on board (the guy who we merged families with, and hooked up with a turbo JP win), as well as old school assholes TUJ and DUB -- and got them to all conspire to ruin a perfectly good family we had going ... and for what?

        Any TRUE ... REAL ... WEST COASTER ... wouldn't do that to a WC brother. That's fucked up, and the lot of you are FAKE beyond belief.


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          Domiola, Clutch, and Roku all have power issue because they lack power in real life... and you expect them to be able to run a family on an online game? I bet these guys canít even run a bath without arguing with the faucet.


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            Originally posted by Domiola
            Iíve moved on, I suggest you do the same.
            You really have moved on, haven't you? They finally catch on to how full of shit you are? ... or did you just jump ship after not gaining enough medals? Or did the big guys just use you up and toss you to the curb like yesterday's garbage?

            I've said my piece. Enjoy basking in the cesspool of shit that you call glory. Asshole.


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              you bunch of fucking drama queens


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                Parsing all of Clutch's comments in this thread for a grain of truth, I come up with only this:

                If Blizz came back he'd outrank Dom.

                lol the rest is all blablabla from somebody with no respect for WC.

                Clutch, you apparently know nothing about WC. If Blizz were here he sure as hell would not pick you over Dub or TUJ, lmao.

                If you don't remember how long or how hard WC will fight to get rid of unauthorized "bosses", go find Bugsy69 and let him enlighten you, lmao.


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                  Here I am wondering how long it is until Clutch runs off crying into the sunset again for another "retirement."