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    good thing this isnt permanent.


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      There is cash lying around to be looted. Looting is done at all networth levels and you need to figure out how to do it. But we gonna regulate how much you can make. We not gonna hand cash to you on a plate anymore. The old way the BOTs worked was simple and no challenge whatsoever.

      If a level 1 collector can make max 30 billion we will match looting to be similar, with hardworking looters being able to make a bit more.
      Game Admin


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        what about level 4 looters? have we gotta live to the same restriction as the level 1 players? because theres not a balance there between level 4 looting and level 4 collecting.

        and ultimately, if i can make the same amount collecting as i would looting, why on earth would i put the hours in looting to only get the same amount? you're not finding balance, you're removing the incentive of being active on this game.


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          Storm i think you went the right way with the bot release, and i cant speak for the upcoming bit of the round cause we havent seen it yet. I like the new release, i just wish there was a way to do smaller replenishment amounts total. For example once the bots get down to a low networth where no one wants to loot them, instead of them not replenishing for a long time just make them replenish a very small amount each hour so that the people who actually put time in active at keyboard etc.. will have more ability to loot. but it will not be in outstanding numbers, only the amount that makes it fair.


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            when the game is balanced to proper levels, if you are level 4 then the amount you make collecting for that level average should be the same as the amount you make as an average looter, and if you a busy looter you should make more but we cant allow anymore for it to be MUCH more - i.e a level 4 looter makes 10 trillion and a level one collector makes 1 trillion, 2-1 or 3-1 is better

            unfortunately looting was traditionally always aimed at LOW LEVEL players to make money. When the BOT's got set to payout such a lot, it makes collecting not a viable option for most players who just sub.

            yes active players should make more money I do agree. But the round is only 3 days old and its on par with what i was aiming at: that the game isn't filled with trillions already made from looting it already seems more incremental.

            the other problem is that players who buy credits need to have an advantage and the fact is that adding too much money in from looting into the game kills the value of buying credits. So at TMB we have to think about that also. we have to appeal to all players here and thats where balancing the game gets tough, as users all want to feel like they have fun and get value here. some players cant login for hours but they spend a lot of money here whereas other players spend many many hours online and want to get rewarded for the time you spend here.

            i understand this, and i know that this is different but i have to make this change for the good of the game. anyway, its barely 3 days into the round so i am still montioring, taking your comments on board but can only tell after a round or 2 is completed

            I observed on collecting totals:

            so its around:

            30 bill - = level 1
            100 Bill = level 2
            300 bill + = level 3
            1 trill + = level 4

            If we dont get closer to this balance back then we will only be making one type of player happy. We cant expect collectors to feel outright like they should have an equal value to players on same level who spend hours playing here, but the gap cannot be as much as it was in the past,

            So we just need to give things a chance, and just remember if i take the BOTs away you got nothing, and thats not the answer either.
            Game Admin


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              So above is all the issues we face as the management and i am trying to be transparent on the problems we see for EVERYONE, for ALL TYPES of players.

              From that, we look at your comments and the game numbers and competition and will try to find the best middle ground we can. please remember that all BOT settings can be adjusted in a new round to get closer that the game can be more appealing to all types of users.

              Guys please note, I am NOT trying to defend anything we do, I am monitoring your comments, monitoring the game competition and the input i get from all types of players and measuring that also against the game stats and have to make informed decisions based on all of that

              feel free to continue to share your experiences

              I DO need everyone affected to try to understand that changes we make is NOT gonna create the same type of activity for you, that you had has changed - you got lower nets to loot and we are injecting less cash into the game from the start and overall, but it does increase as the round goes on and we need to see the effect of that over a round and we can adjust things after a round or 2.... so that its a rewarding daily thing to login and feel satisfied - for everyone
              Game Admin


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                It's been day 7 and no increase in looting "intensity". As a level 4 player how the hell are we supposed to loot a bot bot so low we knock them out of range in 2 hits.

                I have notice that the payout on collecting has increased, but the bot monies are decreased.

                Good news is i am more productive at work and am finding other hobbies to occupy my time spent looting


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                    Hi Everyone

                    So we have been checking the BOT's and your feedback, we will set it next round to replenish more often so that it is not so slow for you all

                    Originally posted by DUB View Post
                    I have notice that the payout on collecting has increased, but the bot monies are decreased.
                    We didn't do any changes to the collecting payout. it is still the same.

                    Thanks for the feedback
                    Game Admin


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                      When did this bot thing start? Also, do they only generate a small net?


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                        i think twice i had signed on and there were bots to loot. that's it. and i see no 'increase' after day 5. i think the game saying 'usually collectors collect day 5' is defining how players play when really everyone plays differently. also free vs supporter. but i seriously haven't hardly played and the site basically just becomes facebook for players. have the number of forum posts increased?

                        JUST SAYIN.


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                          that thing about posting increased was an inside joke about how eli is posting so i know he's bored.


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                            The problem I noticed is that with the way things are now, bot NWs fall pretty low which drastically limits the number of players able to loot them. Take for example this bot.

                            Ranked 501 in Level 1, and 613 national.
                            Currently in Chicago
                            This mafioso got 10,000 operatives
                            and 0 defensives
                            This mafioso has 0 kill points
                            Level 1
                            networth $686,939,738
                            last attacked by 69myballs
                            2 hours, 57 minutes, and 8 seconds ago

                            His value is so low that someone with Ops cannot even get in range to loot him, and even if they could, they’d only get a hit or two before going OOR. So basically, at this point, there is nothing for a subbed player to do other than login, hire/collect, and log out. There is nothing more to engage him and keep him online to play further. This is where the game will lose people. People won’t want to sit around for hours doing nothing, waiting to see if the bots are going to replenish or not.


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                              Thanks for the feedback guys, we will adjust next round. Thread is closed.
                              Game Admin